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Thursday, 27 February 2014 01:15

Jan 25 Nightmare January 25 2014 (Pagan Calendar):

Satan Was Allowed To Enter The Home i Was Living And Visiting In At A Presently Unknown Location On Earth And On The Last Day As i Was Preparing To Leave And Return Home "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Tried To Attack me; He Was A large Man Who Slithered Through The Locked Door; i Felt The Fright When At First i Saw His Shadow At The Door And Felt The Terror And Adrenaline Rush As When A Burglar Is Outside The Door Trying To Break In; It Was Daytime! The Door Had An Open Lock Securing The Hinged Latch Attached To The Main Door And Door Frame Locking It But He Pressed Himself Sideways And We Looked At One Another As He Stood Still Between The Storm Door And The Main Door And i Saw Him As He Was Sideways Against The Door With His Belly Against The Main Door And Then He Slithered Through The Latch That Was Still Holding The Door Closed With An Opened Lock {The Lock Was A Standard "Canadian Tire" Utility Lock} And The Door Was Also Partly Opened {Spiritual Implications For The Entire Remnant Body Of CHRIST JESUS} He Had A large Plump Body And Came Face To Face To me And He Was About 7 Feet Tall And His Face Was Aged And Then He Came Closer Toward me And Opened His Black Cape / Jacket And His T Shirt Was Also Black {i Saw A Testimony Headline On U-Tube Testifying That The Label In The Back Of His Jacket Says "LUCIFER"; All Capital Letters Without The Quotation Marks And i Believe That And i Also Saw His Black Jacket And Apparels / Black Shadow In Vision Several Times Also As A Turning Away Fleeing Shadow Followed By A Short Shadowy Trail} His Facial Expression Was Almost Like A Zombie Very Calm Expressionless And Evil And His Eyes Were Outlined With Red Color As Blood And He Approached And Stood Directly In Front Of me And i Rebuked Him In JESUS NAME As He Stood Close In Front Of me Peering Down To me And Then After i Also Said Save me JESUS And Then He Stood There As His Countenance Fell And His Facial Expression Changed And Became Puffy As He Pulled His Head And Body Back And Tucked In His Lips Closer To His Face {He Then Realized He Had No Power Over me Because Of JESUS} And Then i Awoke And The Dream Was Very Real i Was Still Recovering From The Nightmare When His Presence Came Into my Room And Then THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Went Into me And i Could Feel THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Throughout my Body In Abundance And i Rebuked "LUCIFER" And He Left And Then He Came Back And Once More i Could Feel THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS In my Entire Body With Abundance And Once More i Commanded "Get Out Satan Go Get Out Of Here! In THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST YAHUSHUA HAMASSIAH YAHWEH The GOD Of The Bible Get Out Of The House!" {Get The Hell Out Of here!} And He Left Again And Did Not Return; Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS IS The Only Way To Be Safe; Satan Returned Again Because The War Demons And Himself Are Cast Down To Earth Now And JESUS Showed me Once Again They Are Very Difficult To Cast Out; During Street Ministry i Have Experienced The Demons Will Begin To Leave When Commanded And Come Back And The People Are More Greatly Afflicted And More Unaware Of What Is Happening So The Process Is More Difficult Now Than Ever Before Because The Victims Do Not Know How To Sense What Is Happening And Say The Right Words And Cry Out To JESUS; we Need Much HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Anointing Now Than Ever Before; Satan Has Been Attempting To Destroy me Ever Since i Became Born Again One Time During The Night Approximately 2007 He Was Inside The House Standing By The Coat Rack At The Front Door; Satan Came That Night Because He Is Furious With The Work This Ministry Is Accomplishing And He Is Wanting To Destroy me; He Is Trying To Get me To Destroy myself And His Ploys Are Not Working Because we Are Not Ignorant In How He Operates And He Is Very Enraged But He Cannot Do Anything To me As Long As i Have my HUSBAND JESUS CHRIST my LORD AND SAVIOUR PURPOSING In me In The True And Only way; {HE Does HIS Part And i Must Do my Part} Only The True Elect Suffer Higher Level Affliction In Order To Conquer "LUCIFER" Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YESHUA Only They Know What Is Truly Happening

GREAT AND HOLY FATHER GOD Of Creation LORD JESUS CHRIST Please Help me To Follow All Your Laws This Day; Please Create An Open Door That Will Lead me Into YOUR Way So i May Entreat YOU And Enter Into YOUR Rest; i Ask For Protection Against All The Devices Of The Enemy "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil; Please Allow me To Draw Closer To YOU So i Can Be Cleansed From All Unfamiliar Evil Spirits Of The Enemy; LORD JESUS CHRIST Open my Eyes And Ears so i May See And Hear And Be Free From Evil Spiritual Afflictions Of Impatience, Frustration, Unrighteous Anger And All Other Afflictions Stopping me From Truly Reaching Out To YOU For Complete Fellowship With YOU; LORD JESUS CHRIST i Need YOU To Teach me How To Walk And Live In This World According To YOUR Good Pleasure That YOU Have Purpose Since Time Began; Please LORD JESUS i Beg YOU To Show me How To Live In Faith Hope And Love Not The Love Of The World But The Love Of JESUS CHRIST WHO Died For me; O LORD JESUS i am Nothing Without YOU; Snares And Hardships To Overpowering For me Are In Wait For me At Every Corner; Please Accept my Complete Surrender i Cannot Stand On my Own And i Need YOU; i Love YOU LORD JESUS Because YOU Love me; i Beg YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST Please Let me Be Increased In YOUR Love; Let me Experience YOUR Heart So i Can Be Filled With The Peace OF JESUS CHRIST; Amen


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