"Ends Of The Earth" Tribulation And Great Tribulation Sequence Of Events; Revealed Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YESHUA; Numbers Added; The Ten Days In Revelation 2:10 PDF Print E-mail
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"Ends Of The Earth" Tribulation And Great Tribulation Sequence Of Events; Revealed Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YESHUA; Numbers Added; The Ten Days In Revelation 2:10

After Completing The Updated Section Under "WARNING" In The "End Times What To Expect \ Understanding The Last Weak Of Daniel 9:27" Report In "Messages From The way" THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YESHUA Revealed Further In Bible Scripture In Revelation 11:2 Is The Last Half Of The Last 7 Physical Years Before THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST YAHUSHUA HAMASSIAH; This Time Period Of Dispensation Is The Greatest Spiritual Trial The "Church" Has Ever Faced Daniel 12:1-3 Determining The Rewards Each Individual Receives As We Testify To The Heathen Gentiles Revelation 12:11 Just Before That Time Of Testing Revelation 12:6 Is Being Executed By The Elect Filled With THE HOLY SPIRIT Who Follow THE LAMB Wherever HE GOES; The Measuring Of The "Temple" Is "The Soul Measure Of Righteousness" Inside The Children Of THE GOD Of Israel JESUS THE CHRIST YESHUA HAMASSIAH Jeremiah 6:27 The Temple In Ezekiel 40-44 etc See Ezekiel 39:25, Ezekiel 43:7-9-10-12, Ezekiel 4:7 etc {THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Revealed The Measurements Are The Instructions Written In This 3rd Age Spiritual BLOOD Covenant Of JESUS CHRIST Through HIS Apostles} "Being Measured" Is The Spiritual Life Of Christians And Jews And Now Gentiles \ "Jerusalem" Throughout The World {{In Revelation 21:17 JESUS CHRIST Is "The Man"}} Now Suddenly In Revelation 12:14 The Wings Granted To The Elect \ 1 44000 Is Divine Wings Not From Man 1 John 2:27 ((In Revelation 12:6 KJV, HRB, EINT etc = Instructions From \ Of A Man)) Rather From GOD JESUS HIMSELF; THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS THE CHRIST Granted me Revelation Regarding These Events And i Wrote What Is Revealed; "The Church Is Defeated Revelation 12:6 So "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Uses Them {The Sand Genesis 22:16-17} And His People {The Sea Revelation 13:1} To Attack And {my Thoughts = Attempt To} Destroy The Faith Of The Saints" {{Wearing Them Out Daniel 7:25 And Building us Up Exodus 1:12 All Experienced Also In Street Ministry And In Revelations Also In A Dream Where i Saw "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Guarding The Souls He Has Corrupted From Being Saved From Hellfire Revelation 20:10 And Then The Physical Manifestation Of That Dream In Summer - Fall Street Ministry 2009 At A Church In Barrie Ontario When The Members Including A Part Time Exalted "Street Minister" Were As It Seemed Even At The Time In A Delusional Spell Spread Out On The Floor Clueless To What Is Happening Behind Or In Front Of The Pastor Who THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST YAHUSHUA HAMASSIAH Was Rebuking To His Face For Lying To The Congregation Also Saying They Are Without Sin; And Of Course i am The One Who Ends Up Being Kicked Out For Saying The Truth Even By The Brother Who Invited me}} "LUCIFER" Is Unsuccessful In Destroying our True Faith Matthew 7:15-16 So At The Appointed Time Revelation 7:1-4 He Then Turns And Destroys The 3 Horns Daniel 7:5, 21-22, Luke 21:24 = "Abraham" "Isaac" And "Jacob" Zechariah 11:7-9 Now In Great Tribulation; In Revelation 12:16 "the earth opened it's mouth and swallowed the river"KJV Also = The Elect Preaching The True Word 2 Corinthians 10:4-6 To The Edifying Of The Body Of CHRIST 2 Timothy 4:2 Bear The Burdens Of Others Galatians 6:2 {And Then Rebuke The Burdens Away Forever} Bear The Shame And Reproach From Our Enemies Due To The Sins Of Our Ancestry In Us 2 Corinthians 13:4- 7, Romans 1:16 In Revelation 12:17 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."KJV The Remnant 1 44000 First Fruits Have In Common With The "Church" \ First Fruits Who Have The Promise Of Abraham [Though Presently Encompassed With Darkness In Various Degrees Romans 11:32] And Love JESUS So THE WILL OF GOD JESUS CHRIST YAHUSHUA HAMASSIAH IS For us Who Persevere To Stand Firm To The End Revelation 12:11-12 Using The Gregorian Pagan Calendar And 365 Days For One Year In Daniel 12:11-13 And Revelation 12:6 The 1290 Days In Daniel 12:11 And The 1260 Days In Revelation 12:6 Overlap Each Other Isaiah 46:10 etc In The First Half Of The Last 7 Years And Also Stand Side By Side In The Also Approximately Ten Year Time Period In Revelation 2:10 {{{The Also Sealed Iniquities In The Dispensations Carry Over Into The Next Time Period Of Dispensation With Greater Worldwide Physically Exposed Persecution In The Mid East Starting First To Warn Us; THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS IS Revealing The Mid East Is Experiencing Physical Great Tribulation Before The Western Hemisphere See Mark 13:37}}} And The 30 Days That Cut Off Israel Leading Into Greater Tribulation In All Time Zones Is Found In Zechariah 11:7-8-9 See Amos 3:14 In Daniel 12:11 The 1290 Days = Approximately 3.5342 Years And In Revelation 12:6 The 1260 Days = Approximately 3.4520 Years; In This Time Of Dispensations The "Church" / All Humanity Is Completely Sealed Through Humanity Mark 4:28 etc In All Ways Also Matthew 25:1 In Daniel 12:12 Is The 1335 Days = Time In Great Tribulation For The Remnant Children Of JESUS THE CHRIST = Approximately 3.6575 Years So The 1290 Days + The 1335 Days = Approximately 7.1927 Years \ One Week In Daniel 9:27 With Spiritual "Space To Repent"KJV Revelation 2:21


The Ten Days In Revelation 2:10


THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Just Revealed In Revelation 2:10 The Ten Days Are Also Physical Days And In Daniel 1:12-15 The Ten Days Are Also Used To Prove The Elect So In Joshua 4:19 After Ten Days From The Beginning Of The Month Israel Came Out Of "Jordan" Jeremiah 12:5 The Ten Days Are Also Ten Days Of "Affliction" Revelation 2:10 HRV, HRB, TCG Also ISR, HS, CJB, TBOY = To Be Put Under Pressure And Tried And Imprisoned {{i Have Knowingly Experienced These Physical {Also Ten Years Of Trial Once And Then} Ten Days Of Trial And Affliction Twice}} The Ten Days Are Also Used To Examine And Judge The Ungodly 1 Samuel 25:37-38 This Is A Tiny Spiritual Window Of Self Examination That Leads To Healing Or The Invitation For Wicked Spirits In The Soul {See ""Ecumenical Church"" Report In "Messages From The way"} THE GOD Of Israel Could Not \ Would Not Allow HIMSELF To Get A Hold Of "Nabal" In Exodus 12:1-7 {See Ephesians 2:8-10} Israel Is Given 10 Days Notice To Prepare For Themselves A "Lamb" In This Space Of Time THE GOD Of Israel IS Examining \ Proving Each Heart And The Four Days Left Before The "Lamb" Is Slaughtered Is The Four Judgments OF GOD See Numbers 29:7-9 Also See Genesis 24:52-55-56, Leviticus 16:29-30 etc In Bible Prophecy Years Are Used To Fulfill THE WORD OF GOD And As The Prophecies Are Being Completely Sealed In "The Ends Of The Earth Great Tribulation" The Years Are Being Compressed Into Days So The Ten Days Of Revelation 2:10 Is Also The Last Approximately Ten Physical Years Before The SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST And Also Ten Days Of Imprisonment Is Time Of Fiery Trial That Not Every One Knowingly Experiences "the devil is about to throw some of you into prison,"RSV And KJV Uses The Word "cast some of you into prison" = Satan Will Attempt To "Shape" JESUS CHRIST Believers Into Vessels Of Dishonor Also "to cause uncertainty" And "to cause light or shadow over a surface"NOAD Then After Hopefully A Faithful Witness Is Built Up More To The Faithfulness Of THE GOD Of Israel JESUS THE CHRIST In Man See Job 23:10 And Also The Fiery Part Of The Baptism Of THE HOLY SPIRIT And Fire Luke 3:16 In Order For Our Soul To Continue To Continually Grow Like The Universe Isaiah 9:7 And Be Perfected \ Holding On \ Standing Firm To A Greater Resurrection Hebrews 11:35; Until We Completely Die To Our Flesh Romans 6:6, Romans 8:12-13 In Order To Continually Grow In Holiness 1 Peter 1:15-16, Romans 11:33 As We Await The SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST So The 1290 Days Daniel 12:11 + The 1335 Days Daniel 12:12 + The 1260 Days In Revelation 12:6 + The 30 Days In Zechariah 11:8 = Approximately 3915 Days Divided By 365 Days According To The Pagan Calendar = Approximately 10.7 Years {A Great Mystery Is The Overlapping Of Dispensations If So Then There Is More Time Added For "Space To Repent"; GOD IS Also Taking From Remembrance And Sealing In Rewards See Revelation 18:4-5 etc} Before THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST = Ten Years And Then 7 Months = 7 Extra Months Of Times For "Space To Repent" Revelation 2:20-23 Also If This Time Period Began In Mid 2008 Then 2008.6 + 10.7 More Years = Approximately 2019.1 = Zechariah 14:4 {Also See "7 Trumpet Sequence And "The Three Woes"; New Increased Understanding" Report In "Messages From The way"} Leading Into The Other And Last 3rd Age DAY OF THE LORD Closing Of This 3rd Age Also In Revelation 2:10 THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Reveals To A Faithful Wife; Within The Ten Years Are Also Spiritual Days Of "Space To Repent" Revelation 2:20-23 The Ten Days Are Staggered \ "Arranged Over A Period Of Time"NOAD Within Certain Overlapping Dispensations Of Events Such As Ezekiel 4:3-6, Daniel 8:13-14-15 Within The Ten Years To The Complete Sealing Of Man In Our Rewards And Punishments During The "Pressings" Matthew 21:33 Toward The End Of This Age; The Sequence Of The Numbers Is Also 1260 Approximate Physical Days Revelation 12:6 Then 30 Approximate Physical Days Zechariah 11:8 Then 1290 Approximate Physical Days Daniel 12:11 Then 1335 Approximate Physical Days Daniel 12:12 And Ten Approximate Physical Days In Revelation 2:10 Are Staggered Within The Times Of Dispensation Also Within The Last Ten Years Of Revelation 2:10; THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS IS "Ebbing" Back And Fourth Also Overlapping Each Other Genesis 1:2


LORD JESUS Please Forgive my Many Sins Against YOU; Please Show me my Sins So i Will Pay Back All That i Owe YOU And Others; Please Cleanse my Soul From Dark Deceptive Spirits Of "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil; LORD JESUS i Want To Be A First Fruit; i Want To Gain More Wisdom To Understand YOUR Ways So i Can Serve YOU Better; Please Allow me To Win Souls For YOUR Kingdom; Let me Not Be Deceived By Being Led Into Worshipping False Feel Good Angels Of Light Deceptive Spirits; i Surrender my Entire Being To YOU my LORD And SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST; Please LORD JESUS i Beg YOU To Open my Eyes And Ears So i Can Hear And Recognize YOUR VOICE And i Will Obey And Execute YOUR WILL; Fill my Soul With THE TRUE AND REAL HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST YESHUA MESSIAH So i Will Be Able To Respond Favorably And Allow YOU To Direct my Heart In The Same Way YOU Acted When YOU Walked Amongst Us; i Want To Be A Pleasant Child And Have YOU Rejoice Over me; Please Allow me To Stand Up And Preach What Is Right Without Compromising With YOUR WORD; Please Save me From Using My Own Wisdom And From Leading Others Astray; i Pray For More Of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT In me; i Pray To Be Able To Follow YOUR Laws Completely; To Love THE LORD my GOD With All my Heart And With All my Mind And With All my Strength And To Love my Neighbor As myself; Please Grant me These Requests In JESUS NAME i Pray Amen

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