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Monday, 01 September 2014 22:23

Purposed Driven Planned War In Syria!


Matthew 24:15-19 KJV

“"So when you see the desolating sacrilege {Abomination That Causes Desolation} spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place {666 In The Souls Of Man Already Happening} (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains {7 Spirits \ Mountains Of GOD Repentance Revelation 5:6}; let him who is on the housetop not go down to take what is in his house; and let him who is in the field not turn back to take his mantle. And alas for those who are with child and for those who give suck in those days!"


Isaiah 7:5-7 KJV

"Because Syria, Ephraim, and the son of Remaliah, have taken evil counsel against thee, saying, Let us go up against Judah, and vex {Terrorize It} it, and let us make a breach {Invade It} therein for us, and set a king in the midst of it, even the son of Tabeal: Thus saith the Lord God, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass."


Isaiah 7:5-7 RSV

"Because Syria, with Ephraim and the son of Remaliah, has devised evil against you, saying, “Let us go up against Judah and terrify it, and let us conquer it for ourselves, and set up the son of Tabe-el as king in the midst of it,” thus says the Lord God: It shall not stand, and it shall not come to pass."


THE HOLY SPIRIT Has Now More Greatly Revealed In Light Vision Structured Engineering For A War In Syria


THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE RISEN SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST Reveals The War In Syria Is NWO Created Out Of Chaos; No One Involved Cares Who Wins As Long As 666 Is Being Directed Through USA Air Strikes If Needed Towards THE HOLY COVENANT Children Of Physical Judah And Israel Daniel 11:28 And Then The Whole World; "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Possessed "Mr" Bashar Assad Is Safely Residing As A Re-Elected President And A Broader Range Of Like Minded Individuals Are Now Understanding And Many Are In Agreement Together Daniel 11:6 {See "!!Daniel Chapter 11 Revealed In Part!!" Report In "Messages From The way"} Israel Is Being Handed Over By The Whore Of Revelation 17:1-2-6 Who Made An Agreement With "Edom" Kings Of The North Amos 3:3; The Syria War Was Purposely Designed To Breed Terrorists \ Give Birth To 666; The Ten Horns Of Daniel 7:7-24, 20 And Revelation 12:3, Revelation 13:1, Revelation 17:3, 7, 12, 16 We Are Here In Bible Prophecy!


Ezekiel 7:24-25 KJV

"Wherefore I will bring the worst of the heathen, and they shall possess their houses: I will also make the pomp of the strong to cease; and their holy places shall be defiled. Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none." See Acts 14:22


THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Clearly Reveals The War In Syria Is A Covenant War Agreement Between USA \ "Ephraim" Isaiah 7:2 Working With Its Head "EU Edom" Isaiah 7:9 With Spiritual And Physical Movements In Syria Who's "trees of the wood are moved with the wind"KJV And "Rezin" Is The "Head Of 666 Terror Cells Network Gathering" Deuteronomy 28:32; A War That Was \ Is Purposely Sponsored In Order For "A Greater Spill Over" To Occur Therewith Executing War Against "Ahaz" King Of Judah Isaiah 7:1 See Isaiah 14:28-29 And Now Also Against Spiritual Israel Ezekiel 19:14; {{Also Russia And Iran Now Sponsoring Syria http://www.globalresearch.ca/america-is-loosing-its-covert-syria-war-us-sponsored-al-nusra-rebels-defeated-by-syrian-armed-forces/5334827  So EU America Saudi Arabia Israel And Iran Russia Also North And The East Russia China Causing Chaos For World Domination \ Working Out Their Differences; All Set Against The Holy Covenant}} The Hedge Of Protection Is Extremely Soon Removed From This Last Generation Children Of HIS WRATH Lamentations 2:3 And Uncircumcised Nations Will Finally Prevail Against The "Children Of The Promise" Through Constant Warring Against THE HOLY COVENANT And Finally The Completely Disillusioned Attempting In Fighting Against JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF Revelation 17:14 In Isaiah 7:1 "Rezin King Of Syria And "Pekah" Son Of Remaliah King Of Israel At That Time Were Not Immediately Permitted By GOD To Invade And Conquer Judah Rather During The Spiritual Ebbing And Flowing Waves Of The "Siege Mound{s}" Were The Two Kings Successful In Conquering Judah Because Judah Could Not Understand Enough To Take Heed And Repent 2 Chronicles 28:5-6 In Lamentations 5:7, Isaiah 43:27-28, Isaiah 65:7 GOD IS Closing The Age Right Now Through Mercy HIS RIGHTEOUS Judgment Is Found In All The Sins Of Judah And Israel Combined Jeremiah 11:10 The "Ends Of The Earth" Remnant Are HIS Martyrs Preserved For "Ends Of The Earth" "Great Tribulation" Acts 14:22, Revelation 7:14 etc's In 2 Chronicles 28:5-6 {See Isaiah 7:14 etc} Is A Very Similar Example Once Again Raised Up In The Mid East Today The Obvious Physical Manifestation Of Enemy Gathered Conspiring Nations After The Fulfillment Of Isaiah 11:14 {See "Israel And Iran South And North" Report In "Messages From The way"} The Strengthened Nations Now Openly Surrounding Earthly "Jerusalem" Luke 21:20 GOD IS Quickly Closing This Age Right Now In DECREED Isaiah 10:22-23 Also Daniel 6:7-9 Times Of Difficult To Repent Matthew 24:12 Actual Spiritual And Physical War Engagements Until The End Genesis 15:16, Ezekiel 7:1-10, Daniel 9:26 etc THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Revealed To me After The 2012 Israel Gaza War The Obstinate Militant Fighters Of All 666 Wickedly Violent Men Warring In The Mid East Are Also Becoming Stronger And Stronger After Each "Time For War" They Engage In After "Space To Repent" Examination Time Is Granted Of THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR YESHUA MESSIAH Ecclesiastes 3:1-9; The Spill Over From Syria Is Cursed Blood Shed That Increases "In Agreement Hatred" Inside The Hearts Of Man And The Physical Violent Behavior Manifested Is Gathering Together Wicked Desires Of "Polluted Heart And Mind 666 Desires In Wicked Violent Man" Jeremiah 5:15, Daniel 11:23-24 In Isaiah 7:1-5-9 "the son of Remaliah" Is "Pekah" The King Over Israel And The King Of Syria Is "Rezin" 2 Kings 15:37 And In 2 Kings 16:5-6 Pekah Mostly Mentioned As "The Son Of Remaliah King Of Israel" Except In 2 Chronicles 28:5 Because His Actions Are His Own Before GOD Ezekiel 28:2-3 In Chronicles 28:1 Ahaz King Of Judah Reigned In "Jerusalem" = The City Of "Jerusalem" = The People \ Vessels Of THE GOD Of Israel Scattered Throughout "The Four Corners Of The Earth"; In The Word Concordance "Pekah" King Of 2nd Age Physical Covenant Israel KJV Strong Concordance Hebrew Item # 6492 = "he has opened" And # 6491 = "to open" "to be opened" "open" "openeth" "opening" The Assyrian Edomite King Even Of "Ephraim" Are Opening The Way For The Invasion \ Conquering Even Of Judah And Israel Of Holy Heavenly Zion Spiritual City Of "Jerusalem" \ Holy Human Vessels Of JESUS YESHUA Of Heavenly Zion "Jerusalem"; {{The War In Syria Was The Triggering Tool Used To Quickly Raise Up The 10 Horns In The Mid East And Then Throughout This "Edomite Spiritual Tree Of "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Conquered World"}}; "Remaliah" The Father Of "Pekah" KJV Strong Concordance Hebrew # 7425 = "Yahweh Has Adorned" THE GOD Of Israel YAHWEH May Have Adorned With Blessings The "Remaliah" That Fathered "Pekah" King Of Israel Before The 1st Coming Of MESSIAH However The "Pekah" That Conspired To War Against Judah Was Not "Adorned Of YAHWEH" Also See Ezekiel 18:20, Ezekiel 34:17 The Assyrian Has Now Become King In Most Of The Physical Land GOD Wanted Israel To Maintain Also Mandated By GOD To Be Used As "Extremely Certain Willful Nation" And Others Extreme In Part To Close This Present 3rd Age Isaiah 10:5-8 Also {See "WARNING; War And Persecution Soon To Humble The West"……. The Assyrian King Ruling In "Samaria"……. And "Son's Of Cain / Mixed Bloodlines In Part"……. Our Manifested Behavior Dictates Where We Are In Fellowship With ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD……. Reports In "Signs Of The Times" And "Messages From The way"} "Pekah" The Blood Seed President Of Israel In Part Is Now Replaced By The Also Edomite Freemason Satan Worshiping Powered "Assyrian Sword" Genesis 27:35-40-41 In These "Ends Of The Earth" Times In Order To Close This Age And "Rezin" NASB Strong Concordance Hebrew Item # 7526 = # 954a = "acted shamefully" "acts shamefully" became anxious" became dry" "been confounded" "covered with shame" etc …. = "Mr" Bashar al-Assad President Of Modern Day Syria Obadiah 9-10 In Isaiah 7:7 "it shall not stand" = The Earthly Invasion Will Happen Luke 17:24, Revelation 11:3 But It Shall Not Be In Spiritual Everlasting Eternity With JESUS CHRIST In Micah 7:10-13 KJV, ISR THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals The NWO Will Not Be Completely Established Rather During The Process Of Conquest The Empire Will Collapse Through Overspreading "Desolate Depraved Chaotic Anxious Soul Shaking Abominations" Of The Heathen Also In This 3rd Age Ezekiel 38:18-23, Zechariah 11:9 etc


Amos 1:5 KJV

"I will break also the bar of Damascus, and cut off the inhabitant from the plain of Aven, and him that holdeth the sceptre from the house of Eden: and the people of Syria shall go into captivity unto Kir, saith the Lord."


THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Reveals "the bar of Damascus" = The Strongholds Of The Ancient Peoples Of Cain Since The Creation Of Man On Earth; {They Have Caused Judah And Israel To Stumble Jeremiah 18:15-17, Jeremiah 19:1-7}; The Measuring Of The People That Is Being Purposed Through War To Create A 666 Luciferian Soul; The Wicked Mean Hearted People Want War They Will Have Enough War For Themselves To Consume One Another Zechariah 11:9 etc And "cut off the inhabitant from the plain of Aven = Hebrew Strong's Concordance Item # 206 = "evil power, wickedness" And "him that holdeth the scepter from the house of Eden" = THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Also Reveals "Eden" Means A Spiritual Stronghold That WILL Be Cut Off Forever Nahum 3:1-7 etc And "the people of Syria shall go into captivity unto Kir, Saith the LORD" = Wicked Abominable Souls Already Transformed Into Children Of "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil In The Captivity Of Death "unto Kir" = Hebrew Strong's Concordance Item # 7024 = "walled enclosure" # 7025 = "walled [city] of pottery fragments" # 7023 = "one who urinates on a wall"; THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals The Walled Enclosure Is The Religion Of "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil; The City Of Pottery Fragments Is The Fragmented Sectarian Groups Of Wicked Spirit Militant Fighters They Urinate On THE WALL Of Jerusalem \ The Spirit Of YESHUA MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST Jewish And Christian Religions; Without Any Doubts The Spillover Of War Jeremiah 1:13-15 In The Mid East Is Leading To The Trampling Over Of Israel And The Destruction Of North America And World Wide Great Tribulation Ezekiel 11:8-12, Lamentations 4:12, Jeremiah 21:13-14 Holocaust "Edomite Anti-CHRIST Sharia Marshal Law" Extremely Soon Ezekiel 19:1,3, 5, 9, 14 etc


Matthew 25:32 KJV

"And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:"

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