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Street Preaching etc \ What Is Perfection Revealed More Eternal Security Sept 8:2017
Preaching At Pride Parade Sept 3:2017
NWO Out Of Chaos Of JESUS CHRIST \ World Peace Deception At The Door?
The Pharaoh{s} Revealed \ Exposed
Of “Egypt” To “Out From The North” / The Wiles Of “LUCIFER” \ 2 Chronicles 30 etc Signs Of The Times Of The Kings Of The Earth / Amazing Revelations \
my Fragmentation Unto Perfection Through The Program Of JESUS CHRIST THE HOLY SPIRIT
August 21:2017 Solar Eclipse Through North America THE HOLY SPIRIT JESUS CHRIST Reveals
4th Beast Kingdom \ Fall Of "Egypt" / Updated Notes
What Is Lamentations
/ "Who Can Make War Against The Beast" \ Revelation 13:4 Revealed
\ Biblical Definition Of "The Little Horn" / Judges 4:12-19 etc \ Revealed
Beast{s} Of Revelation Revealed \ "4 Corners Of The Earth" "Nations" etc etc etc etc
1st And 2nd Covenant Consecration / Perfect Plan Of GOD \ New Revelations
{{{{Little Horn Four Corners Of The Earth}}}}
Street Preaching Calgary Stampede July 2017
6+666 NWO Train Reality
The Council; 144000 Also Ministering Here On Earth Right Now
NWO 6+666 Train Reality
Watchman Alert Warning For Canada
Outdoor Ministry / Higher Education \ Seed Planting / Canada Day 2017
Exercising My Faith \ "Talents" / Canada Day \ Fireworks / Jubilee Year 2017
The Two Pills
Street Teaching \ Preaching "4 Corners Of The Earth" Proof The Holy Bible Is 100% Accurate
Advanced Education Street Teaching \ Preaching
"Temple Meating"
7th Trumpet Sealing \ The Great Trumpet / The Great Voice \ The Great Earthquake / The One Hour \ Time Of The End
Ministry Moment Videos
Settlements / 8th King Administration
The 70 Years Are Ending; A Message Through The Way Of JESUS CHRIST THE HOLY SPIRIT
Apology Wrong Side Of The Road
Street Preaching
Physical Out Of Body Experience \ 1 Corinthians 6:12 etc
Ecclesiastes 12:12 /// “Splitting Hairs”
World Religion Idolatry = Destruction Of Man / Drag Net \ Globalization?
New Age Religion \ Fragmented Thoughts And Healing etc
Orchistrated End Part 2 / Isaiah 33:1 \ Dream etc
Orchestration Of The End Prophecy Revealed
Who Is King Cyrus Proof
Who Is "King Cyrus" Revealed /\ Real Faith Building
Sun Moon And Stars Sign Of Great Tribulation
Fragmentation And Healing
Sporting Event Ministry At The South Gate
Kings Without us In Part{s}
Daniel Chapter 11 Revelation 13 Parting Of The Red Sea Also Revealed
Isaiah 36 Ottoman Empire Rising Daniel 11 Tyre And Egypt More Revelations
Fast Away From Church To Escape The Worldy Church Judgment
No Time For Personal Conflicts
Sixth Seventh And Eighth King Report New Updates And Revelations
Outside The Camp Ministry Luke 6:43-44
No Pre Tribulation Rapture More Explanation
"The Church Of Egypt" VS The Desciples Of JESUS CHRIST
Demons In The Soul
2nd Chronicles 20:10-23 The Devouring Beast
Ezra 7:11-28 etc Three Kings Of Persia Then "The Little Horn" / The Silence In Heaven And The 1 Hour More Greatly Revealed \ etc
Updates; "Little Horn" NWO Consummation / Daniel 9:27 And Ezekiel 45:18-19 And Jeremiah 17:11 RSV \ etc
Trump Tower In Between The Two Parts
Understanding The 4th Layer In The Holy Bible Only Through THE HOLY SPIRIT JESUS CHRIST
Updates; The Sabbath Year And The 5 Months etc
NWO 70 Nations / The Two Birth Right Nations / The Greeks And The Jews / The Day And Night Covenant etc \ Updated
Nicolaitans \ "Lord's Of The Flock" / Free Spirit Being In JESUS CHRIST
"It Was", "Is Not", "And Is" Revelation 17:11 Revealed
Emergency News Alert! 4th Reich \ 4th Dimension Rising Up Right Now!!!!
WWW 1 {WWW 3} 7th Trumpet Then Armageddon WWW 2 {WWW 4}
Light Heavy Spiritual Warfare Prayer
Reason For Sickness In The Body Of CHRIST
Warning Trumpet; Time to Enter Into The Rest Of GOD THE SON JESUS CHRIST THE HOLY SPIRIT; we Are In An Emergency; 4th Reich \ 4th Dimension Ruling Over Planet Earth!!!!
!!!King Of The North And South Fully Revealed!!!
Can Predestination Be Changed?
Daniel Chapter 11 Commentary
In Between The Two Covenants | | Rocks Fall On Us
Excerpt THE WORD OF GOD More Revelation Revealed
!THE FINGER OF GOD! More Explanation
Birthdate Of JESUS CHRIST More Confirmation
The Two Horns Of "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil
Sins Are Demons | How And Why we Must Have Faith \ The Finger OF GOD
The Love Of GOD IS Not Unconditional
Rapture Explained Properly
What Is The Burden Of THE LORD Clarification \ Apology
How To Defeat JADE HELM 15 Continued
The Burden Of THE LORD
Consolidation Of The NWO \ Two Horns Of The Beast Revealed
The Two Merging Kings / Pyramid Of Esau \ "Seeing Through" "The Eye Of The Storm"
Vision \ Dream \ Revelation Rise Of The Little Horn{s}
Seeing The Ends Of The Sixth Trumpet Time Of Dispensation
The Persecuted Nov 14:2016
Made To Stand Erect Program Of GOD Nov 14:2016
New World Order Officially Begins And Ends
Still Preaching THE HOLY SPIRIT
Still Preaching Love
Still Preaching Videos
Donald Trump Dream
Spider Web Also In "The Church Of Egypt"
Wicked Darknes Over The Land
Still Preaching Do Not Be Deceived
Updated Report 4th Reich War Of All Wars
"King David" Official King Of GOD
we Are All Kings And Priests
More Clarity Revealed 70 Year Prophesy Election Nearing The End
Earthly Kingdom Dominion Theology Qiuck Summary
Earthly Kingdom Dominion Theology In This Age Is A Lie
Urgent Message Birthing Of The Little Horn "Saviour" Mobile
Urgent Little Horn Report Added Revelation
Little Horn Report Commentary
The Doors To "Egypt" Are BEING Shut
Unpardonable Sin
North American Election; Everything Exposed
Isaiah 29 Explained Properly
"Ends Of The Earth" Election 1st Recording Oct 20:2016
"IT IS DONE" North American Election Revelations
Come Out Of Babylon To Meet THE BRIDEGROOM!
Sealed Sealed Sealed September 28:2015 Blood Moon
Ministry And Reports Updates
Government Coup Against JESUS THE CHRIST
North American Elections Revelations Continued
Get Out Of "Church" Follow The Laws Of GOD Now
"Church" Standards
Inspired Words For The "Church"
Website Back Online | North American Election Process Revelation
Jeremiah 37:5-8 More Revelation Also Regarding The 6th 7th and 8th Kingdom
"Hurricane Matthew" Sign
Peace Offering To NWO
Turned Upside Right
Building The Temples
7th 8th 9th And 10th Years etc
Vision "Marriage Supper Of THE LAMB"
Election Video Update \ How To Regain North America / Updated Notes
All In The Name Of JESUS CHRIST General Message
"Ends Of The Earth" Election
Little Horn Video Reports No Correction Needed Rather More Clarification
Spider's Web
No Works Doctrine Of Demons
GARDAWORLD International \ Website Depreciated
"GOD IS Calling In All The Loans" \ Parable Of The Vineyard Bible Study
Social Media Trap
Paul And Peter
"The Vine Of Noah" \ "Mouth Of The Philistines"
Little Horn Video More Information Revealed; More Updates Soon
Thought Telepathy Condemnation Then Victory
Live By The Law Judged By The Law Romans 2:12 Ezekiel 5:1-4, Revelation 9:14-16, Revelation 12:4 etc
Music With Notes
Image Of The Beast
Just A Message
Daniel 8:3-14
The Way Vision Confirmed
Little Horn And Sword Of GOD Koran Chapter 3 And 5 Edited Version
Little Horn And Sword Of GOD Koran Chapter 3
Seeking Forgiveness \ Message To My Muslim Friends
Peace And Understanding From The Cross Of JESUS CHRIST
Destruction Of The South \ Rise Of The Ten Horns
The Reality Of This Last Hour In Part
"The Last Hour"
No Image
Political Murder Against JESUS CHRIST
Sikh Parade May 14 2016 Edited With Audio \ Sikh Parade Wizard And Procession \ Sikhi Parade Audio Explanation / my Prophetic Gifts \ Updated
Street Ministry May 14 2016 \ Excerpt From Latest Report In Progress
Spiritual Election
True Sabbath Day Prophecy
Four Visions \ Notes Added
Trust In Man?
Church In Jury
End Times Branches
Some Signs Of The Times
No Pre-Tribulation Rapture See Jeremiah 8:1-2 And Revelation 11:7-8
The Lean Years; 666 Covenant Of Death; Death Of Justice Antonin Scalia
Ezekiel 19 Prophesied Ministry Of JESUS THE CHRIST
NWO In Proverbs 3 And 4
Mountains, Hills, Ravines, And Valleys,
The 7 Years Of Reign In Ezekiel 39:1-17
The Government Of GOD Chart
Franklin Graham Decision America Tour
Proverbs 9 \ Separation Between The Temple Of Light And The Temple Of Darkness
Man And Woman How Far Have We Fallen Important Clarification Of Hosea 4:14 \ Updated With More Relevant Biblically True Notes
Targumic Text Revelations Part 2
Targumic Text Revelations Part 1
"Synagogue Of Satan" | Mark 3:1-6
Man And Woman; How Far Have We Fallen Part 2
Man And Woman; How Far Have We Fallen?
Open The Air Preach Walking Food Store
Guns \ Caged Christians
"Ends Of The Earth" Bible Prophecy \ Sequence Of Judgments / The Final 10 Years Chart \ More "End Of This Age" Revelations / Updated; More Revelations
The Beasts And The False Prophets
Bible Prophecy Now 5th 6th 7th And 8th Year
Eternal Security Proof; Once Promised \ Saved Forever
Why The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Is Hostile Towards GOD
Will The Physical Temple Be Rebuilt \ Sign Of Jonah
JESUS IS Ruling With A Rod Of Iron
No Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Recieving Divine Revelation
Truth Costs
Greece Crisis
The Suicide Spirit In Man
Jade Helm \ Ezekiel Temple / WW3
Administration Of Paul For "Church" Part 1
my Testimony \ Reality Of The Holy Bible
Prince Of Persia Prince Of Greece
Jade Helm And The BP Oil Spill Connection
No Burnt Animal Sacrifices After JESUS CHRIST YESHUA MESSIAH
What Is Our Conscience?
The Spiritual Temples
Eternal Security \ Once Promised Saved Forever
Sequence Of End Time Events In Scripture
"JADE HELM 15" Beast System Exposed
Open Air Preaching 1; Rush Hour City "Straight Street" Preaching
Singing Song To Jerusalem Den Haag Holland
Bible Numerology \ End Time Prophecies 2015 \ The East Gate Of "Jerusalem" \ New Revelations \ Prophecies Revealed
"JESUS Wept"
John Chapter 9 "Out Of Babylon"
Who Is JESUS THE CHRIST Spiritual Biblical Proof
The Streets Of Sodom And Egypt
"Fourth Beast" \ "Gog And Magog"
Spirit Of Elijah
Israel In Egypt / 666 Four Corners Of The earth
NO Eternal Security Doctrine Of Demons
Which Cross To Carry?
Synagogue Of Satan \ Four Corners Of The Earth
Visual Owl
Fear GOD?
7 Church Judgments / All 7 Seals Open
Living In The World; Understanding The Way Of GOD
GOD IS A Cause And Effect GOD
Message For Canada
Prophecy GOD Gave To Balaam / Four Severe Judgments Of THE GOD Of Israel
"The Sabbath"
Derek Prince - Released from the Curse