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Little Horn And Sword Of GOD Koran Chapter 3


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i Will More Than Than Likely Delete This Video Very Soon And Upload A New Version Without Showing The Book Of The False JESUS CHRIST

This Is Not An Attack Or Bashing This Is The Truth Revealed Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST; See "" Video For More Deep And Current Revelations Regarding The Duality Of The Verses Discussed; Also i Must Acknowledge That i Have Experienced Violence By Some Muslims And i Do Not Consider Myself Completely Safe From Anger Towards me And If Only Anger That Is Ok Because i Understand How One Is Angered When Their Religion Is Being Challenged; i am Not Seeking Any Kind Of Confrontation And Pray we Can Continue To Be Friends And Just Wait For GOD TO MANIFEST HIMSELF; i Have Heard In The Mosque How The Bible Is Being Scorned Mocked And Ridiculed In Certain Verses And i am Not Upset; i Have Felt The Spiritual And Physical Excommunication Because Of my Faith In The JESUS CHRIST Of The Bible And i am At Peace And Pray For Blessings From GOD To Completely Enter Into The Hearts Of The Familiar Faces i Have Come To Know And Love In The Love Of GOD; my Muslim Friends This Is A Land Of Free Speech Built On The Foundation Of The Holy Bible; A Land Of Blessings And Prosperity Where All Nations Can Come Together And Share Their Faith In The Love Of GOD The Way GOD Intended; Do Not Let The Present Darkness Covering This World Cause You To Commit Acts Of Violence In Your Thoughts; Let Us Not Continuously Strive And War Against One Another Rather To Respect Each Individual Soul That The Unsearchable Wisdom Of GOD CREATED And Loves; my Hope Is You Will Accept The View Point Whether You Agree Or Not And Be At Peace; The Peace And Grace Of JESUS CHRIST Be With You All Amen