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Street Preaching Calgary Stampede July 2017

July 18:2017

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THE HOLY SPIRIT JESUS CHRIST Revealed To me A Few Weeks Past HE Wanted me To Hand Out Tracts And After HE Led me To That Street Corner i Felt Compelled To Do Just That And i Had An Excellent Time Reaching To The Hearts Of People Who Ordinarily Do Not Hear A True And Deep Message From THE LORD; There Were Many Listening Some Sitting On The Benches Others Standing Nearby And Others In Their Vehicles; i am Living A True Faith In GOD Always Feeling JESUS CHRIST IS Pleased With The Ministering Every Time i Go Out And Have Never Felts So Alive And Thankful \ Honoured To Do The Work And Fulfill my Purpose \ Reason For Being On \ In This Earth

Seconds Before The Batteries Expired i Had Another Encounter With Christian Church Going Believers And They Were Speaking Negatively Regarding The Ministry So i Requested For Us To Meet And Discuss The Issues So i Could Return To Ministering But They Refused And Continued To Press So i Began Giving Them Meat; They Were 3 And Once again THE HOLY SPIRIT JESUS CHRIST Revealed That Represented Flesh Spirit And Soul So THE LORD Was Doing Something There And As Usual The More Spiritual One Is Always The One To Receive More Than The Other Two; Because Of The Press i Was Receiving From The Spirit i Also Told Them To Fast Away From Going To Church And Just Spend Time One On One With JESUS CHRIST; They Looked At me As If i Lost my Mind; After All Was Spoken They Finally Left It Was About 2 am i Was Tired And Time There Was Done; And That Was Bitter Because There Was Still Quite A Few More People And i Could Have Spent my Time In A More Productive Way; i Did Become Impatient With Them Although i Still Somewhat Remained Hospitable Because They Were Not Receiving Well Because Of The Indoctrination From The Church Of "Egypt" i Also Showed Him Acts 24:9 To Answer Another Refusal Regarding The Disciples Being Called The Way And He Disagreed There Also; i Quickly Explained The Four Corners Of The Earth And He Nodded His Head In Agreement Without Joy; There Was No Excitement Regarding The Revelations He Was Being Shown And That Is A Common Occurrence That Really Surprises me Every Time Because i myself am Always So Excited To Receive New Revelations etc etc etc etc i would Have Much Rather Heard Of Them Speaking Pleasant Words Of Encouragement

Deuteronomy 25:3 RSV
"“You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain."

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