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Music With Notes

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Furthermore: THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Reveals "They Have Become A Product Of What They Are Doing" It Was And Still Is A Demon Possessed "Christian" Street Musician Who Attacked me About 4 Times In One Occasion It Signaled For The Police Officers To Lodge A Complaint Against me And The Officers Told Him i Have The Right To Free Speech Then After They Left It Approached me Demanding i Stop Preaching To The Turkish Muslims Across The Street It Said The Amplification Was To Loud etc In Reality i Was Preaching To Everyone Who Was Able To Hear; That Demon Possessed Guitarist Is The Musical Leader Of An Outdoor Ministry And Clearly Physically Manifests Its Demons Through It Body Motions While Playing And Is Granted Providence Over Them More Anointed; This Person Also Preaches Through A Microphone "Just Believe" Doctrine Of Demons And As A Whole It Spiritually And Physically Persecutes The Saints Whenever Possible And Has Become An "Ends Of The Earth Abomination Of Desolation" In All Its Demonic Ways A Product Of What It Has Become

JESUS CHRIST Uses Everything For Salvation Including Hypnotic Back Ground Music But In Needs Not Be Sow; In my Spirit i Find Background Music Extremely Dis-pleasurable