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Saturday, 29 November 2014 01:22

i Saw An Ancient War Demon Of Murder

Nov 27 2014 (Pagan Calendar)

Luke 9:1 KJV

"Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases."

Approximately 1 Week Ago A Knife Stabbing Occurred At A Local Mini Plaza And Gas Stop And THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Put In my Heart To Go And Clean Up The Area Matthew 10:17-20 As i Was Walking Toward That Certain Territory i Was Beginning To Stir Up THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Anointing In me 2 Timothy 1:6-8 Through Praying For Cleansing And Time And Chance For The People To Be Drawn To JESUS Ecclesiastes 9:11 When i Arrived Just A Few Steps Before The Intersection That Was Across From The Infected Area THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Grew Greater In me And i Began To Pray Against All Demonic Strongholds 2 Corinthians 10:4 After Crossing The Street i Was Impelled Of JESUS HOLY SPIRIT To Point my Fingers In The Parking Area And Began To Command {my Outstretched Arm At my Fingers And my Words Felt Like An Extension Of my Body Reaching To That Specific Area} Also In Righteous Anger The Demonic Spirits There And Before Setting A Foot In The Territory JESUS Opened my Spiritual Vision And i Saw In The Sky Approximately 100 Feet Above Ground A War Demon Extremely Quickly Shooting \ Fleeing Faster Than A Launched Rocket Across The Night Sky James 4:7; That looked Like An Animation; The Demon Of LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Was The Exact Same Flat Black Spiritual Shade That Outlined The Creature i Saw When "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Turned To Flee Away From Me When JESUS CHRIST CAME To Bless Me Zechariah 3:2, Acts 9:3 {THE LIGHT Came Down From Above} Approaching The Demon Infested Area i Noticed The Demon Was Standing In The Exact Same Area i Was Looking At And Pointing To Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS; This Experience Is Also Extremely Edifying Also i am Humbled And Rejoice Knowing JESUS IS Pleased With me Because Once Again HE Showed me The Fruits Of my Labor Being Sown With HIM Is Not In Vain 1 Corinthians 15:10 The Demon Fled Toward The Area Of my Residence And As i Was Walking Home THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Alerted me Of A Violent Man Walking Toward me And To Continue "Preach Walking" Past Him; i Prayed That Wicked Demon Out Of All The Areas THE HOLY SPIRIT Led me To Including The Street Where i Live And For my Neighbors Also; This Encounter Was Totally Amazing There Seemed To Be Only One Demon In That Small Area There Was Also A Drinking Establishment There And When That Place Is Full Of Drunk Customers All The Demon Has To Do To Cause Major Chaos And Bloodshed Is Simply Walk In And Stir Things Up; i Pray The Community Will See The Wicked Acts Of Society That Led To The Violent Knife Attack And Repent To JESUS CHRIST

THE HOLY SPIRT OF JESUS Reveals That Demon And Possibly Others Like It Is Responsible For The Many Knife Stabbings In Calgary; GOD IS Not Yet Condemning The Spiritual Principalities Of "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil To Hell And Then Their Part In The Lake Of Fire Because HE IS Using Them To Close This Age So This Demon Is Elsewhere At This Moment And Needs To Be Chased And Cast Out Of The Territory It Is Now Occupying Elsewhere If GOD So Desires Matthew 9:37-38 Pray For More Laborers Only GOD Knows And Whoever HE Desires To Reveal Where It Is Now Matthew 10:12-17 GOD IS Using Demon Spirits To Close This Age So This Demon Is Creating Death Elsewhere Until The Sealing Of All People Is Accomplished We Are Here Jeremiah 23:29 And Then "THE DAY OF THE LORD" To Close This Age {See "!!!!The 7 Sevens \ Last Jubilee \ Prophecy Fully Revealed \ SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH!!!!" Report In "Messages From The Way"} So All Christian Brothers Should Be Praying In Their Neighborhood For Cleansing Of The Territory Near Their Home For The People To Step Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light Of JESUS So They May Be Received In THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS John 15:16 That Is The Only Way To Practice \ Understand Spiritual Warfare And A Great Way To Know And Minister To Our Neighbors 2 Corinthians 2:14-17 We Must Be Built Up In Spiritual Anointing First Before We Can Be Saved Out Of The Fiery Lions Den Micah 3:4 etc

LORD JESUS i Bind Up All Spirits Of Darkness In This Territory And Pray For YOUR Light In Every Chair Inside That Building; i Pray For YOUR HOLY SPIRIT Anointing In All The Borders Of This Area; Bless All The People That Set Foot In This Area; i Bind All Things Of The Earth That Is Not Allowed In Heaven And Lose All Things That Are Allowed In Heaven In This Area; i Pray YOUR LIGHT And Supernatural Healing Inside This Building And Draw All The People To YOURSELF; Put YOUR PEACE In These Houses Because Where YOUR LIGHT IS The Darkness Has To Flee; In THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST i Command All The Darkness To Get Out Of That Building And Out Of Every House In JESUS NAME; LORD JESUS i Bind Up All Wicked Spirits Of False Education, False Religion, Poisoned Food And Medicine, Hatred, Pride, Malice, Witchcraft; Perversion; Addictions And All Other Spirits Of "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil That Is Holding Captive All The People From Receiving YOUR SPIRIT; LORD JESUS i Pray For Time And Chance To Occur For All The People In This Area; LORD JESUS Cut Through The Lies Put YOUR LOVE In Their Hearts And Draw Them To YOURSELF In A Spirit Of Repentance And Love For All Nations; In JESUS NAME i Pray Amen

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