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Tuesday, 11 March 2014 19:31

Living In The World; Understanding The Way Of GOD

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Understanding GOD Video


Taken Up Into The Throne Room Seeing myself Sitting On The 7th Step Facing Toward KING JESUS YESHUA And Staring At HIM; i Remain Captivated To This Day

Taken Up Somewhere In Heaven Seeing myself Sitting At table With my Guardian Angel Placing my Right Hand On A Bible Making A Vow

Taken Up Into The Universe Looking Down On The Earth my Flesh Separated From my Soul And Spirit Seeing The Earth Separated Into 4 Corners By Two Lines {+} Intersecting Each Other

Taken Up Into The Heavenly City Of Zion Playing A Silver Fish With large Dark Fins In The Canal \ River Of Life Also Seeing The Trees Of Life

Taken Back In Time To The Wedding Of Cana Of Galilee Seeing JESUS YESHUA In The Dusty Full Length Whitish Robe Seeing THE GOD Of Israel Watching The Two Servants Filling The Water Pots Of Clay With Water

Taken Up In Heaven Sitting As Part Of The Council At Table In Heaven

Taken Back In Time To Golgotha Elevated Behind JESUS CHRIST YAHSHUA MESSIAH Seeing The Left Arm And Side Of The Face Of JESUS YAHSHUA During HIS Murder Crucifixion On The Cross

Taken Up In The Throne Room Of ALMIGHTY GOD JESUS CHRIST YESHUA MESSIAH Approximately 7-10 Different Times Seeing \ Experiencing myself Bent Over With One Knee On The Floor Being Knighted With A Sword By THE KING Of king's And LORD Of Lord's

Taken In Vision Seeing From Behind myself kneeling With Both Knees Experiencing THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YESHUA Moving To And Fro

Taken Up In Heaven Standing Next To JESUS YESHUA Experiencing The Feeling Of Shame Before HIM Due To Uncompleted Assignments HE Gave For me To Do

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