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Just A Message

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In Romans 11:20 There Does Arrive A Time When GOD Will Cut Off Fellowship Due To Rejection \ No Response To HIS Words; GOD Knows Our Hearts And HE Works With Us Accordingly

GOD Will Use Our Flesh To Position HIS WILL As HE So Desires; i am Forgiven And Reconciled And Growing Stronger Everyday With No Where To Go {Wouldn't Even know How] Other Than To Be With THE LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST WHO Loves me And Gave HIMSELF For me Galatians 2:20 GOD Also Keeps Things Hidden To Us In Order For Someone Else To Reveal For Us; We All Are To "Make A Spiritual Chain" Through THE WORD Of GOD And Stand Firm Together In Unbreakable Bonds In CHRIST JESUS Ezekiel 7:23