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July 20:2017

Isaiah 34:8 NIV

For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a year of retribution, to uphold Zion’s cause.”

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In Acts 10:30 Cornelius Was Fasting Until The Very Hour Peter Arrived = Fasting On The Sabbath Day And Visitation After 4 Days = “4 Corners Of The Earth” 4th Dimensions Verse 11-12 And At That Very Hour Revelation 11:13 = 1 Hour When The Delay For World Wide Physical Judgment Is Over Habakkuk 3:2 etc And Time Is No More Revelation 10:6 etc See Isaiah 24:20 = All Things Happening All At Once Spiritually In Acts 10:28 = Verse 11-12 In Verse 5 The Journey Is Approximatley 33 Miles Or 53 Kilometers = Approximately 1 Day Journey Riding A Donkey In Verse 8 Cornelius Sent His Servants The Day After And Arrived To Peter That Same Day Verses 8-9 In Verse 17 = Peter Was Fasting Toward The 1st Day Of The Week Flesh Soul And Spirit “Day Of Discovery \ Day Of Jubilee” Matthew 28:1KJV And Became Hungry Because GOD Was \ Is With Him Mark 2:19 = Acts 10:9-12 In Verses 8-9 + Verses 23-24 They Rested Approximately One Day Then Arrived Back To Caesarea After Approximately One Day Of Travel = Four Days After Sabbath Also = 4 Days \ Years After The 7th Day \ Year Possibly = THE DAY OF THE LORD 

For The “Church Of Egypt”

Also In Acts 10:34, 35, 38 = Good Physical Works Only Through THE HOLY SPIRIT JESUS CHRIST


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