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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 18:26

Had Enough Oppression?


Hebrews 10:38-39

"but my righteous one shall live by faith, and if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in him. But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls."

GOD Will protect everyone who Loves HIM and Truly Hate anything that uses HIS NAME in vain, GOD'S Children Are Called To Conquer the wicked black spirit realm of Satan Including Satan the devil himself This Is The Test, anyone who Hates GOD is an enemy of THE CROSS. This is advanced SPIRITUAL warfare for GOD’S Elect, GOD LOVES To Uphold HIS Elect, this Pleases GOD, GOD"S Standard For Us Is To Carry The Cross And Love GOD with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength and Love your neighbor as yourself and GOD Will Uphold And GUIDE You through SPIRITUAL Warfare!!

HOLY FATHER i humble myself before YOU, cleanse my heart from all sin and make me worthy of being granted this request; Please Protect me as i read this Protection Prayer, Love me as only YOU can and make me know i have Favour in YOUR EYES Able me In THE NAME OF THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT to Understand.

Ephesians 5:11

"Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them."


Protection Prayer

HOLY FATHER, Shine YOUR FACE Upon me And Be Gracious to me, Lift me Up With YOUR COUNTENANCE And Give me Peace, Protect me From All Of Satan’s Wicked And Unclean Spirits, Free me From The Bondage And Death Of Satan’s Governing Principalities Of The Black Darkness Of The “Far North” HOLY FATHER Bind Up With YOUR Dragnet All Of Satan's Demons And Devices Cast Them Off Into YOUR HOLY Lake Of Fire Where There Is Weeping And Gnashing Of Teeth Where They Will Never Manifest Themselves In me Or Anyone Else Ever Again, Free me From The Curses Of The Infirmities Of Satan's Prophets, Sickness, Diseases, Starvation, Every Lying, Deceiving And Deceptive Spirit, Every GOD Robbing, Killing, Abortion, Murdering, Raping, Thieving, Destroying, Wandering And Devouring Spirits, Every Spirit Of Envy, Jealousy, Bitterness, Confusion, Contentions, Discord, Division, Separation, Divorce, Strife, Anger, Hatred, Malice, Rage, All Dark Radical Chaotic And Tormenting Spirits, All Spiritual And Physical Health Compromising Spirits, All Black Spirits Causing Family Division, FATHER LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST Save me Of All Controlling And Manipulating Spirits, Mutilation, Oppression, Depression, From The Spirits Of Food Sacrificed To Idols And Sexual Immorality, Homosexuality / Lesbianism, Making Covenant With False Gods, All Worldly Customs, All Pagan Goddesses Of Fertility, Pornography, All Prideful And Haughty Spirits, Patriotism, Standing Stones, False Smoke And Incense Offerings, All Unbiblical Forms Of Worship, Kundalini Witchcraft, All Physical And Spiritual Child Sacrifices To Molech, All Worships Of The Dead, All Carved Or Graven Images In The Likeness Of Anything That Is Above In Heaven Or In The Earth Beneath Or In The Water Under The Earth, "Sugar Coating Of The Gospel", Every Form Of Idolatry, Every Spirit Of Self-Doubt, Sacred Poles, Every False God Worship Including Sports And Recreation, Racism, Bigotry, Labeling, All False Religions LORD JESUS CHRIST Save me From Hatred Toward my Brothers, Loss Of Love, Every Curse Of Stage Magicians Performing Enchantments, Necromancers, Atheist, Agnostics, False Bible Interpretations, People Pleasing Religious Demon Possessed Devils Falsely Displaying Themselves As Angels And All Other Assigned Defiling Filthy Spirits Of Death, The Prosperity Gospel, Self Worship, Theology, Loud Worldly Music, Mockery, Scoffers, False Witness, Satan Possessed Speakers Of Dark Sentences, Satan Possessed Speakers Of Light Sentences, Demons Of Lust, Baal Worship Of Satan’s Lares And Penates, Pantheism, Polytheism, Contagious Demon Possessed Witches With Wicked Imaginations, Wormwood, Poisonous Satanic Venom, Cunning Deceptive Flatteries, Vengeance, Black Magic, Dark Black Hatred, Satanism, Enemy Dream Spirits, All Warlocks, Freemasons, Evolution, Worldly Education, Sun And Moon And Star Worship, Fornication, Astrology, Terra Cards, False Calendar, Physical And Spiritual Adultery, False Televised News Reports, All Liars, Spirit Principalities Of Addictions, Cigarette Smoking, All Drug And Alcohol Addictions, Gambling, Hollywood Idolatry, Worldly Wants, Perversion, Voo-Doo, Black Magic, Witch Doctors, Teraphim, Household Idols / Gods, Shamanism, Spirit Of Jezebel And Balaam, Nicolaitans, All Darkness And All Presumptuous Sins In my heart That Is Before YOU, LORD JESUS Please Remove All Religious Demons In my Soul, All Spiritual Blindness / Dullness, No Fear Of GOD, Back Sliding, Hypocrisy, Lukewarmness, Unwillingness To Read The Bible, Pride, Psychics, Spirit Mediums, Sorcery, Dark Spoken Cursing Words, LORD JESUS CHRIST Protect me From Mythology, Folklore And All Halloween Spirits, All Man Made Pagan Holiday Traditions, Zombie Worship Spirits, Prayer Curses, False Witness, Spirit Of Prostitution, Flirtation, Adultery, Greed, All my Generational Curses, Give me Strength To Cut The Invisible Ball And Chain Of All Sins From my Forefathers That Have Secretly Entered Into me, Break Them All And Save me JESUS!! Save me JESUS Grant me Victory Over All Darkness And Of Every Blackness, Every Principality Of Darkness, All Head Dominion Demons And Satan Himself, Greedy Blood Thirsty Men Who Rob The Poor Of Their Land And Prosper, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Ruthless Money Hungry Demon Possessed Men, Pagan Satan Worship, All Dark Dominion Workers, All Lying Wicked And Unclean UnHoly Anti - CHRIST And Beast System Spirits, Every Wickedness And Evil Revealed In The Bible And In More Detail Through YOUR HOLY SPIRIT, Cut Off These Adopted People Of Black Darkness And All Filthy Spirit Principalities Of Satan And Satan The Devil Forever, Cut Them Off Forever!! In THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THE LORD REBUKE All Demonic Strongholds To Flee Away From me; Get Out In JESUS NAME!! LORD JESUS Let All Curses, Iniquities And Transgressions From The Black Dark Filthy Babylon Spirit Realm Of Satan Fall Back On Their Own Heads; Pour Her A Double Portion From Her Own Cup And Keep me Safe In THE NAME OF THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT To The Glory Of YOUR NAME Through THE HOLY ETERNAL SPIRITUAL BLOOD COVENANT AND AS AN EVERLASTING TESTIMONY TO HIM WHO SITS ON THE THRONE JESUS CHRIST THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY 


Wickedness will eventually and then completely be thrown into the pit of hell / burning lake of fire where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, GOD Will Bind Up All wickedness With HIS Dragnet And cast Off Satan and all his demons In HIS Righteous Burning Holy, Holy, Holy Lake Of Burning Fiery Sulphur but not until THE RETURN OF THE SON OF MAN; GOD Will continue to use wickedness until the White Throne judgment Is Completed, as a matter of fact wicked spirituality will only increase, yes, things are going to get even worse and we need this anointing power more than ever before!

We must Spiritually list everything in Prayer, GOD wants you to be aware of Satan's warfare against you and once you have isolated the specific cause of your spiritual attack(s), your Prayer To GOD will be Focused To that specific attack; Ask GOD For Understanding, Speak Audible Words in your native language To GOD! If you still encounter Depression And Uncertainty Pray To JESUS And Ask HIM To Lead You To A Righteous Encounter Where You Will Receive Anointed Prayer. Speak To GOD in the Angelic language you do not know and Open Your Heart Mark 7:34 To JESUS And HE Will Remove It From You. Fasting Is Also A Must In Order To Be Fully Equipped, The More We Kill The Flesh The More Powerful Our Anointing Will Be Isaiah 58:6-8, Acts 4:1-4, 14. Knowledge Is Understanding That Leads To POWER. JESUS IS SEATED ON THE THRONE IN Heaven and HE Is Listening, when we come to a Fellowship Understanding With GOD, all these weapons used against us will fail but we need to be worthy of receiving GOD’S SUPERNATURAL Protection against these supernatural forces. GOD Requires us to need HIM and to rely on HIM but just relying on GOD is not enough, we must Open our hearts And Believe In Prayer^ With A Truthful Spirit^ With our Heart^. This means To Truly Love GOD and be By HIS Side Always.

One day i was sitting at the computer and Satan's arrow pierced in my side, kind of like a thorn in the flesh sensation, this was a spiritual attack. Satan is a wicked mean being who knows nothing but hate and lying and murder. Immediately after this attack got through my Armor i began to pray. A more simple prayer would be similar to this:

GOD FATHER i Repent from allowing this spiritual attack from Satan, i surrender all things, i ask that YOU Grant me YOUR Wisdom and Restore me from all the filthy dark principalities of Satan that Satan uses against me in this world to steal my Love For YOU away from me. i repent of any wrong doing to another soul and i forgive those who have wronged me (or whatever may be the reason for the attack, Ask JESUS! we must Understand why this attack happened In Order To Conquer It In Prayer Through THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST And JESUS Will Seal Up The Area where the attack took place And Add More Armor once we have Conquered/been Forgiven So we Will Be Built Up And Strengthened Even More, it’s always about other people and our own SPIRITUAL Relationship With GOD), i beg for YOU to remove from my heart any hatred or evil that has crept in through the gaps that have not yet been sealed up. Please restore my heart and show me what i must do in order to remain centered on the narrow path completely focused on YOU. The Proverbs say that a wise man accepts rebuke and is strengthened, strengthen me LORD JESUS, Please (restore me with the Love i had when we first came together) increase my relationship with YOU refresh all my dry places and make me like a well watered garden, a paradise with a stream of pure living water Dedicated To The Cross Of JESUS CHRIST, FATHER GOD i Recognize, Repent, Resist and Renounce all of Satan's principalities of evil and wickedness, Protect me with The Blood Of Sprinkling Of YOUR ETERNAL Covenant with me when YOU Died And Bled For me on the Cross, Send YOUR Holy Angels concerning me, LORD JESUS Rebuke all of the darkness away from me In JESUS NAME, Release me and Save me JESUS, Flee away from me all wicked and defiling spirits!! Thank YOU JESUS, YOU Love me JESUS, Strengthen me FATHER GOD In The MIGHTY NAME LORD CHRIST JESUS, Amen!!

In a similar way, Pray this every day, there is no greater purpose or pleasure in this life than defeating Satan in his own realm, this is a must Prayer for GOD'S Children, we are significantly weaker than Satan but when we use CHRIST JESUS as our Protection--- Satan flees like a poodle with it’s tail between it’s legs.

Remember this, we are GOD'S Children and have the greatest power of the universe within us, GOD Knows what we know and when we lift a pure heart to GOD we speak in Angelic Tongues, we take baby steps in being able to have a conversation and Understanding With GOD, in other words we Understand Light Sentences Spoken Through THE HOLY SPIRIT To ONE Another in our own native language. When we are Solid with GOD all these Victories are Given To us, seek first the kingdom Of GOD And HIS Righteousness And Then These Things Will Be Added To You, GOD Bless You,

Isaiah 54:17

"So no weapon that is used against you will defeat you.
You will show that those who speak against you are wrong.
These are the good things my servants receive.
Their victory comes from me," says the Lord."

New Century Version


Flashing Thunder Stones


THE LIVING GOD sat october 16 2010 pagan calendar

Judgment is here!!!!

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