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Peace Offering To NWO

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Updated Notes;

GOD Will Only Allow The Deal If The NWO Elite Truly Accept And GOD Spiritually Listens For Their Response; GOD HIMSELF IS THE ONE To Judge Those Outside The Covenant Community 1 Corinthians 5:11-12-13 {Unless The Unbelievers Enter Into The Church Community Spiritually And Not Willing To Repent Then Galatians 4:25-31 etc} The Church Is To Minister The Kingdom Of GOD From Heaven To Earth For Everyone Regardless 1 Peter 2:12 etc etc etc

In Genesis 4:12 = Cursed Also For Murder; The Strength Of "The Ground" {People} Is The Fruits Of GOD Being Sown In The "Land" Proverbs 10:10 {Condition Of The Soul} The Fruits Of Cain Is The Works Of Death Not Life

In 1 Kings 2:8, 36-46 And 2 Samuel 16:5-14 {Verses 10-13 = The Wisdom And Humility Of "King David" See Philippians 2:6-8-11 Wisdom And Humility Of Reality In Being Of GOD; The True Man Of GOD etc} And 1 Kings 2 Shimei Did Not Curse And Throw Stones Only At King David {"King David Himself Is Also Symbol Of JESUS CHRIST} Rather Against All Society; The Spiritual And Physical Act Of Cursing GOD And Persecuting HIS Children And Also Non Believers Is An Act Of War Against GOD HIMSELF Zechariah 2:8 In 2 Samuel 16:6 Is The "Open Portal Vision" i Saw With JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF In The Center And us His People To HIS Left And To HIS Right; In 1 Kings 2:8 -9 Is Also Another Symbolic Teaching Of THE FATHER INSTRUCTING HIS SON JESUS CHRIST = SECOND COMING To Also Judge All Sins Ever Committed Against GOD HIMSELF