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Saturday, 16 January 2016 10:44


What Was JADE HELM 2015? / Civil Years 2016 DOA – 2019 DOA --- What To Expect In Part


John 2:19 RSV

"Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”"

JADE HELM 2015 was \ is many years past of 6 + 666 takeover of this planet by "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil and the foundation laid for the building of the "Luciferian Temples" Birth Of The Kingdom Of Darkness Revelation 13:1-4 "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil is an imitator of GOD It twists everything GOD THE SON JESUS THE CHRIST DOES including prophecy and teaching with wicked intentions and It is announcing to the world 2016 – 2019 is the 3 years of NWO violent dominion take over of the entire planet take heed and hear its not a matter of when this happens rather a matter of "it is happening right now!"

Matthew 24:20 NKJV

"And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath."

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Revealed To me 2016 is the 49th Sabbath year of war and famine Matthew 24:20 if the physical manifestations of the judgments occur there will be major violence erupting due to No HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST In the soul possibly as soon as April Passover to May / June Pentecost and the minds of men will panic and chaos will happen for basic survival needs and religious agendas many have already died from spiritually poisoned waters Matthew 24:4-5 etc JESUS CHRIST preached a perfect gospel mixed with every GOD given emotion within the human being also first and foremost JESUS CHRIST IS full of mercy and forgiveness of the love that is only found in THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD THE SON JESUS THE CHRIST so in this 2016 Sabbath year we are existing in a time like no other to be right with GOD and GOD can and will be merciful with us by delaying the physical judgment through wicked souls that must ultimately temporarily prevail throughout the entire earth in the form of famine pestilence sword and all out war In Revelation 6 And Revelation 8:1 And Revelation 9 And Revelation 11:15 there is a delay between the 6th seal and the 6th trumpet teaching GOD IS so far delaying the judgments also before the {"WRATH OF THE LAMB Judgments" Revelations 6:15-16} 7th Trumpet sounds because of the righteous prayers heard from the saints now see in Revelation 10:6-7 says there will be no more delay because the final judgments must be loosed in order for GOD to close this age with the ongoing persecution 1 Peter 4:16-18 and war Daniel 9:26 we have arrived


John 10:10 RSV

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."



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