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Friday, 23 April 2010 11:42

Nuclear War First In Iran?

February 2010 (pagan calendar)

In a recent broadcast, BBC News disclosed to the public that Iranian officials have decided to bring up from their underground laboratories enriched uranium used for nuclear bombs for the whole world to see, the government of Iran has not only refused to discontinue producing enriched uranium, they are flaunting their threats to wipe Israel of the map by nuclear means to the whole world. This demonstration of complete disregard for the well being of the Iranian people is a "wake up call" for the Iranian people, we need to warn them! Are some of the officials in the Iranian government (scapegoats for Assyria) part of the new world order? Are they setting up the country for a small nuclear attack? These men do not believe in any other god other than self, will there be a nuclear bomb attack in Iran, and do they already know it? As the western alliance moves it's war machines over seas and builds up her siege works for war, will we see a nuclear strike against Iran? Is this a setup against Israel? Israel will be deceived in placing trust in other Nations and thinking she has alliances that will support her. Will Israel strike against Iran only to be abandon by those who sent Her? Will She be abandoned to bad media coverage that will lead the world into hating Her even more? If so, this hatred is an opening for Her enemies to attack and leave Her desolate. These men will actually believe they have conquered THE GOD Of Israel. A small nuclear war will be a catalyst for creating world peace, Daniel 8:25, Ezekiel 13:10, peace will be a means of which many will be destroyed.

We all need to return to our GOD CHRIST JESUS; THE ONE WHO died on the Tree And Rose from the dead HIMSELF to show us HE IS the eternal life, HE is our only SAVIOR!! JESUS THE CHRIST Will Comfort us!!

HOLY FATHER thank you for YOUR CHRIST, i pray for all the Iranian people and the whole world to reach out to YOU with their hearts in this time of distress, let the men women and children be comforted, let them reach out with their hearts to YOU THE ONLY GOD OF CREATION, touch them like no one else can and open their eyes to Truth, touch them where the tendons meet the bones and where the Spirit meets the Soul, let them know that YOU ARE GOD. Thank YOU FATHER, Amen.

Ahmadinejad announces plans to build two more nuclear reactors, threatens Israel and more news from JerusalemOnline
Date: April 3, 2010 10:02:39 PM MDT (CA)

wed june 9, 2010

The UN Security Council has voted in favour of fresh sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme.

The council voted 12 to two, with one abstention, in favour of a fourth round of sanctions, including tighter finance curbs and an expanded arms embargo.

US President Barack Obama said the sanctions were an unmistakable message on stopping the spread of nuclear arms.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the sanctions should be thrown in the dustbin like a "used handkerchief".

The US and its allies fear Iran is secretly trying to build a nuclear bomb, but Tehran insists its programme is aimed solely at peaceful energy use.

The Security Council resolution was opposed by Turkey and Brazil. They had earlier brokered a deal with Iran on uranium enrichment. Lebanon abstained.


Report: Israel, US preparing for war with Iran

Israel Today
June 25, 2010

A flurry of news reports over the past week indicate that Israel and the US are readying for an imminent military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

On Wednesday, Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency reported that about a week ago a squad of Israeli military aircraft landed at a military airstrip in Saudi Arabia, of all places. It was reported earlier this month that Saudi Arabia had agreed to let Israel pass through its airspace in order to strike Iran.

The Israeli aircraft reportedly landed at the airport in Tabuk in northwest Saudi Arabia, which according to the report will act as the central base of operations for the Israeli air campaign against Iran.

Fars cited a local Saudi resident who said the Israeli presence and cooperation between the ruling local Saudi prince and the Jewish state was the talk of the town.

Saudi Arabia does not have formal relations with Israel, and publicly refers to the Jewish state as an enemy. But Riyadh is just as fearful of an Iranian nuclear bomb as Israel, and would likely resort to any means to avoid having its regional economic influence disturbed.

At the same time, Iran’s Press TV reported that a very large contingent of US ground forces had massed in neighboring Azerbaijan. The independent Azerbaijani news website Trend confirmed the report.

Those reports came just days after the Pentagon confirmed that an unusually large fleet of US warships had indeed passed through Egypt’s Suez Canal en route to the Persian Gulf. At least one Israeli warship reportedly joined the American armada.

Isaiah 11:10-16, Teaches Bible Prophecy regarding the wars taking place in the middle east, this prophecy Through Isaiah is beginning to be entirely fulfilled, verse 14a may be one of the biggest small hidden verse in the entire Bible  

Isaiah 11:14 ESV

"But they shall swoop down on the shoulder of the Philistines in the west, and together they shall plunder the people of the east. They shall put out their hand against Edom and Moab, and the Ammonites shall obey them."



Israel: Pressure must be mounted on Iran

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03/01/2011 06:50

Gov't sources say new IAEA report on Iran's nuke program shows necessity of convincing Tehran that the West is willing to use military force.

…….Israeli officials said momentum for a fifth round of sanctions seemed unlikely at the present time, since Russia, China and even some European countries were believed to be opposed. The officials were satisfied, however, that the IAEA report revealed to the world the degree to which Iran was not cooperating.

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD In me Believes one country opposed in Europe is Germany (Assyria), the reason is because Germany And Russia is the King of the North along with All World Leaders And China Is The King Of The South (South And The East Daniel 8:9) The Two Superpowers Of Russia And China are part of the "East And The North" of Daniel 11:44 and they also are the remnant Physical Sword used by GOD, if America and Israel swoop in to bomb Iran, these Two Superpowers must step back because these countries are also the ones supporting Iran who is  "The Shoulder" part of the King of the North agenda, no doubt when Israel (South) And Iran (North) Engage In Physical War With Each Other insight on life in Hell will manifest even more physically on earth for all the peoples, Jerusalem will be Trampled Over Very Soon After And The Beginning Of The Last Week In Daniel 9:27 Will Begin The Tribulation Period. Iran cannot stand by Himself without this backing and the backing for Iran by these Countries is what is causing Iran to stand with such resolve. In a you tube video Hillary Clinton stated that if she were President of America, America would go to war and completely demolish Iran. This statement comes from an ambassador of the current Presidency of America, this statement is leading to the future events that will happen very, very soon. Out of provocation Iran would use an actual nuclear bomb for the entire earth to see against Israel and America, this is not a matter of if a war with Iran will occur, this is a matter of when and who will strike first!

Isaiah 11:13-16 ESV

(13) The jealousy of Ephraim shall depart, and those who harass Judah shall be cut off; Ephraim shall not be jealous of Judah, and Judah shall not harass Ephraim. (14) But they shall swoop down on the shoulder of the Philistines in the west, and together they shall plunder the people of the east. They shall put out their hand against Edom and Moab, and the Ammonites shall obey them. (15) And the LORD will utterly destroythe tongue of the Sea of Egypt, and will wave his hand over the River with his scorching breath,and strike it into seven channels, and he will lead people across in sandals. (16) And there will be a highway from Assyria for the remnant that remains of his people, as there was for Israel when they came up from the land of Egypt.”

Isaiah 11:11 Is the 2nd Resurrection Judgment Leading into the 5th Generation Revelation Chapter 20 ("Generations" Report) Isaiah 11:14c-15 is dual prophecy meaning this Age And the next Age To come. Isaiah 11:14a Prophecy Teaches in part about this present Age, the West Bank In Israel is the area east of the Jordan river occupied by the ancient "Philistines" who represent Goliath and continuously war against Israel until JESUS CHRIST RETURNS To Stop It. Iran in the East is laying siege works against Israel and powering this occupancy All Around And Within Her Borders = World Condition. Isaiah 11:14b & c The Shoulders of the Philistines is Iran, it is the people of the East who are subdued and then Jordan will submit for a time. The Country Jordan across the Jordan river is East of Jerusalem and contains Amman, Moab and Edom, few Christians remain from the Days Of JESUS CHRIST this country is absolutely supported by Iran today (North) so to Is Gaza, if Iran is warred against by Judah Residing In Israel and America etc, Iran will temporarily loose because He will purposefully loose military support through more cleverly devised schemes, this will cause Jordan to be subdued for a time by America and Israel (South) Psalm 83:8 KJV this dark Spiritual set up catalyst will lead to major aggression and retaliation from the organized North (And Upper South) leading to the trampling of Jerusalem and persecution of the South world wide. Also In Isaiah 11:14b "Together they shall plunder the people of the East" This may very well mean Judah Symbolically Represents China and other parts in the East Numbers 2:3 Interestingly The Banner Of Judah is facing East toward the "Land of The Rising Sun" well known to be a deeply rooted name referring to China, China is Governed by The NWO, If China Stands Down Her alliance with Iran the gates for war will open. (In Just A Few Years When The "Keystone Pipeline Is Fully Operational Canada Will Begin To Supply China with Enough Oil To Make Up For The Iranian Oil Presently Being Supplied To China, The "United Nations" Sanctions Against Iran Has Already Effected This Oil shipment To China, China Has Already Purchased A Reported 34% Of The Alberta Oil Sands Project) Revelation 9:14 Is the first Four Riders of the Apocalypse Revelation 16:12 the waters dried up refers To No HOLY SPIRIT In man, in the time of The Great Tribulation all men on the earth, except for The Few Sealed Children Of GOD are Sealed with the 7 Spirits Of Satan The Devil Isaiah 11:15 Is A Dual Prophecy "Lead people across in sandals" GOD Is causing 666 To Destroy Itself and also setting up The Second Coming Of GOD and Isaiah 11:16 is also 1 Peter 4:17 the persecution Of HIS Children leading to this end result of the present Age. The Sword Of GOD Is Bringing Salvation in this Age first During Terrible Times / Great Tribulation For The Children Of GOD on the entire earth and after that the war of Armageddon / Destruction Of 666.

America is governed by Europe not by the American people or the Constitution Jeremiah 4:15-16, Numbers 2:18 & 25 America is being used as a warring nation used to create the NWO; To Destroy Peace united In JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT and cause chaos to World civilization at the same time. America is like the Bentley car; mixed with German And American Technology, the world is being conditioned to hate American and to also dismantle Canadian/World culture and Christian religion, Wake Up People! Israel is being tricked into war against Iran by believing She has loyal Alliances including Canada Jeremiah 30:14-17, 1 Peter 4:17-19, war against Iran is the beginning of the end for the South Daniel 11:40-41 GOD Will Remove HIS Angelic Hedge Of Protection Away From HIS Children Daniel 11:42, Daniel 12:5-7,The Only Way out Is Complete 100% Faith Guidance Through JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT / YESHUA MESSIAH RUACH HAKODESH Romans 3:27

NWO Europe Owns And Controls America, Canada And The World And All Presidents And Officials Of The World, NWO Is Controlling All The Wars Cleverly Bringing Down The World's Population To It's Knees. May The Kings Live Forever With Abundant Life Blessings From THE LORD JESUS THE CHRIST

Isaiah 11:15 ESV 

"And the LORD will utterly destroy the tongue of the Sea of Egypt, and will wave his hand over the River with his scorching breath, and strike it into seven channels, and he will lead people across in sandals."

Revelation Granted By THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD

The Problem GOD has with HIS Children is that they are not seeking HIM, "Seven Channels or "Seven Spirits" Is very simple to understand and Also Represents The 7 Fold Ministry OF GOD, "Sandles" Is THE SPOKEN WORD OF GOD That Will Never Wear Out. Once again to summarize The Law OF GOD Deuteronomy Chapter 28, Matthew 22:37-40, Romans 3:27, This is the only answer, seeking any kind for war without The Direction Of GOD For The Purpose Of GOD is no longer physical murder but it becomes Spiritual murder in THE EYES OF GOD (We must Seek Love for one another). THE SPOKEN WORD OF GOD Will Come To Pass Isaiah 48:3-8, Isaiah 55:11, Jeremiah 44:15-17, 25, Matthew 12:34, Matthew 24. The Good News Is Found In The "Generations" Report

In another report in the website www.Jerusalemonline.com

Russian FM sees scope for easing sanctions on Iran

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03/01/2011 13:06

Lavrov says "real positive steps" can be taken to meet concerns about Iranian nuke program; says Bushehr problem was "exclusively" technical.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that international sanctions on Iran could be eased if Tehran makes "real positive steps" to meet concerns about its nuclear program.

Lavrov also told a Geneva news conference that a problem at the Russian-built nuclear reactor in Iran at Bushehr was "exclusively" technical and he expected it to be resolved in three months.

There is so much happening here; stall tactics allow time to build momentum and strategic positioning and proper timing for a planned war for successful geopolitical take over of Countries. Iran may very well be a catalyst Nation set up by stronger Countries in order to begin a new age of world supremacy and control

In another report

Clinton warns of Iranian efforts to fill ME power vacuum

By This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
03/01/2011 22:53

US sec. of state says Obama needs to maintain aid and involvement in region to keep Tehran from succeeding.

WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Tuesday that Iran was aggressively trying to take advantage of the domestic upheavals across the Arab world, and warned that the United States needed to maintain robust aid and involvement in the region to keep Tehran from succeeding. Daniel 11:44

Clinton described Iran as working “every single day with as many assets as they can muster, trying to take hold of this legitimate movement for democracy,” in testimony before the US House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“There’s no doubt in my mind if we are not present, and present in resources, not just in rhetoric, not just saying what we’re for but being able to deliver on that, others will fill that vacuum,” cautioned Clinton.

“We are in a competition. I just stress over and over again, we’ve got to be there. We’ve got to fight back.”

The (former?) non - nuclear Country of Iran caused major problems for America and Israel, there is no doubt that Iran has strong background support for the cause of defeating America and All of Israel.



U.S.A’S Drone Landing On Iranian Soil An Act / Pretence To War!

The Planned Landing of the Drone Craft On Iranian Soil is a Good reason for NWO America to wage war on NWO Iran Regardless whether or not Iran gives the blueprint of its’ design to China And Russia. This early x-mass gift “From America To Russia And China With Love” is a trade off for War against Iran no matter what Iran decides to do!  This Is A Total Set Up!

Psalm 83:4 ESV

“They say, “Come, let us wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more!””

Mr. Ahmadinejad Spoke These Exact Words To Fulfill This Prophecy Through Asaph A Few Years Back And The Holy Scriptures Reveals Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF CHRIST Further Prophecy Regarding End Time Events That will Carry Out The Fulfillment Of These Words

Isaiah 9:21 ESV

“Manasseh devours Ephraim, and Ephraim devours Manasseh; together they are against Judah. For all this his anger has not turned away, and his hand is stretched out still.”

Manasseh is also Great Britain and Ephraim is North America This Prophecy Teaches Through THE HOLY SPIRIT Great Britain And North America will lead Israel into a front against Iran / “Shoulder Of The Philistines” Isaiah 11:14 and there She will be abandoned. The Vague Mayan Calendar 2012 “prophecy” is to be fulfilled through an already known planned movement by The Beast NWO System...... Much of the world will believe the Predictions Of The Mayan Calendar Are being Fulfilled By A Super Natural / Spiritual Force Other Than THE GOD Of Israel

Speculations Are Made In News Media Reports And Supposed “Men Of GOD” Regarding the events leading up to complete World Beast System take over, Alarmingly The Holy Bible Is Never Quoted Or used by them Neither Is THE WORD JESUS THE CHRIST. Oil Is The Most Valuable Wealth On Earth, Oil Not Only Keeps Nations On Equal Ecumenically Developed Play Grounds But Oil & Gas Also Runs The Earthly War Machines. How will the purchasing of gold help a Christian in A Concentration Camp? Buying gold will only bring Christians Dangerously closer to the Spiritual fulfillment of taking the Invisible Spiritual 666 mark of Satan The Devil Ezekiel 7:19 etc!

Isaiah 10:5-19 etc End Time Prophesy For Right Now!

Verse 7 Transparently Teaches Revelation 17:17 GOD Has Put It In Their Hearts To Destroy Each Other Verse 8 Every President, King And Commander Of The earth Is Under The Proud Control Of The NWO Whether They Know It Or Not Verse 9 The Entire World Is Under The same Rule; Money, Military, Food Supply, Religion, Politics, Sorcery (Outdoor Towers & Television Box Mind Control Waves; The Only Way To Defeat Mind Control is To Meditate On JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT 24/7) etc Is Being Controlled By The Beast System Verse 9 Transparently Teaches Different Nations With Different god’s (non-gods) Are Under The Same Yoke As Every Other Or In Likeness To Each Other = The Whole World Verse 10 King Nebuchadnezzar (Type But Very similar Verse 13) Has Laid Siege Works Against “ Earthly Jerusalem” (For Many Previous Years Passed And Is Now Prevailing Even Further) Daughter Zion Or “Modern Christians” Have Done Worse Than Their Forefathers In Making “Spiritual” Covenant With Foreign god’s Jeremiah 11:9-13, Jeremiah 16:11-12, 15, Jeremiah 18:15 (who are Not Real God’s But False Worthless Idols & Images / Visions) Verse 11 Destruction To Samaria Ezekiel 16:49-58 etc (Sodom Also Includes Sexual Immorality / Oppression To The Poor In Spirit) Is Also Another Major End Time Transgression mentioned in these verses and a major virus / Spiritual Curse To All The Nations Of Israel Jeremiah 17:1-4, 1 Kings 12:25-33 Samaria Represents The Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel Spiritually Scattered Throughout The Four Corners Of the earth GOD Scattered HIS Children (The Altar Of The Temple) After Matthew 24:2 Was Fulfilled On The Temple Mount Approximately 40 Years After JESUS CHRIST Ascended On HIGH. Shortly After Receiving THE HOLY SPIRIT Acts 2:1-4 The Witnesses / Apostles Wrote The New Covenant Law Of GOD) The Sins Of Samaria Are The Same Type But Even Worse In Modern Earthly Jerusalem And The People Of Judah (Physical Witness Jeremiah 33:7-9 5th Generation) And Israel (Spiritual Witness Jeremiah 33:14, Jeremiah 34:2a-b) = O Israel Or The Entire Earthly Covenant House Of The Children Of GOD Verse 12-19 Judgments Of THE GOD Of Israel On The Entire House Of Assyria (Spiritual And Physical Babylon Lamentations 4:21-22) Part Of Assyria Will Eventually Become Israel Isaiah 19:24-25 See “Generations” Report

The NWO Is Conveniently Fulfilling End time Prophesy Of The Mayan Calendar Prediction For 2012. A War With Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Will Be A Huge Advancement For "A Better New Age Movement" “Martial Law Security And Peace” To The Trampling Of Jerusalem In Israel And Christian Persecution All Around The world including "Sharia Law" Filled Great Britain. An Israel Attack On Iran Will Be A Media Explosion Against Israel / And Other Worldly Religion, Everyone will have to make a choice THE HOLY SPIRIT IS In Control See Top Portion Of This Report Beginning From Isaiah 11:13-16



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