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Wednesday, 11 November 2015 22:34

New Revelations Bible Numerology Timelines; Days \ Years And Ages Properly Aligned \ "End" Of "THE SEVEN YEARS HAVE BEGUN" Revelations

Another Non Bias "Searching For Truth" Report; Wherever The Truth Leads There Is Found The Absolute Truth

Problematic 1 Year Found

Resourcing Bible Scripture To Prove All Things Only Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF YESHUA MESSIAH

John 8:32 JUB

"32 and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”"

The Jubilee Year Is The 1st {Day} Year Of The 7 Year Cycle Matthew 28:1 {More Explanation Further In This Report} And The 7 Year Cycles Remain The Same Although The Jubilee Year Is Not 1966-1967 Rather 1967 DOA To 1968 DOA And In The Original Report "!!!!The 7 Sevens \ Bible Numerology \ Last Jubilee \ Prophecy Fully Revealed \ SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH!!!!" Those Years Were Also Listed And 1967 To 1968 Is More Than Likely The Actual Jubilee Year = Calculations For The 49 Years In This Website Were Correct Because i Also Began The Calculations Through The Mercy Of GOD From 1967 So The Entire Approximate Timeline Remains The Same And Just Recently Discovered Using The Year 1967 As The Starting Point Is The Beginning Of The 1st {Day} Year Of This Last Unique And Specific 7 Year Jubilee Cycle And Everything In Very Good Alignment Whereas Using The Year 1966 + 49 + 1 Year Does Not Aligned For This Last 50th Year Jubilee The Way It Needs To In Order To Be In Accordance With "Ends Of The Earth" Prophecy Given To This Ministry Also Regarding "The Last Jubilee" Bible Prophecy Specifically Daniel 9:24-27 The Jubilee Year Is Always Considered To Be On The 1st Day Of The New 7 Year Cycle Leviticus 25:8-10 Therefore 1966 - 1967 Must Be The 6th {Day} Year In Order For Proper Numerical Alignment To Occur According To The Prophecies Granted For This Ministry In Daniel 9:25 {RSV etc} Relating To The 49 Year Prophecy That Began In Approximately June 7 1967 {That Specific Year Was Actually The 7th Day Sabbath And Used Also As A Jubilee Year} Regarding This Last Jubilee Cycle {And Also All Other Numerical Dates And Prophetic Events In Proper Alignment In This Last "Generation Of HIS WRATH"} Bible Prophecy Beginning When "Israel" Reclaimed The "Western Wall"

Leviticus 25:21-22 JUB

"21 then I will command my blessing upon you in the sixth year, and it shall bring forth fruit for three years. 22 And ye shall sow the eighth year and eat yet of old fruit; until the ninth year, until her fruits come in ye shall eat of the old store."

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Reveals What Is Being Sown In The 8th Year \ Jubilee Year Is Entirely Dependant On What Is Sown Spiritually With GOD Also In The 49th Year Sabbath And The Ninth Year Is Time For Complete Separation Of The Wheat From The Weeds

Excerpt From "!!!!The 7 Sevens \ Bible Numerology \ Last Jubilee \ Prophecy Fully Revealed \ SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH!!!!" Report

Summary {Updated Nov 14 2015}

1947 {2nd Trumpet} + 69 = 2016

1967 {Gathering Of "Jerusalem" To GOD \ Beginning And Ending Blood Moon Cycles 1967 - 2015 Approximate Beginning Great Tribulation In Various Parts Of The Western Hemisphere} + 49 = 2016

1966 - 1967 {2nd Last 49th Sabbath Year Before THE SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH} 1967 + 49 = 2016 = 2016 - 2017 Last 1 Year Sabbath Before THE SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH

1967 - 1968 {2nd Last Jubilee Year Before THE SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH1967 + 49 = 2016 = 2016 + 1 Year = 2017 - 2018 Last Jubilee Year Before THE SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH

2017 - 2018 {Proper Numerical Alignment Of Last Jubilee Year Begins} Sounding Of The 7th Trumpet Pouring Out Of The Bowls Revelation 11:14-15, Revelation 16:1

2018.5 - 2019.5 {70th Year "Life Span Of A King" Isaiah 23:15} 1948 Israel Once Again Physically Established In "The Holy Land" = May 14 1948 + 70 Years = 2018.5 - 2019.5 + 6 Months To Approximately November 14 2019 And Approximately 45 Days To Approximately December 25 2019 Ending "THE SEVEN YEARS HAVE BEGUN" Prophecy = Song Of Solomon 2:10-13 And Zechariah 14:4

John 16:13 JUB

"13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth, for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak, and he will cause you to know the things which are to come."

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Has Granted New Revelations Regarding The Years For Example In Matthew 12:1-9 JESUS CHRIST Broke The Sabbath Also See Joshua 6:15 And So To Did Our Brothers When They Were Inspired On The 49th Year June 7 1967 Sabbath \ Jubilee Year To Reclaim The "Western Wall" Approximately 7 Days Before Shavout \ Pentecost June 14 1967 The Last Jubilee Year Will Begin After The Full Sabbath Year Of 2016 - 2017 From 2017 DOA To 2018 DOA Also Sounding Of The 7th Trumpet And Then 2018 DOA - 2019 DOA 70th Year So Other Approximate Dates Remain The Same

Matthew 24:22 NKJV

"And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened."

The Timeline Of Events Is Always Approximate However i am 100% Confident We Are Entering Into Great Tribulation Extremely Soon {Possibly Before Or After Pentecost 2016 i Think No Later Than 2017 DOA} Because Of The Alignment Of The 3 Years And All The Other Many Prophecies Revealed In The Holy Bible Scriptures And Events That Have Happened And Because Of What THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST IS Doing In This Ministry And Because The Revelations Granted Are The Most Deepest And Most Revealing Of Any Generation Past And GOD IS Quickly And Speedily Closing This Age Also Because HE Does Not Want HIS True Fully Consecrated Elect Children To Suffer Especially For A Lengthy Amount Of Time

Matthew 23:37 NKJV

"37 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!"

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Also Revealed GOD Uses Every Year To Advance HIS Purpose For Example 1988 Was The 7 {Day} Year Of That 7 Year Cycle And In 1989 The 5th Trumpet Sounded On The 1st {Day} Year Of The New 7 Year Cycle And That Pattern Has Remained The Same For All Trumpets Of Revelation In Leviticus 25:21-22 "then I will command my blessing upon you in the sixth year, and it shall bring forth fruit for three years. And ye shall sow the eighth year and eat yet of old fruit; until the ninth year, until her fruits come in ye shall eat of the old store." JUB THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Reveals GOD IS Preparing "Israel" In The 7th Day Sabbath Year For The 8th Day Jubilee Year = 3 Years = 3 Days The Physical Body Of JESUS Was Dead In The Tomb And "Rose Of The 7th Day" And The 8th Year Or 1st Day Is When The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Was Discovered = Jubilee And The Ninth Year Is Separation From The Wheat And The Tares Also See Psalm 4:3-4 {Verse 4 "Bed" Also = Dead In CHRIST JESUS For The Consecrated Elect} The 3 Years Are Years Of Ministry Work Done Of JESUS THE CHRIST For The Entire "Ends Of The Earth" Body Of Believers To Do The Same And Leviticus 25:21-22 Matures To Full Completion In This Last Generation And The Three Years Are More Than Likely From Last Harvest Of The Sixth Year Genesis 2:3 Carried Over To The 7th Year Through The 8th Year {1st Day Matthew 28:1} Until The Last Harvest Of The Ninth Year {2nd Day} And Once Again For "The Ends Of The Earth" Spiritual Blood Covenant Children Of JESUS CHRIST Those Final Years Of Holiness To THE LORD Of All Is To Take What We Have In CHRIST JESUS From Out Of This World To GOD At The End Of The Sixth Day Or Sixth Year Into The 7th Year Sabbath See Revelation 16:15 Of The 7th Year Cycle 49th Year {7th Day} 7th Year Entering Into Full Consecration To GOD And Then Genesis 1:1-5 The 50th Year Jubilee Year Is The {1st Day} 8th Year {See Job 38:6-7} And Genesis 1:6-8 The Prophesied 70th Year Life Span Of A King {2nd Day Of The 7 Year Cycles} 9th Year Complete Separation From The Wheat And The Weeds And Genesis 1:9-13 Present 3rd Age {3rd Day} 10nth Year Resurrection Harvest And Genesis 1:14-19 4th Age Marriage Supper Of THE LAMB {4th Day} 11nth Year And Genesis 1:20-23 5th Age {5th Day} 12 Year And Genesis 1:24-31 6th Age {6th Day} 13 Year And Genesis 2:1-3 14 Year {7th Day} Eternal Sabbath \ Jubilee 8th Day So Right Now We Are In The Three Set Apart Years Of The Closing Of This Age To Be Holy To GOD THE FATHER 1 Peter 1:15-17 In Times Of Major "Ends Of The Earth" Trials And Testing For Our Eternal Rewards \ Placement In Eternity 1 Peter 1:7 THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Inspired me To See The Next Jubilee Year Is In - Between The Two Evenings Philippians 4:4

Philippians 4:4JUB

"Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice."

Photo 2A

Three Years Aligned 11

Notice How The Jubilee Year Does Not Match The Year 1967 Under The Last Column "The 3 Days" Heading Because It Begins In 2016 Because The Jubilee Year Is Always Considered The 8th Year Or First Day In Bible Prophesy {Same Result No Matter What Numbers Are Used} And The 2nd Last Column Reveals 2016 - 2017 Is The Jubilee Year According To This Particular Chart In Leviticus 25:21-22 {{7th Year Is Not Mentioned This Must Also Have Something To Do With The Alignment Of The 1st And 2nd Column And The 14nth Day In - Between The 15nth Day Of The Passover Of The Murder Of JESUS CHRIST}}, Isaiah 37:30, Amos 4:4-6 This Is A Very Good Chart But It Doesn't Add Up Also Because Of The 6th Year Prophecy Of Noah etc See "6th 7th And 8th {Day} Year \ 2015 Day Of Atonement Onward = "Bridging" Into Great Tribulation" Report This Last Jubilee Is The Most Important One Because The Daniel 9:24-27 Last Sabbath And Jubilee And 70th Year Is Major "Ends Of The Earth" Prophecy; GOD IS Aligning Everything Up For Judgment At The End Of Those Numbers Prophesied Through Daniel

Photo 2B

Three Years Aligned 12

2015 - 2016 Used As The Sabbath Year Is The 7th Day \ 7th Year So 2016 - 2017 Is The Jubilee Year {1st Day} And 2017 - 2018 Is The 70th Year {2nd Day} And 2018 - 2019 Is The Resurrection Year {3rd Day} = The 1st And 2nd And 3rd Day Is From 2016 DOA – 2019 DOA One Of The Problems i See And Feel With This Chart Is The 70th Year Is Not In Line With The Year 2018 And There Are No Gaps As Such Anywhere In Bible Prophecy; May 14 1948 + 70 = 2018.55 - 2019.55 = 70 Physical Years Since Israel Became A Nation

Photo 1A

Three Years Alinged 1

For This Special Season Sabbath And Jubilee Once Again Come Into Alignment {{{How The Numbers Eventually Line Up In 2016 - 2020 i Do Not Know; Just Revealed November 19:2015 Because There Is 49 + 1 Year In A 49 Year Cycle The Jubilee Rotates To A Different Year In The Proceeding 7 Year Cycles; Every 350 Years the Jubilee Lands On The 1st {Day} Year Of The 7 Year Cycles Because There Is 7 Years In One Cycle And Every 50 Years The Jubilee Moves Forward One Year To The Next Year Of The Previous Jubilee Year Cycle; There Is 7 Years So 7 Times 50 = 350 = 1667 The Jubilee Year Was Aligned After The 49th Year Sabbath According To Leviticus 25:8-10 Same As Year 1317 etc A Few Things Revealed To me Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST IS The Numbers From 2016 To 2020 Is The Exact "Ends Of The Earth" Prophetic Numbers And Prophecies Exactly In The Way i Was Granted To Receive And Understand The Special Prophetic Dates And Times In Bible Prophecy Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST AND THE FATHER; GOD Cannot Be Put In A Box; The Prophecies Are First Given In The Spiritual Then The Physical Results Manifest Also According To The Response From The Creation To GOD So If GOD Allows The Children Of JESUS CHRIST To Repent Then Changes \ Delays Can Take Place However In This Last Generation GOD Decides Accordingly Just Like Jonah In Nineveh; Because Of The Plan Of GOD In This Last Generation War And Persecution Is Already Decreed 1 Peter 4:16-19 etc GOD Can Control The Intensity Of The Siege}}} And Both Are To Be Performed In Separate Years As Well As The 70th Year Prophecy Also Of Daniel 9:24 And 26a Also The Last 3 Days Of Leviticus 25:21-22, Isaiah 37:3, 30, Amos 4:4-6 Must Have A Correlation With The 14nth, 15nth, 16nth And 17nth Day Of The Passover And Then 3 Days Of JESUS CHRIST Murdered On The Cross And 3 Days In The Heart Of The Earth And Then HIS GLORIOUS Resurrection; Bible Numerology Is Infinite Carrying On Into Eternity Isaiah 9:7 etc Once Again THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Moves Back And Forth Carrying All Dealings With HIS Creation From One Year To The Next Forward Into The Very Day Of HIS Appearing} When Writing The "Excerpt From "Operation" "Jade Helm 2015" Eventual Beginning Of "Edomite Sharia Blasphemy Marshal Law"" Report In "Announcements"" Report i Felt In my Spirit That The Revelation 9:13-16 And Revelation 16:13-16 War Of Armageddon Would Last 4 Years {i Deleted That part Of The Report} And Now Another New Revelation Just Revealed Is It Will Last 4 Years Beginning In Various Places Around The World Through The Mercy OF THE GOD Of Israel Also Because Of The 4 Dimensions Of Our Existence {Four Fold Judgments; 1000 Judgments For Each Horn Of "The Soaked In Sin Slaughter Altar"} And Once Again i Feel In THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS THE CHRIST To Write That Revelation Down As Witness And Testimony THAT GOD THE SON JESUS CHRIST IS Revealing And To Be Ready Right Now 

Last Night THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Quickened my Spirit To Draw Another Chart That Is Photo 1A And i Also Felt Excited In my Spirit; THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Was Moving To The Appointed Time When To Show me The True Understanding Of The Actual Years And Days We Are Living In Today According To All The Prophecies HE Has Granted For me To Receive {After Beings Convicted}; The Numbers Used Leading To The Last Column Where The Year 2017 Lands On The 1st Day Of The 7 Year Cycle After The Year 1960 Was Removed From The First Column Is The Same Prophecy THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Has Inspired In This Ministry So If Both Charts Are Free Of Error Chart Photo 1A Is More Accurate According To The Timeline Prophecies In This Website; Once Again This Has Never Been And Will Never Be A Popularity Contest Rather An Approximate Timeline And There Is To Much Prophecy Being Aligned To Not Be Taken Seriously Regarding The Times We Are Now In And About To Enter Into Also See "6th 7th And 8th {Day} Year \ 2015 Day Of Atonement Onward = "Bridging" Into Great Tribulation" Numbers Revised And "The Three Years; 7th 8th And 9th Years Have Begun / "Ends Of The Earth" Bible Prophecy \ Sequence Of Judgments / The Final 10 Years Chart \ More "End Of This Age" Revelations / Updated; More Revelations" Reports 

More New Revelations

In Amos 8:5 = "Saying: “When will the New Moon be past, That we may sell grain? And the Sabbath, That we may trade wheat? Making the ephah small and the shekel large, Falsifying the scales by deceit," NKJV THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Reveals This Was A 49th Year Sabbath Also See 1 Samuel 20:5 {Example = New Moon 6th Day And Then Sabbath 7th Day} And The Jubilee Year Was Not To Be Practiced The Next Year Because The Children Of Israel Already Began Complaining In The First New Moon Of The Sabbath Year And GOD Knew That Would Happen Before He Ordained The 50th Year Because HIS Children Lacked Of Faith To Carry Out Those Requirements Because Of The Attacks From "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil etc Also The 70th Year Was Not Yet Established Also In Jeremiah 34:10-14 There Is No Mention Of The 7th Year Sabbath And Once Again The Children Of The Covenant Did Not Follow The 50th Year Jubilee Requirements So In Amos 8:5 The Sabbath Was A Burden And In Jeremiah 34:10-14 The Jubilee Was A Burden And Not Once Is The Sabbath And Jubilee Mentioned As The 7th And 8th Year Consecutively Tied Together There So Israel Did Not {Always} Follow The 7th 8th And 9th Year Pattern Also In Zephaniah 1:14-17 = Revelation 11:15-19 Is The Sounding Of The 7th Trumpet 2017 Jubilee Year  Also Isaiah 22:5-6 = "For it is a day of trouble and treading down and perplexity By the Lord God of hosts In the Valley of Vision—Breaking down the walls And of crying to the mountain. Elam bore the quiver With chariots of men and horsemen, And Kir uncovered the shield." NKJV Those Verses Also Describe "THE DAY OF THE LORD" = Maybe Also Sabbath Matthew 24:20 And Then Sounding Of The 7th Trumpet {{{Also Revelation 16:1 = "GO Your Ways" Also See Nehemiah 8:10 = "Go Your Way" = 1st Day Jubilee Year 2017 DOA Sounding Of The 7th Trumpet "Crying To The Mountain Of GOD" In Heaven; In Exodus 31:13 Sabbath Is The Day When We Are Sanctified = We "Go Our Own Way" After Sanctification With THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD THE SON JESUS CHRIST AND THE FATHER Leading us {"Cast Your Bread Upon The waters"}; We Must Be Fully Sanctified First In Order To Properly Go Completely In The Way Of GOD}}} Approximately 2017 Day Of Atonement And Elam Is Also Iran Meaning The War Of Armageddon Is Beginning To Assemble Itself Very Speedily Because They Are Rushing Out To Completely Destroy And Conquer Israel 1 Thessalonians 5:1-4 And Obadiah 11-16 See Genesis 1:2 Also In Nehemiah 8:10-12 = The 1st Day Jubilee And The Second Day = 70th Year Of A King = Verses 13 And 17 "So the whole assembly of those who had returned from the captivity made booths and sat under the booths; for since the days of Joshua the son of Nun until that day the children of Israel had not done so. And there was very great gladness." = Daniel 9:25 = May 14 1948 + 69 = 2017 = Jubilee Year Approximately 2017-2018 = 1st Day And 2018 - 2019 2nd Day Separation Of The Wheat And The Tares 70th Year Alignment In "Ends Of The Earth" Bible Prophecy

After Years And Months And Days Of Knocking And Seeking In Study And Meditation And Prayers After Truth Regarding The Information GOD Has Given To This Ministry The Revelations GOD Has Purposed In me Have Always Remained Very Consistent Throughout All my Increases In Bible Knowledge Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Matthew 7:7-8 The Prophecies Are Many And Are Always Consistently Reproved Through More Challenges -> New Prophetic Biblical Revelations Revealed Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST; Praise GOD THE SON AND THE FATHER Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST And May GOD Bless You All In THE AWESOME NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD

Photo 1B

IMG 1172

Photo 1C

Three Years Aligned 2

In This Chart 2016 - 2017 Used As The Sabbath Year Is The 7th Day \ 7th Year So 2017 - 2018 Is The Jubilee Year {1st Day} And 2018 - 2019 Is The 70th Year {2nd Day} And 2019 - 2020 Is The Resurrection Year {3rd Day} = The 1st And 2nd And 3rd Day Is From 2017 DOA – 2020 DOA

 John 14:25-27 JUB

"25 ¶ I have spoken these things unto you, being yet present with you. 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all the things that I have said unto you. 27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

In Matthew 28:1 = "In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre." KJV This Verse Reveals After Sabbath Is The First Day Of The Week And The Following Year \ Day After The 49th Year After 7 Sevens Is The Jubilee Year In "Ends Of The Earth" Alignment \ "First Day" After Sabbath

Today THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Inspired me To Draw Another Chart And More Revelation Was Granted

 Three Years Aligned 9

Three Years Aligned 5

Three Years Aligned 7

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Clarifies Revelation Regarding "The Floating Jubilee Years" Salvation For "The Pale Moon Children Of Darkness" THAT GOD HIMSELF IS Performing; The Last Three Jubilees Float From The 6th Year To The 7th Year Then In Perfect Alignment For The 8th Year {1st Day} And Last Jubilee Year 2017-2018 {49 + 1 Year = 50th Year Also See Chart Photo 1B And 1C} Also A 1 Samuel 20:5-42 etc Study Also These Years Are Also Of "Ends Of The Earth" Western Hemisphere NWO Empire Pagan Gregorian Calendar The Hebrew Calendar May Reveal A More Or Less Consistent 50 Year Cycle Also Very Interesting To See All Columns Are Divisible By 7 Also Representing 7 Years Of Time And Space And The 3rd Column {Day} Is Also Year 2019 - 2020 = End Of "THE 7 YEARS HAVE BEGUN" Report In Part

The Three Years

Sabbath Year Approximately 2016 - 2017 {7th Year}

In Exodus 16:29 "29 See, for that the Lord hath given you the sabbath, therefore he giveth you on the sixth day the bread of two days; abide ye every man in his place, let no man go out of his place on the seventh day." THE GOD Of Israel Is Saying To HIS 1st Covenant Children To "See" HIS Works In Meditation In Their Own Individual Dwelling Places Also See 1 Corinthians 11:20-22 {= Worship GOD At Home Matthew 6:6-7 And Be Full Of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Before Going To Church} So The 7th Day Is To Meditate To GOD In HIS HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS And Also To Mobilize Us Into Action Also In This 3rd Age 2nd Covenant Of Spiritual Blood \ Soul Of JESUS CHRIST Isaiah 61:1-4 In Exodus 16:29 Also Teaches In The Sabbath Year We Are {Were} Being Developed In Our Fellowship With GOD In Order To Be Ready For The Next Day And Now Being A Very Important Need For What Lies Ahead In This Last Watch Of 2015 Pagan Calendar = 4th Watch = Invisible Spiritual Realm; In The 4th Watch "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil And Its People Also Seek To Increase Attack The HOLY SPIRIT Filled Children Of JESUS CHRIST In Any Weakened Areas Available Especially When We Are In Our Weakest Point Luke 4:1-4, 13, Matthew 10:16-18 See 1 Peter 5:8 etc  

Jubilee Year Approximately 2017 - 2018 {"1st Day" \ "8th Year"}

Leviticus 25:8-10 "And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years. Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land. 10 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family." KJV See Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18-19 The Jubilee Trumpet Sounds On The Tenth Day Of The Month At The End Of 49 Years And The 50th Year Is Also Sacred For GOD And HIS People To Return Each One To His Own Place Also = "Ends Of The Earth" Sealed And Each One To Their Own Rewards Isaiah 47:15 In Leviticus 25:21-22 The People Would Be Out Of Physical Food And Have To Sow On The Jubilee Year Also = Outside The Camp Hebrews 13:11-13

70th Year Approximately 2018 - 2019 {"2nd Day" \ "9th Year"}

Daniel 9:25-26Know therefore and understand, That from the going forth of the command To restore and build Jerusalem Until Messiah the Prince, There shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; The street shall be built again, and the wall, Even in troublesome times. “And after the sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself; And the people of the prince who is to come Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary {Also Temple \ Set Apart Place}. The end of it shall be with a flood, And till the end of the war desolations are determined." NKJV Verse 26 = "MESSIAH {Also Children Of JESUS CHRIST} Will Be Cut Off" After 62 Weeks = May 14 1948 + 62 = 2010 And 62 + 7 = 69 = May 14 1948 + 69 = 2017 + 1 More Year = 70th Year = 2018 - 2019

Matthew 24:20 JUB

"20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter neither on the sabbath day,"

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Reveals Increased Prophetic Understanding In Detail At The Appointed Times And Also Uses The Information To Convict The One Who HE Reveals To And Others Who Are Aware Of What Is Being Revealed In Matthew 24:20 JESUS YESHUA MESSIAH IS SAYING The Sabbath Is Used For Healing Not For War Matthew 12:10-12, Genesis 2:3 In Exodus 16:29 Everyone Was To Be In Their Place \ "Tents" On The Sabbath To Meditate To GOD For Healing See 1 Corinthians 11:20-22 {"Houses" Is Also Spiritual = Flesh Spirit And Soul} THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Reveals 1st Covenant "Jacob" Was Used For War In 1967 On A Sabbath Year To Reclaim The "Western Wall" Through Supernatural Power Of GOD HIMSELF Against The Enemy Without "Jacob" Knowing GOD Or Having A Direct Fellowship With HIM During The War Also See Isaiah 45:1 And 4 And 5 etc Anyone Who Wars On The Holy Sabbath Day Of GOD Without The Blessings Of GOD Genesis 2:3 {GOD Wants Us To Rest With HIM In The Sabbath Year} Also See Isaiah 58:13-14 Has Reason To Fear And Tremble Even "Jacob" Because The Sabbath Is To Be Fed Of GOD HIMSELF Mark 2:23-28 And Give Life Not Kill John 10:10 So GOD IS Giving Us A Message To Pray For Our Flight Not To Take Place On The Sabbath Especially In The Cold Winter Meaning War On The Sabbath In The Physical And Spiritual Winter {Hatred In The House \ Temple Of GOD Hosea 9:8} Is Also Another Sign Of The Wrath Of GOD; JESUS CHRIST Came To Give Life On The Sabbath Not To Kill So The Sabbath Is Also "The Favorable Year Of THE LORD" In Personal Spiritual Fellowship With GOD To Understand GOD And Be Spiritually Healed And Led Of GOD Also In Times When Called To Go To War The 1967 6 Day War Was A Classic Example Of GOD Leading "Jacob" In Ancient Times So GOD Can And Will Use Nations To Engage In Physical And Spiritual Warfare In The Spiritually Dry Sabbath Year Isaiah 37:30 And The Next Year After Sabbath Is The Jubilee Year To Also Give Comfort For Those Who Mourn Isaiah 61:1-2 The Anointing Is After The 1st Covenant Sabbath Then The Also Public Wave Offering Of Ourselves And Others To GOD IS Also On The Next Day Leviticus 23:11-12-13 In Verse 11 GOD Breaths HIS HOLY SPIRIT In us In More Abundance Isaiah 54:16, John 20:22 {In Verse 14 The Offering Is Souls} "The Favourable Year Of THE LORD" = Jubilee Year To Rejoice And Give Comfort To Those Who Mourn Approximately 2017 DOA To 2018 DOA Revelation 11:14, 15-17       

1 Thessalonians 5:3 NKJV

"For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief. You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober."

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Quickened my Spirit And Said "GOD IS Moving HIS Children In The 7th Year" {So Is "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Stirring Up His Children And On The 6th Day 2001 9\11 Was Against All Nations Not Just Christians} Once Again Just Like In 1967 When "Israel" Reclaimed The "Western Wall" During A Sabbath \ Jubilee Year So WILL GOD THE FATHER AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST Move HIS Children Who Have Entered Into HIS Rest Into Performing HIS WILL Also In A Sabbath Year Mark 3:2 The 49th Year Sabbath Lasts One Entire Calendar Year Hebrews 4:1-11

Isaiah 42:9 JUB

"Behold, the former things are come to pass, and I declare new things: before they spring forth I tell you of them."

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