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Legion \ "Image" And "Seat Of The Beast" / "Image" And "Seat Of Jealousy" \

March 9:2017 

Revelation 13:4 YLT

"and they did bow before the dragon who did give authority to the beast, and they did bow before the beast, saying, `Who [is] like to the beast? who is able to war with it?'"


This Is A Literal Explanation Of The Reality Of What Is Happening With The Understanding That There Are Variable Amounts Of Affliction{s} In Each Individual Through The Spiritual Realm; “Egytp” Is 100% Of “LUCIFER” Satan The Devil That Is Not Extreme Rather Truth And All Must Be Aware So Through That Knowledge One May Recognize And Find Strength To Escape See Luke 21:36 In 1 Corinthians 10:13 = Nothing Is Impossible WitTHE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST; Seek Diligently With All Strength And Spirit And Soul Mark 12:30Hebrews 11:6 etc Also Revealed When The 8th Kingdom North American Presidential Inauguration Took Place So Did A Final Stage Of Increase Also Regarding Self Exaltation Demonization \ Demon Possession In “The Body Of CHRIST” Thereby Manifesting Error To It’s Fullness According To The Mixture Inside Luke 11:34-36 Everything Exposed Before GOD Luke 8:17 We Must Be Extremely Fully Careful Of What We Speak Because All Things Are Now Fully Surfacing Matthew 12:37 Meekness And Humility Before CHRIST IS Most Important To Think Twice etc Before Speaking James 1:19 etc To Examine All Things And Correction Where Needed Galatians 1:8-9 etc They Will Believe Lies Because The Do Not “Love” = Seek After The Truth \ ”THE TRUTH” 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 Also See John 14:6

Galatians 1:9 ESV

As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.”

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Revelation 11:7 YLT

And when they may finish their testimony, the beast that is coming up out of the abyss shall make war with them, and overcome them, and kill them,

Sin Is Sin Whether In A Born Again Christian Or A Gentile / Heathen GOD Does Not Practice Partiality Regarding Sin In HIS Temple; i Personally Fear All Aspects Of Judgment Regarding THE FATHER And That Fear Is A Healthy Fear Understanding Though my Own Self Will i Err Romans 7:18 And Break The Commandments Of GOD Thereby Sinning Against GOD Evening Passing The Point Of Grace If That Is Possible James 1:13-15 And GOD IS Cause And Effect Leviticus 26:23-24 etc Therefore i Do Not Take Anything For Granted Rather Bring All Things To GOD And Let GOD Possess HIS Temple; That Is my Personal Walk \ Ministry WithGOD THE FATHER GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT

Ephesians 6:12 RSV

For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

The Entire Life Of JESUS CHRIST In HIS Approximately 3 ½ Years In Consecrated To THE FATHER Ministry Was Confrontation And That Will Begin Also For The Entire “4 Walled Worldly Man Made Institutionalized Spewed Out Church Of “Egypt”” And From There The Church Will Be Completely Excommunicated From A World That Is Parading It’s Sin As “Sodom And Egypt” GOD WILL Execute Pre-Determined Fate To All Individual Souls Having Been Sealed \ Predestined; Many To Condemnation And Others To Glorification Depending On Their Free Will Work Done On \ In Earth Romans 8:30 {i Believe Not A Very Large Number Rather Some Were Born For That Exact Purpose; Predestined \ Predestined Before They Were Born In Earth Because Of Their Own Self Will Jude 4-6 See Jeremiah 1:5, Isaiah 6:8-9 These Verses MaybeTeach Through THE HOLY SPIRT OF JESUS CHRIST Also Before The Earthly Birth Of Those Prophets} Much Is Expected From Those Who Have Received Much Luke 12:48  

Revelation 19:19 AKJV

And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, having been gathered together to make war with him who is sitting upon the horse, and with his army;”

In Revelation 9:1-2 Is The 1st Woe 5th Trumpet And Then The 2nd Woe 6th Trumpet Revelation 9:13 Is The 2nd Woe And Everything Is Being Sealed We Are At The Very End Of All Those Spiritual Events Then The 3rd Woe 7th Trumpet Revelation 11:15 THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Reveals Each Period Of Time Of Dispensation In Those last 3 Trumpets Is The 4th Dimension War Demon Activities; As The Demons Increase The Amount Of Death In Humanity So To They Themselves Are Being Brought To More Death By Having Less And Less Awareness Of WHO IS GOD etc  

 The Curse BROKEN  

Hosea 2:18 YLT

And I will make for you a covenant on that day with the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the creeping things of the ground; and I will abolish the bow, the sword, and war from the land; and I will make you lie down in safety.”

This Verse Speaks Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Also Regarding The Fiery Tongues Of Pentecost; The Fire Of THE HOLY SPIRT OF JESIUS CHRIST Luke 3:16 That Activates The Breath Of THE HOLY SPIRIT John 20:22 To Eventually Do Exploits; The Demon Also Of Sleep \ Dullness etc Is Eliminated When GOD Sends HIS HOLY FIRE In HIS Temples Acts 2:2-4 The Disciples Obeyed Through Grace \ THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST Acts 1:4, Acts 2:1{Divine Appointment Met Because They Fully Walked With \ With JESUS THE CHRIST John 13:10-11} See Acts 18:28 We Are Now Born Into A Spiritual Blood \ Soul Covenant With GOD Make Sure 2 Peter 1:10 Keep Away From Idols 1 John 5:21 etc

LORD JESUS CHRIST I Repent Also Of Taking YOUR NAME In Vain Also For All My Generations Before me And i Ask That Curse Be Broken And To Be Forgiven And Pray YOUR HOLY FIRE To Enter Into me And Heal my Heart And Mind And Body Please Hear me O LORD JESUS CHRIST i am Needy Of YOUR Help Please Heal me Increase my Senses So i Will Overcome The Dullness That Prevents me From Hearing YOUR Words Spoken In YOUR Temple; In THE NAME Of JESUS CHRIST To The GLORY Of THE FATHER i Pray Amen   

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