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Monday, 18 November 2013 12:52

Matthew 24:16-18 KJV

"Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes."

THE HOLY SPIRIT Revealed And Put In my Heart To Express This End Time Message Is For Right Now!

Verse 16 They Which Be In Judaea Is The People Searching For Understanding Like The People In War Tents In The Mid East And Also Of The Storm Ravaged Areas Of The World; The Mountains Are The Ministers Of JESUS THE CHRIST

Verse 17 Is Spiritual The Person On The Rooftop Is The "Watchman" Matthew 24:12 Explains The Love Of Many Will Grow Cold Because Of Increased Warfare Against Us So JESUS IS SAYING To The Watchmen {Myself Included} In The Scriptures You Who Are Raising The Warnings In MY NAME Do Not Decrease / Remove Any Part Of The Ministry That Is In You / Do Not Water Down The Instruction / Do Not Give Up / Do Not Lose The Love And The Zeal You Had At First etc There Are Still People Who Need To Hear The Message Of The Gospel OF JESUS THE CHRIST And Receive The Spirit Of Love To The Cross Of JESUS etc

Verse 18 Is Physical; The One In The Field Is The Sent Out Ones Ministering Outside In The Streets; JESUS THE CHRIST IS SAYING Do Not Cover Up The Light I Have Put In You By Remaining In The Clothes \ Garments Of Egypt That You Determined To Wear While You Were Working / In The World Exodus 34:34 See 2 Corinthians 3:13-14-15 Do Not Shrink Back Hebrews 10:38 Continue "In The Trenches" Matthew 10:38-39 

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals We Are Being Tested And Refined In Order To Receive Our Greatest Rewards Right Up Until The Very End Of Our Last Breath Here On Earth; We Are Being Tested Until We Breath Our Last; The Message Can Be A Hard Message That Is The Test And We Must Pray Our Way Out And Be Burned With HOLY FIRE To Remove The Hay Wood And Stubble That We Do Not Realize Is Within Us; The Best Time To Be Purged With HOLY FIRE Is To Pray At The Very Greatest Undesirable Moments When We Are Broken Within In Every Emotion And Unable To Pray At That Moment We Must Then Pray; Pray; Pray; Properly; Being Unable To Pray Or Open The Bible Is Satan / Corruption In Us; Becoming Very Sleepy And Feeling Sick etc At The Though Of Opening The Bible Is Sin In Us! Prayer Is Where THE HOLY FIRE IS Administered; There Is No Such Thing As Complacency Or Excuse Saying "i am Now Secure Because i Did What i Was Told To Do Or "i Have A family"; There Is Always Something More To Do After; We Are Ambassadors Called Out To Benefit And Bring True Witness To The World And Must Sow In CHRIST Continually In Order To Increase Our Own Personal Growth In The Unlimited Knowledge OF our CREATOR GOD Of Israel JESUS THE CHRIST YAHUAH HAMASSIAH In Order To Be Like JESUS CHRIST; We Cannot Attain Perfection If We Become Complacent Or Self - Serving In Our "SoJourning" At Any Time While Alive In And On This Earth


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