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Beast{s} Of Revelation \ “4 Corners Of The Earth” Spiritual Church And Physical Kings Nations

July 21:2017

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THE HOLY SPIRIT JESUS CHRIST Reveals In Daniel 7:14 Also = Physical Body Soul And Spirit Dominion After JESUS CHRIST RETURNS; Oppositely Against The Inheritance Of GOD The Left Horn Of  “LUCIFER” Satan The Devil Includes The Kingdom Dominion Of Its Church The “Church Of Egypt” And Gives It Certain Authority Revelation 13:4 Alluring Its “Church Of Egypt” Including “Christianity” To Its Right Horn Of 4th Dimension Death Of The Soul Through A Lie That It May Gain Its Own Kingdom On \ In Earth Through Flatteries Daniel 11:21, 32, 34 And Through Such Exploits It Gives Birth To The Beast = Man Possessed By Demons Spawning The Beast Revelation 13:2 Out From The SE Corner Of The Earth = A Likeness Of Christianity And Judaism = The Beast Of Revelation 13:2 Also = The Champion Of The Church In Revelation 11:13-15 The Two Horns Is The Clay Mingled With The Iron The Two Candlesticks And Snowbreads \ Covenants Of “LUCIFER” Satan The Devil Made Into One Appearing As An Angel Of Light 2 Corinthians 11:14 Once Again In Revelation 13:4, 8 All The World Worships The Beast = All Things In The Heart Of “ManKind” That Is Of This World And Not Of The Heavenly Things Of JESUS CHRIST So The 144000 Sealed Are Completely Clean And Consecrated Before The 7th Trumpet Sounds Revelation 7:4 See John 13:10-11 etc

In Jeremiah 50 Or 51 Reveals Nations Of Ancient Times With A Deep And Distant Past These Nations Include Eastern Religions Such As India China And Japan etc The Universal Catholic Religion Of Rome That Calls Itself “Christianity” Is The Largest Ecumenical And Influencial False Religious Entity Throughout The World etc etc etc etc   

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