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!!!666 Revealed!!!

Isaiah 50:2-3 ESV

"Why, when I came, was there no man; why, when I called, was there no one to answer? Is my hand shortened, that it cannot redeem? Or have I no power to deliver? Behold, by my rebuke I dry up the sea, I make the rivers a desert; their fish stink for lack of water and die of thirst. I clothe the heavens with blackness and make sackcloth their covering.”"

While Reading The “End Times What To ExpectReport THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Revealed How The Number Of The Beast Is Being Sealed In Man; THE LORD JESUS Uses The Reports To Reveal HIS Deep Mysteries Through A Continuing Process That HE Leads me Through Of Rereading And Editing The Reports; Below Is A Small Part Of The Report;

"....Most Important For The Elect

Pray Your Way Out And Just Keep Doing Your Ministry No Matter What Happens!!!

Do Not Give Up In Desperate Times!!

Once the 666 people have become completely submissive to Babylon / Chaldea / Assyria they will surrender there lives over to this Satanic Spiritual "Beast System" thereby becoming the mere reflection of their adoptive Spiritual Mother Hosea 4:9. Nuclear War must first happen {Added Dec 18, 2013 [Pagan Calendar] Already Happened In Hiroshima And Nagasaki {etc} THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS THE CHRIST Reveals That Will / Must Be Paid Back Very Soon} for the complete subduing, subjugating then taking over of countries and their religion and the need for more security and eventually completely fulfilled 666 Anti - CHRIST martial law over the entire world, we are very, very close to these events reaching it’s completed task. Little do they know that Leviathan is using them and will cause them all to perish forever Job 3:1-10, Job 41:1-10 (Job Chapter 40 Chapter 41)...."

Each Number Represents An Age Being Brought To Judgment (See “Generations” Report)

The 3 Separate Sixes

First "6" Represents The Age From Adam To Noah This Age Was Totally Reliant On The Flesh Of Man \ "Wisdom Of Mortal Man" Left On Their Own Without The Interference Of GOD And Redeem Ourselves To GOD. GOD Gave A Law To Adam Thereby Commanding / Ordering / Charging Man Genesis 2:16-17 The Creation Was Left To Work Out It’s Own Salvation And Even Then Out Of Mercy ADONAI GOD Of Israel Sent HIS Prophets Filled With THE HOLY SPIRIT; Son Of Man Abel And Enoch And Noah etc Because The Scripture Says GOD Does Nothing Without First Revealing To HIS Prophets Amos 3:7 Even To This Day Because GOD Never Changes GOD Gave To Man The Law And The Prophets And Ended The Age With Judgment Jeremiah 11:10-13.

First “6” = The First Age Of Commandment Law Exodus 30:20, Hosea 6:7 The Flesh Was Condemned Genesis 6:13

The Second "6" Represents The Age From Noah’s Flood To The First Coming Of JESUS CHRIST And The Bridging Of The Physical LAW COVENANT To THE Everlasting SPIRITUAL LAW COVENANT OF JESUS THE CHRIST See Matthew 22:37-40 This Age Brought First Fruit Resurrection (Because Of The Resurrection Of JESUS THE CHRIST) And Hell Fire Judgment To The Soul Because Of The Willful Disobedience Of Man’s Conscience Toward The Love Of GOD The Fellowship Offering etc COVENANT To GOD Was Defiled, In Those Days GOD Used Unreasoning Animal Sacrifices As a Hint To Pear Into The Hearts Of Man Similarly In The Way A Boxer Trains With Shadow Boxing; GOD Keeps HIS Distance Away From The Fallen Creation Just Like JESUS Does John 2:23-25. Before The Crucifixion Of GOD JESUS THE CHRIST By HIS Creation, GOD HIMSELF SAID Satan Was / Is Condemned John 12:31 In SAYING This GOD Was / Is SPEAKING About The Soul = The Second Death. The Second Age Brought Judgment To The Soul, Whoever Continues To Blaspheme Against The HOLY SPIRIT Will Not Just Die In Flesh But Will Perish Forever In THE HOLY, HOLY, HOLY Lake Of Burning Fire Forever Revelation 20:14-15 GOD Gave To Man The Law And The Prophets And Ended The Age With Judgment John 16:11.

Second “6” = The First Generation \ Age Of Covenant Law Exodus 24:8 The Soul Was Condemned At The Crucifixion Of GOD THE SON JESUS THE CHRIST

The Third “6” Represents The Age From The First Coming Of JESUS THE CHRIST To THE SECONG COMING OF THE WORD OF GOD. The COVENANT GOD Made With Man In This Present Age \ Generation We Are Living In Today Is An Everlasting SPIRITUAL COVENANT; GOD HAS WON / CLAIMED VICTORY Over Satan The Devil John 19:30 This Victory Has Made GOD Righteous In Condemning The Soul 1 Corinthians 15:50 {See "FATHER SPIRIT SON; SOUL SPIRIT Flesh" Report In "Messages From The way"} To Everlasting Death By Removing HIS BREATH OF LIFE Out Of The Soul Causing The Timeless Soul To Perish Forever Psalm 104:29, Ezekiel 18:4 This Judgment Is Real And Must Be Executed Through The Executioner GOD HIMSELF Without Execution There Cannot Be Judgment. GOD IS "Shadow Boxing" Directly With The Wicked Dark Black Spirit{s} In Man; The Creation Is Blaspheming GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT Mark 3:29, Luke 12:10 JESUS CHRIST SAID There Is No Forgiveness For The Soul; No Forgiveness To Anyone Who Continues To Hate GOD Matthew 12:31-32 GOD Has Now Put HIS HOLY SPIRIT Permanently In Man Therefore GOD Has Exposed HIMSELF PERSONALLY And HE IS Now Exposing The Entire “Built Up” Sin Of The Past Ages Through Humanity To It’s Fullness Also Exposing The Hatred Towards HIM, This Is Partly The Plan Of GOD From The Very Beginning; To Deal With Sin By Exposing It Outright; There Is Many Verses Found In Scripture Revealing The Plan Of GOD Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Only; Once Again GOD Gives To Man The Law And The Prophets And Will End This Age With Judgment Jeremiah 11:10-13.

Third “6” = The Second Generation Of Covenant Law Hebrews 10:29 GOD Removes HIS BREATH Of Life From The Soul In Final Judgment; The Soul Who Continues To Sin / Blaspheme THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL Perish Forever.

666 Is The Invisible “Abomination That Causes Desolation”; Satan The Devil Living Inside Human Beings; The Condition Of flesh, Soul And The Absence Of THE HOLY SPIRIT Of GOD - - Rather Satan's Spirit In Man; Each One Convicted And Condemned Through "The Ages Of Judgment" To The Point Of Maturation Of Sin. 666 Is The Number Of Everlasting Death Proverbs 8:36.

THE HOLY SPIRIT Reveals The Works Of First Six Days Of The Week Were To Be Brought Before ADONIA GOD Of Israel On The Sabbath Day Thus Israel Were To Meditate On Their Works Throughout Every Day Of The Week. This Sabbath Law Was Designed To Either Draw Israel Closer To THE GOD Of Israel Or Further Away. The Six days Represent Whether Or not THE GOD Of Israel Would Bring Them Into HIS Rest On HIS Seventh Day. 666 Also Represents The Works We Do In The Six Days Of Activity Each Week To GOD In Which we Spend our Strength In The World.

!!Wisdom Comes From Obeying GOD!!

!!It Is Wise To Obey GOD!!

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