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Thursday, 06 November 2014 14:05

Vision; Shot In A "Church" Building

Nov 6 2014

i Was In A "Church" Building And Then Came A Militia Army From The Parking Lot Out Of The Black Vehicles Approximately 15 People Dressed In Black Uniform Moving Quickly Toward The Front Entrance; i Could See Them From Inside The Building There Were "Church" Members Standing Near The Entrance i Then Turned And Went To The Side Door Attempting To Escape And i Heard Shots Fired; When i Arrived To The Side Entrance Door The Killers Opened The Door And Repeatedly Shot me And There Were Others Near me; There Was A Flat Area Beside The Steps And That Is Where i Ended Up; i Felt No Pain As The Darkness Came \\ End Of The Vision

This Vision Was Granted Of JESUS In The Later Months Of 2010 And 1 Out Of Three Visions i Received That Morning See "GOD IS A Terrible GOD" Report In "Signs Of The Times" And "Visions" And For The Past Few Months THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Has Recalled The Vision Put In my Heart; THE HOLY SPIRIT Reveals This Vision Is Very Plain And Is To Be Taken At Face Value; The Holy Bible Says We Are Signs And Symbols For The Children Of Israel Meaning What Ezekiel Did In Ezekiel 12:1-6 Verse 6 And 7 Stuff On His Shoulder By Day = Worldly Material And Beliefs In The Time Of Great Tribulation During The 6th Trumpet And THE SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH After The 7th Trumpet And Is A Sign And Symbol Before The Eyes Of The Entire House Of Jacob And Israel Matthew 24:17-18 All That Is Required Is The Cross Of JESUS CHRIST In us Luke 9:23 See Luke 10:4 This Vision Is A Prophecy Of Events To Come To The Western Hemisphere More Than Likely Also In Canada Extremely Soon; i May Be There As Well Because JESUS Has me Visit Different Church Communities From Time To Time; The Attempted Murder Shooting Of Yehuda Glick In Judea \ Earthly Jerusalem Is Another Sign And Testimony To This Vision; Whatever Happens In Jerusalem Happens Throughout The World


We Are Signs And Symbols i Myself Will Not Necessarily Be There (Or Maybe i Will Be Shot Repeatedly And Feel Pain) However There Will Be Certain Church Communities That Will Be Invaded By 666 And Many Will Be Shot Repeatedly; Many Will Die And Some Will Feel No Pain; The Flat Area Beside The Steps Represents The Area Where The Ancients Would Put Statues Of Their Gods For Various Reasons; One Reason Was Revealed To me When THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Compelled me To Break Away From The Group During A Toured Visit To Petra In The Desert Of Edom; As i Was Walking On The Chiseled Chalkstone Steps Of The Mount Towards The Top THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Showed me Flattened Areas Some Natural And Others Man Made Where They Would Place Their Gods {Also Soldier{s} etc} To Strengthen The Resolve Of The Virgin Who Was Walking To The Very Top Of That Mount To Sacrifice Herself; The Altar Is Still There Overlooking The Entire Land Even The Kings Palace; The Flattened Area = Idolatry With The Pastors Hosea 4:12 NIV etc


We Need To Pray Continually For Protection And Comfort Directly To THE LORD JESUS CHRIST; HE WILL DO The Rest \ Rest


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