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Train Dismantling In Canada / Three Woes Expanded Understanding / Who Is "Tyre", "Egypt", "Nineveh", "Bozrah" And "Jerusalem" Revealed Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS

More Intense / Next Level Of Judgment In Canada; "From THE GOD Of Israel"

War Of Revelation End Time Sequence Of Events

Ephesians 4:8 NIV

"This is why it (HE Saith)KJV says: "When he ascended on high, he led captives {"he led a host of captives" RSV, JMT, NASB etc "captivity captive" Also Correct etc} in his train and gave gifts to men."

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals The "Train Of JESUS THE CHRIST" After THE RESURRECTION Of Matthew 27:50-52 THE GOD JESUS Train Ephesians 4:9-10 Is The People Who Accepted JESUS THE CHRIST And Were Redeemed Isaiah 6:1, John 5:25 {The "Gifts" IS THE HOLY SPIRIT OF SALVATION} Whereas The Trains That Are Being Blown Up Is GOD JESUS SAYING The Train That The World Is Chained To Is Not Going To Prosper Ezekiel 28:19, Jeremiah 50:23, Revelation 18:2 One Example Is The Lac-Megantic Train Derailment Explosion That Occurred Through "Ends Of The Earth" Judgment Due To New Anti - JESUS CHRIST Secular Laws Being Brought Into The Separatist Francophone Province {It Was Approximately 49% Yes / 51 % No Vote Made Public In The Year 1995}; First It Was "Higher Status Separation" Wanting To Divide Canada Isaiah 65:5 And Now Completely Sealed Demonic Sodomy 2 Timothy 3:13 All The Train Derailments In Canada Is The Physical "World Economy Corporate Business Train" Leading People Further Into Bondage Oppression And Demonic Captivity Revelation 18:3-4 About To Be Completely Broken By THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS THE CHRIST Daniel 2:34-35 etc {Also See "Archbishop Of Quebec" Also In Ontario etc} < The Jesuit Priest Whore Of The Far South Isaiah 43:6 Right Now Fully Riding The Beast / Dragon / "LUCIFER" From The Far North Nahum 3:3-5, Revelation 17:1-6 And They Are Divided Against Each Other Daniel 11:25-27, Matthew 12:26, Revelation 17:16

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YAHUSHUA Revealed The Train Derailments Happening In Canada Is The Judgment OF GOD JESUS HIMSELF On And In The Land Due To The Forsaking Of THE BLOOD COVENANT OF JESUS THE CHRIST In 1 Kings 10:2 The Queen Of Ethiopia "came to Jerusalem with a very great train"KJV This Is Symbolic Of The South And North Side NWO World Beast System / "Egypt" And "Tyre" Delivering To The Citizens Of Satan's World City "Babylon" The Luxurious Market Goods Including Precious Poisoned Food Supplies etc That All The People Consume And Grow Fat With Very Soon To Be Reminded About The Brutal Murder Of JESUS THE CHRIST YAHUSHUA HAMASSIAH THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YAHUSHUA Also Just Revealed GOD JESUS IS Also WARNING The Assyrian Political Train / Envoy" Isaiah 30:6-7 Means "The Four Corners Of The Earth"; The Train Derailments Is A Sign From GOD JESUS THE GOD Of Israel Simply Showing us The System Is Not Going To Hold Up; It Is Broken And About To Be Destroyed; Satan And His People Are Spiritually Sick / Confused / Shamed; Destroying Their Own Land / Empire Isaiah 14:20, Isaiah 23:10, Isaiah 33:1

Final End Time Understanding / Sequence Of WW3 Events

{A Granted Of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Vision In The Holy Bible}

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Revealed In Light Vision The Sequence Of War In Revelation 9:13-16 And Revelation 16:12-14 The Sword Of GOD JESUS CHRIST In Isaiah 10:5-7-8 Is Both Ham {AIso "Assyria"; Esau, Canaan, Sidon And Kedar Of North Ishmael etc GOD IS Positioning Every One According To Our Hearts Deuteronomy 28:32, Acts 17:26 etc} And Japheth {Gentiles; Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim, Dodanim Genesis 10:4, 1 Corinthians 10:20KJV etc} Jeremiah 25:9-10-11 etc Is "Ends Of The Earth" Souls Of Man Being Positioned For Judgment" Also Of The 7th King; The Sins Of "Cain" Means The Entire Transgression And In Isaiah 23:12-13-14KJV Is The "Land / Condition Of The Soul Of The "Assyrian" > "Chaldeans" The Also Warm "Kittim" Wilderness Spiritual South "Egypt" Religious Afflictions Of World City Babylon {{Isaiah 11:12, Isaiah 30:6-7 See Psalms 91:9-13-16 etc}} False Teaching In Man Regarding THE SON GOD JESUS {Isaiah 23:12 Is Also Sunni And Shia Retreating Into The South \ "Egypt" Because Of Extreme Religion And Others To Jihad} And The Cold "Tarshish" Wilderness Spiritual North Beasts Physical Sword "Tyre" Satan Worshiping "Nephilim" \ Spiritual Giants Of North And South World City Babylon In Man Revelation 6:8 = "beasts of the earth" And In Amos 3:15 Means Spiritual Scorching Sun "Egypt" Revelation 7:16 And Physical Polluted Microorganisms Psalms 104:24-31 "Tyre" Afflictions In Being Of "The 4 Corners Of The Earth" Brazen Judgment Altar In Genesis 4:3-5, 8 "Cain" Is Established As The Spiritual South And Physical North "Luciferian" Sins Of The Entire World Before The Flood Genesis 2:10-15, Ezekiel 14:21 {In Isaiah 10:5-7 His Mind Does Not Think Like JESUS Romans 1:28-32}, And Isaiah 23:10 "Overflow your land like the Nile, O daughter of Tarshish"RSV, HRV, HRB, TBOY, CJB Isaiah 23:10-11 {Verse 11 And 14 No HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS "Tarshish" Is Destroying It's Own Land Revelation 11:15, 18} And 13-14 {Verse 7, 14 "Tarshish" And The "Assyrian" \ "Chaldean" Completely Cursed In "The Ends Of The Earth" Affliction Revelation 6:15-16-17 {Verse 15-16 = "slave and free"RSV Means Also Men Of The South \ "Egypt" Who Continue To Uphold False Religious Teachings} Also Daniel 11:14 "The Ends Of The Earth" Spiritual Heart Condition Of Man Increased Now Risen Again In The Ukraine}; Isaiah 23 Verse 10 "O daughter of Tarshish; there is no restraint anymore"RSV Hosea 9:12 Means Matthew 24:29 No Light In The Moon \ People Of Darkness Genesis 1:16-18 "The Ends Of The Earth" Time For Revolution \ War = The North And South Jesuit \ Gentile Spiritual Sword Descendants Of Japheth Genesis 10:4-5, Isaiah 23:2, Matthew 23:15-16HRB = Dry Land, Joel 1:9-10-12, Amos 1:9-10-12 {Verse 9 = The Past Covenant Isaiah 21:11-12} Who {{{"the Assyrian founded it for them" Isaiah 23 verse 13 HRB See Daniel 4:30, 25 KJV {Oppressive Assyrian Sword And Now Demon Possessed Chaldean Founded The Land Obadiah 1, 3, 12-15-16 Verse 14 = Revelation 12:15-16 Verse 14 = Revelation 12:17} And Isaiah 23 Verse 11 "He stretched out {Commanded A Spiritual Arm; Tarshish / Gentiles Wilderness Of Tall Elite People / Cedar Trees Isaiah 23:1 "Tyre" Is Now Laid Waste} his hand over the sea"KJV {Commanded A Physical Hand; 7th King Sword Of "Gog In The Land Of Magog" Revelation 18:21-24 See Genesis 10:2 And 4 NW Corner etc And 6 And 15 NE Corner etc}}} Established The Coastal Cities Of "Tall Cedars" / "Tyre" Of Mount Hermon Genesis 9:25-27 {{{"Babylon" Also Includes The Transgression Of "Nineveh" = "The Four Corners Of The Earth" Complete "Ends Of The Earth" Brazen Slaughter Altar Transgressions Of "O" Babylon In The Mid East Jonah 1:2, Nahum Chapter 3:1-9 And 15:c-19 Nahum 1:11, Isaiah 43:5-6 And "Bozrah" Isaiah 34:6, Isaiah 63:1 "Bozrah" In Strong's Concordance Item # 1224 = "enclosure [for sheep]; fortress" Daniel 11:38, Micah 2:12 KJV etc ("Like The Sheep Of Bozrah" Luke 16:8) And Holman Bible Dictionary Means "Inaccessible" Genesis 36:32-33 {Unwilling To Repent "House" Of Esau Obadiah 18 No Access For THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YESHUA} Jeremiah 49:13 "Bozrah" Means Inaccessible Multitudes / "Sheep" Of "Tyre" The Entire North "Tall Elect" Exulting Land Of "Edom" Genesis 36:1-5 And North "She" Religion Ezekiel 26:4 Belonging To Satan Isaiah 23:5-6-7-8, Verse 7 ='s The Pit Of Hell Ezekiel 28:2-3 Ultimately ='s "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil}}} {In Isaiah 23:17-18 Is Also Daniel 4:30, 25 \ Revelation 6:15-16-17 Is Happening Right Now!; See "7 Trumpet Sequence And "The Three Woes"; New Increased Understanding" Report In "Messages From The way"} "Tyre" Is All The 666 "Tall Tree" North Transgressions In "The Four Corners Of The Earth" Judgment Altar Trap Of THE GOD Of Israel From Ancient Times = The 6th And 7th King Is Mixed With Assyrian Seed Of Ham NE Corner Horn And Gentiles Seed Of Japheth NW Corner Horn Of The Spiritual 4th Dimensional Cherub / Dragon "LUCIFER" Genesis 4:17 > False Enoch Son Of Cain Jesuit Priest Corner Soaked In Sin NW Horn Of The Brazen Slaughter Altar Also Afflicting The 7th King Sword Of "The North And The East" Daniel 11:44 Gentiles Genesis 10:2 Who Are Also In "Egypt" They Will All Come Out To War Together Revelation 9:13-16-17-18 Also Genesis 32:24-30, Amos 7:1-2-4-5-9 = Spiritual Meeting With THE GOD Of Israel JESUS THE CHRIST YAHUSHUA HAMASSIAH {{"Egypt" Also Means The Condition / Transgression Of Jerusalem 1 John 2:18, 1 John 2:22, 1 John 4:3, 2 John 1:7-8 etc South Transgressions In "The Four Corners Of The Earth" Of The Judgment Altar Trap Of THE GOD Of Israel In The World = South Also Business Corporate Smooth Soft Wind Beastly World Of "Babylon" System Of Increasing Heavy Yoke Bondage Of "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Genesis 47:20-26, Exodus 1:8, 14, 16, Exodus 4:21 Mostly Controlled By "The Invisible Disappearing" Dollar Matthew 20:2, Revelation 6:5-6 Happening Today World Wide To Control And Destroy "The Useless Eaters" "Slave Builders Of Babylon" And Then Each Other Zechariah 11:9 "Jerusalem" Also = The Entire World; Human Vessels For GOD In "The Four Corners Of The Earth"; Strongest Exhaustive Concordance Item # 3390 "Jerusalem" = "Foundation Of Peace"}} Now All Involved / Divided / Staging Together Jeremiah 1:13-15 Leading To The Beginning Of "WW3" Revelation 9:13-16; Completed Fully Matured 666 World Babylonian "Peace" Is Also To Single Out All Non Protocol Compliant People In Order To Also Persecute Christians And Jews And Then Complete It's Demonic Pit Of Hell Vision To Depopulate The World By Naturally Lying To And Betraying It's Own Subjects / People Including The Muslim Nephilim / Sabeans Spiritually Warmly And Coldly Betrayed Son's Of Ham Genesis 9:25-27 Witch Are Being Temporarily Upheld By The 6th And Now Also 7th King Of "Egypt" And "Tyre" / Pharaoh And King Nebuchadnezzar To Fulfill It's Ultimate Plan {See " Sixth, Seventh & Eighth King " And "Who Is "Tyre"? \ Al Asqa Mosque Symbol Of Satanism" And "666 Peace Agreement Process / The Ten Toes" And " WARNING; War And Persecution Soon To Humble The West" Reports etc In "Messages From The way" And "Signs Of The Times"} The Last Phase Of WW3 Revelation 16:12-14 Is The Full Maturity Of War / War Of Armageddon; The Same Sword Out Of "The Same Land" In Ezekiel 21:19 The "City" Is Zion In Heaven Joel 3:14

The Revolt In The Ukraine Opened The Door For Russia To Invade The Same Was Planned For America Also During The Government Shut Down In Late 2013; The Prayers Were Heard And Through The Grace OF JESUS CHRIST The Armed Revolution Did Not Take Place In America; All Those Inspired To Pray Must Continue To Pray For Blessings In The Wake Of Destruction About To Strike The Western Hemisphere Joel 2:13-14-16-19 Mass Revolt To Remain Prosperous At This Time Will Only Make Our Situation With GOD Worse Matthew 24:20 GOD IS Closing The Age Right Now! We Are To Preach The Gospel To The Leaders Who Are Badly Cursed And In Desperate Need Of A SAVIOUR Matthew 28:18-20 JESUS CHRIST IS About Restoration Not Revolution Psalms 23:3 We Need Only To Be Faithful Witnesses For JESUS CHRIST And Preach The Gospel As Faithful Witnesses For Salvation To "The Ends Of The Earth" Zephaniah 1:11-12, Acts 13:47

Save Yourself



Revelation 8:13 KJV

"And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!"

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Clearly Reveals The Three Woes; In The Summer Of 2009 When JESUS Sent me Across Most Of Canada To Minister In The Streets THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Clearly Revealed HE IS Pouring HIS Spirit In All People Blessing Everyone Who Is Willing To Receive HIM Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17 {Acts 2:17 May Have Began Earlier} So The Sequence Of THE DIVINE Sequence Of THE GOD Of Israel JESUS THE CHRIST YAHUSHUA HAMASSIAH Regarding HIS Extremely Exciting WORKS Is Now Clearly Revealed The 1st Woe 5th Trumpet DIVINE Time Of Dispensation Is Also In Acts 2:17-19 {Verse 19 = Taken Up In Vision To JESUS CHRIST And Satan With His War Demons Being Invoked And Afflicting The "Earth" / People And "Desert Storm" War etc}, Matthew 24:20 {"Pray that your flight may not be in winter or on a sabbath"RSV Means Into The Next Age Without The Favour Of GOD JESUS}, Revelation 9:1-2, Revelation 14:1-7 And The 2nd Woe 6th Trumpet DIVINE Time Of Dispensation Is Also Regarding The Train Derailments In Isaiah 30:6 = "The Four Corners Of The Earth" And "they will carry their riches upon the shoulders of young asses, and their treasures upon the bunches of camels, to a people who shall not profit"KJV = People In Egypt And Their "Lovers" / "Alliances" etc Whereto Also Oil Is Now Being Shipped More Abundantly; The 2nd Woe 6th Trumpet DIVINE Time Of Dispensation Is Also Found In Acts 2:20, Matthew 24:21 {Great Tribulation Already Happening In The Mid East etc And Just A Short "Space To Repent" Before Great Tribulation War In The West And Then A Few Years Just Before The 7th Trumpet Sounds etc}, Revelation 9:13-16, Revelation 14:8 The Gospel Is Being Fully Preached With HOLY FIRE Convicting The Souls Of Man And The 3rd Woe 7th Trumpet DIVINE Time Of Dispensation Begins THE AWESOME AWESTRICKENING EVENT In THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST Also To Close This Age Acts 2:20-21 {Whoever Is "Able" Can Call On THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST}, Matthew 24:22, Revelation 11:15, Revelation 14:9-11, Revelation 16:1, 12-16 In Revelation 10:7 The Way GOD JESUS IS Revelation 1:12-16 Advancing To HIS SECOND COMING Deeply Into The "Ends Of The Earth" We Should All Be Somewhere In Spiritual Agreement Mark 13:8-9 THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS THE CHRIST YAHUSHUA HAMASSIAH Has Given us An Individual True Understanding According To Our < Fellowship > In THE SON GOD JESUS THE CHRIST YESHUA MESSIAH 1 John 5:19-20

Habakkuk 2:2-4 KJV

"And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith."

HOLY SOVEREIGN FATHER GOD LORD JESUS CHRIST Save me; Shine YOUR FACE Upon me And Restore me; i Repent Please Forgive me For Pushing YOU Aside; Please Remember me; Show me What i Must Do Right Now So i Can Please YOU; Show me How To Gain Favour In YOUR Sight; Increase my Faith And Allow me To Enter YOUR Rest So i Can Experience YOU In THE SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST; Open my Eyes And Let me See So i Can Be Healed; LORD JESUS CHRIST i Want To Know Truth; Please Help me To Believe; Remove All Worldly Doubts And Confusion; Let me Finally Know WHO YOU ARE; i Want To Glorify my TRUE CREATOR WHO LOVES me; Please Accept my Petition And Supplication; Allow me To Not Leave This Body Without Being Fully Reconciled To YOU; Amen

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