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 Islamic Immigration Pale-Green Light Of Revelation The Invisible Horse Not Seen

4th Dimension Pale - Green Horse Of The Revelation Also Being Physically Let Loose Right Now

Ezekiel 14:21 RSV

“For thus says the Lord God: How much more when I send upon Jerusalem my four sore acts of judgment, sword, famine, evil beasts, and pestilence, to cut off from it man and beast!"

The "strong speckled colored" ISR, HS, HBR also "dappled grey or grizzled" KJV, RSV, HRV, CJB etc {all forms used in biblical terms all correct from original Hebrew and Greek to English see Psalm 139:17 and the color of the speckles is also hoary or grey also grizzled referring to darkened white or pale referring to transgression Luke 11:34-36} 4th horse in Zechariah 6:3 is prophecy for the 1st covenant age also of the tabernacle "of Moses" {see "The Thick Darkness" report} and that "spotted" "pale" "grey" horse that stepped into this 3rd age spiritual blood covenant of Jesus Christ Job 41:32 etc is now also the green horse or "chloros" also at the early pale – green stage of conception regarding Islam religion Strongest Strong's Concordance "chloros" Greek # 5515 Defines the word "pale" of Revelation 6:7-8 in the Greek as "chloros" meaning "light green; pale; green plant" Matthew 13:24-30, Matthew 25:32 etc {Also in Revelation 6:8 is translated "pale - green horse" HRV, HRB, and "green horse" Peshitta surely enough the color green also represents green tares and "pale" also represents a dusty robe of the first covenant that is not fully white equating to the salvation of Jesus Christ Himself chasing after the also darkened angels that sinned because of the continuous ongoing rebellion of Lucifer and its now sealed followers against GOD {see "The Mind Of CHRIST" and " i Saw An Angel Sent From JESUS THE CHRIST" reports in "Signs Of The Times" and " Visions " etc}. Once again we see a "carry over" of transgression from the 1st covenant to this everlasting spiritual blood or "soul" 3rd age 2nd covenant now Of God The Son Jesus Christ Isaiah 53:12, John 19:34 the color green also represents the green lights of Islam and the 4th horse of Revelation 6:7-8 is teaching regarding the 4th dimension of the two eagles Ezekiel Chapter 17 that is to know either the demonic spirit of "LUCIFER" Satan the Devil or The Holy Spirit Of Jesus Christ in ones soul

Photo taken in Ammon Jordan 2009 {See "Israel And Iran South And North" report}

Koran Verse In Moab Jordan


Amman green lights

Amman Jordan. Our tour guide said the green lights represents all the Muslim Mosques, this particular evening a siren sounded and Muslim prayers were amplified and could be heard throughout the entire city, this photo represents about just less than 1/5 of the actual size of the city of Ammon which borders East of Israel across the Jordan River. i do not remember how many times the green lights are turned on during the course of a day, i would expect the amplification to occur five times daily. This is a large populated City and Ammon rules over Jordan Numbers 21:26-30, Ezekiel 21:28-32. (Google "Ammon Jordan population" = "The population of Amman is expected to jump from 2.8 million to almost 6.5 million by 2025 due to....") the population is rising also due to siege works against Israel Luke 21:24, Revelation 11:2 also due to the planned war in Iraq and Syria etc to breed terrorists Daniel 11:28 etc see "Purposed Driven Planned War In Syria! " report in "Signs Of The Times"

The Holy Spirit Of Jesus Christ also revealed the four horsemen are all riding at the same time for example the white horse is physical and spiritual false prophets Jeremiah 5:31 The red horse is physical and spiritual war Jeremiah 25:15-29 {Verse 16 = the maddening wine of Babylon Jeremiah 51:7} The black horse is physical and spiritual famine Amos 8:11 All three judgments are with us today throughout the world in various places just as Jesus said Matthew 24:5-7 All happening at the same time and one of those Judgments is more prevalent in certain places. These birth pains began in 1967 Jubilee year because that was the year The God of Israel released "Israel" from world bondage and began to call for "Jerusalem" back to Himself Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17 and the beginning of the new 7 year cycle and blood moon cycles meaning the four fold judgments of God Ezekiel 14:21 began for all nations world wide of every calendar and the trumpets of Revelation increase the intensity of the judgments. The fourth dimension is also being judged in and amongst humanity Jeremiah 12:14   

Leviticus 26 All Judgments Manifesting At Once Specifically And Accordingly To Every City; Town; Village And Individual

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GOD IS Preparing Us For Full Birth Through HIS Fully Manifested Judgments; The Intensity Of The Judgments Work Accordingly To The Level Of Sin In Us From One Judgment Period Of Dispensation To The Other Therefore The Judgments Are Not Discerned Due To Curses Jeremiah 4:22 Even At The Most Intense Level Of Manifestation In The Ones Who Do Not Receive The Hint Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST To Turn Away From Sin In Ezekiel 33:11 House = Body; Spirit And Soul Judged After physical Death And Judged Accordingly To The Way We Live Our Lives Revelation 22:12 Also In Leviticus 26:26 The "Staff Of Bread" = National And Individual Physical And Spiritual Blessings "Staff" Srong's Concordance Also Hebrew # 4294 As For Leviticus 26:26 = "rod", "club", "a stick used to assist in walking", "discipline and guidance", "often highly individualized and used for indentification", "of royalty", "scepter"; "by extension: "tribe", "as a major unit of national group or clan" "(fig; identified with or under authority of a leaders staff" And "Bread" Also Hebrew # 3899 = "bread loaf", "any kind of food", "time or act of eating", "meal", "bread of the presence is a regular offering to the LORD presented on a designated table in the tabernacle and temple:-" "bread", "food", "meat", "loaves", "shewbread", "victuals", "eat", "feast", "fruit", "provision" So The Cause And Effect Of Continuous Sin Is GOD Removing The "Staff" And "Bread" From A Nation Meaning The Entire Four Fold Judgments Increasing Over A Period Of 7 Year Cycles And Then Executed At The End Of Every 7 Year Cycle Upon That Certain Nation(s) And Individual And Again Carried Over Into The Next Cycle Until The Times Reach Full Measure Of Recompense For The "Quarrel Of HIS Covenant{s}" See Isaiah 46:5-13, Ephesians 2:15 The Judgments Include Removal Of All Physical And Spiritual Blessings Of GOD The Rebellion Is Paid Back Double Isaiah 40:2, Lamentations 5:7 etc Through Physical And Spiritual Famine; Pestilence And Evil Beasts Within That Nation {Ultimately The Entire World 1 Peter 4:17, 2 Peter 3:10 etc} When The Transgression Is Completely Mature The Judgment Fully Manifests Wiping Out Nations Through The Final Execution Of War Through An Invading Nation Summoned By GOD Jeremiah 6:8, 19, 22-23 etc

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BIN Presentation # 4

O great God of creation who are you? Can a single religion contain you? Please reveal yourself to me so I can know the truth. I will follow you no matter who you are but I cannot follow you properly if you remain a mystery to me. Please allow me to see for myself the reality of your purpose toward us in earth. I surrender my entire being to you no matter if my beliefs are right or not. I do not want to believe in lies, please reveal yourself that I may understand the eternal implications of my present situation with you and who Jesus Christ really is so I can please you and be healed of all evil Amen

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