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Europe Used America To Attain It's Goal Of Illuminated New World Order Depopulation In One Way Or Another

New World Order Rewriting History \ Plan For World War Depopulation \ The Planned Fall Of Israel \ Fullness Of The Gentiles \ "Operation" "Jade Helm"

Next Blood Moon September 28, 2015 Will Completely Seal All Humanity On Earth; Great HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Anointing And Complete Chaos About To Break Out Extremely Soon

Excerpt From "Operation" "Jade Helm 2015" Eventual Beginning Of "Edomite Sharia Blasphemy Marshal Law"" Report In "Announcements"

Message For North America And Canada

Approximately February 2015

Recently my Spirit Was Quickened And i Feel Vey Compelled Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS To Make Known The Light Burden That Is In me; There Is Much Possibility In The Extremely Near Future North America Will Declare Bankruptcy So The Iranian Regime Will Be Left By Itself To Decide Whether Or Not To Pursue Nuclear Weapons And North America Does Not Have The Sovereign Power To Decide Anything Over Iran And They Are Negotiating In Borrowed Time Also Preparing For Other Nations {Every Seed Of Humanity Inside Man In Every Physical Nations Of The Earth Conditioned By The Spirits Of "O Babylon" To Be At War In Various Degrees Against THE GOD Of Israel Jeremiah 12:8 Also Zechariah 12:3 See "Three Woes" And "Three Woes / "Altar Of Samaria" / Generation Of HIS Wrath" Reports In "Messages From The Way"} To Assemble Themselves And Trample Over All In The Likeness Of Israel Revelation 11:2 "but do not measure the court outside the temple; leave that out, for it is given over to the nations, and they will trample over the holy city for forty-two months."RSV "The Holy City" = Earthly City Of "Jerusalem" Wherein Lies The "Four Corners Of The Earth Soaked In Sin Judgment Slaughter Altar" Of GOD Amos 3:14

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals The Main Purpose For This Warning Message Is To Inform All People Who Have A Heart To Understand What Is Happening That North America Is Not In Control {America Cannot And Will Not Stop Iran From Attaining Nuclear Bombs That Is Not Their Mandate; The World Is Watching A Dramatic Play Script Like Hollywood} P5+1 EU Is Waiting For The Right Time To Prepare The Nations For A War That Will Spread Throughout The World In Every Land; They Themselves Are Already Prepared In An "Underground Future Shop Wall Mart" {"Underground Future Shop Wall Mart" = Free Merchandise Taken To Supply Underground Bunker Cities} While The Senseless Subdued Worldly Way Is Still Discussing What Is Best For Sinking Now Neck Deep In Water Babylon; NWO World Leaders Speak In Coded Dark Demonic Sentences In Recognition To One Another And They Know North America Is Going To Fall So When They Say Something Like America Will Not Let Iran Get Nuclear Bombs (What They Are Saying To Each Other) And {Not Saying To The Unaware Sleepy Public Is} America Will Not Allow Iran To Get Nuclear Bombs As Long As America Remains A Strong Nation; When The NWO Says They Will Destroy ISISSOS etc They Mean ISISSOS Will Be Destroyed Along With Everyone Else In WW3 Jeremiah 30:16 etc In Reality The Timed Negotiations With Iran Is Being Allowed To Have More Than An Odor Of Nuclear Capabilities In Order To Cause War And Chaos And Strengthen The Resolve Of All Nations Who Rise Up Against THE GOD Of Israel And HIS People

See Medo – Persian President Mr Obama {May The King Live Forever} Speaking In Dark Sentences {Cannot Find Link; President Barak Obama Has Stated Many Times He Will Destroy ISSOS; What He Is Saying Is After ISSOS Fulfills Its Purpose It Will Eventually Be Defeated In WW3 By Confident Nuclear Superpower Nations}

Next Leap Year May Very Well Adjust Pagan Calendar To 7th Day Of The Week Proper Day Of Sabbath Worship

JESUS Inspired me To Search Out When The Next Leap Year Will Occur Because i Received Another Revelation In The Same Day Or The Day After In The Month Of March 2015 If The Next Leap Year Is In 2016 Then The True Sabbath Day Would Be Practiced For The Next 4 Years Resulting In Joining Judah Together With Israel In Spirit During Great Tribulation Matthew 24:20-21 When i Searched Today In The Internet Sure Enough The Next Leap Year Begins In February 29, 2016 And Once Again i Do Not Believe In "Coincidence" Rather DIVINELY Led Appointments And Revelations And That Is Another Sign For me To Sound Another Trumpet Regarding What Time It Is And You Must Be Ready Spiritually In Your Soul With THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST; All Things Are BEING DIVINELY Lined Up For THE SECOND COMING OF THE WORD OF GOD; i Believe These Prophesies Are Too Many To Be Ignored And GOD IS Also Revealing World War Before JESUS RETURNS Is About To Break Out Extremely Soon; This Is Also Another Witness To Amos 3:7

The Planned Fall Of Israel \ Spirit Popular Holy – Wood Drama Human Policy Procedure Protocol Afflicting The Prophet Watchman Of JESUS CHRIST

The Lawless Man Of Perdition "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Incarnate "4th Reich" Rises Up Publicly At It's Appointed Time Very Possibly Out Of Europe Approximately September 23, 2015 Day Of Atonement – May 15, 2016.6 Day Of Pentecost Daniel 11:36 {NWO Skull And Bones Mr Barack Hussein Obama Reelected Nov 6 2012 + 1290 Days = Approximately May 2016 + 1 Month = Physically Manifested Great Tribulation In Canada May Begin {Favor With GOD Also As A Nation Will Determine When The Greatest Intensity Of The Judgments Will Begin In Those Last Remaining Years}; The Time Line When The Lawless Man Of Perdition Is Elected King Over "O" World Babylon Beginning From November 2015 May Be 6 Months To One Year And Four Months Later No More = No Later Than A Few Months After 2017 Day Of Atonement Many Christian Martyrs Will Not See It; The Physical Judgment On America {Wealthiest Christian Nation Ever \ "Ponzi Scheme" Nation} Has Been Held Back Because Of Righteous Prayers Received To JESUS CHRIST; GOD IS Recruiting HIS Elect 2 Timothy 2:3-4 The Fall Of Israel World Wide Must Happen Because GOD IS Closing This Age Moving Forward To Bigger And Greater Things {The Timeline Will Not Change Rather When The Physical Suffering And Persecution Begins In The Timeline Is What Can Be Altered Through Righteous Prayers Of The Afflicted Saints But The Continued Destruction To HIS Creation Must Be Annihilated In Galatians 4:2 i Believe The Date Is Now Set Maybe 1 Year Of Delay No More}; The Western Hemisphere Will Experiences Coastal Flooding {Also Prophesied For Both Canadian Coastlines Including Victoria Island And Montreal Also Transportation Disasters Such As Railway And Road Destruction Cutting Off Food Supplies In Various Gun Wielding Places Where Citizens Were Not Properly Preached To By Their Watchmen Jeremiah 21 Read Verses 4, And 9 Only {See Zechariah 9:10} {{Jeremiah 21:9 = Preach The Love Of JESUS CHRIST Gospel To Your Enemies Rather Than Shoot Them}} And Other Natural Disasters \ Civil Uprisings "America Declares Bankruptcy" {Google "China Corners World Market" See Russia's President Must Stay In Power To Avoid Prosecution The Only Worldly Way Out For Him Is Said To Be War {See Link Below}} NWO Beast System Anti – Jewish {JESUS} Great Exalted Harlot Holy - Wood "Sun Pillars" "Altar Of Samaria" North America's Ruling Authority Is Now Playing Both Sides With Sunni And Shia Muslims {See Link Below} And Is Certain To Purposefully Fall To The Also Currency War And Then The Beginning Of World Wide War \ Edomite Sharia Blasphemy Marshal Law Revelation 13:3 Very Possible Before The American Election Season Tuesday November 8, 2016 Also Because The Jubilee Year Of Liberty Beginning On The Day Of Atonement Approximately October 11, 2017 When The Year Of Release Is Not Entirely Performed {GOD IS Searching For An Answer In The Last Sabbath Year \ Closing Of This Age; The Presently Exisiting American Government May Shut Down (Permanently) At That Time To Be Underground In Their "Permanent Illuminated Masonry Chambers"}; Israel Is Forced To War Against Iran And The Surrounding Nations Revelation 11:2 Christianity In China Is Now In Tribulation \ Great Tribulation Increasingly Persecuting Christians On A large Scale {See Link Below} Now Preparing It's Citizens And Military To Forge Onward In Conquering America; China Also Reacts Against America Because She \ He Is Not Recompensed What Is Owed And Agrees With Also Already Assembled Together Russia To War Against {Bankrupt} America And Take Over \ Occupy Nation{s} And Dominate The World With Their Own New World Order War; America \ Ephraim Is Given Up By The EU; As The "South Satan" Nations \ "Hot Furnace Egypt" "O Babylon" Has Done To Judah And Israel Ezekiel 29:2-9, Hosea 9:13 etc So Will It Be Done Also To "O Ephraim" In Both Blessings And Curses As A Nation And Individual People In Daniel 11:6 "and he who got possession of her." RSV = The Vatican South And North "Scepter Of Egypt" City Of "LUCIFER Satan The Devil" {See "!!Daniel Chapter 11 Revealed In Part!!" Report In "Messages From The Way"} Daniel 11:36-40 etc Is Right At The Door!


China Preparing Military For Oversea Invasion Of Christian Countries


"Russia's President Must Stay In Power To Avoid Prosecution The Only Worldly Way Out For Him Is Said To Be War"


Watch Approximately 30 Seconds Of The 17th Minute See Isaiah 45:1-13 And Approximately 30 Seconds Of The 36th Minute See Daniel 11:44

"NWO Beast System Anti – Jewish {JESUS} America The Great Harlot Is Now Playing Both Sides With Sunni And Shia Muslims"



THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals America Is Not In Control They Are Manifesting A Lying Illusion Completely Powered By The Monarch Of Wickedness "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil; Iran Is On Its Way To Getting Nuclear Bombs {The Negotiations Are Found In Ezekiel 16:34-38}; North America's Involvement Is Imagination And Canada's Air Bombing In The Mid East Although Being Used By GOD To Help Israel And Perfectly Time End Time Events Leading To THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST Is Both Blessings And Curses Because The Ultimate Intentions Are Not To Benefit Humanity Rather To Destroy; {Canada And All Other Countries Must Follow NWO Policy Procedure And Protocol In Order To Avoid Terrorist Attacks Food Shortages etc {That Are Going To Happen Anyway In Various Degrees Throughout The World} So We Should Understand How Decisions Are Being Made And Serve \ Minister To The Leaders And Pray We Also Most Importantly As Individuals Finish Off With The Complete Favor Of GOD} Also An Extremely Alarming Sign Of Prophetic Judgment Mainly Because Our Own Land Is Greatly Cursed Through Sinning Against JESUS Due To Removing GOD From Our Midst And The Sword Of GOD Is On \ In The Land "Of Canada" Spiritually Putting A Major Witchcraft Sorcery Spell Of False Security In The Hearts Of Spiritually Cursed Sinful Slothful Popular Money Prosperity Pastors Stealing From The Church Fund Vacation Money "Christianmingle" Christianity Forsaking Their Call To Prophetic Office With GOD To Seek A Spouse Chasing After Every Wind Of Worldly Prosperity For Themselves Forsaking JESUS CHRIST Who Made Them; THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Had me Experience These Things And More; How Can Christianity Reign On Earth In This Age Before THE SECOND COMING OF THE WORD OF GOD When It Is Destroying Itself By Not Following The Path And Laws Of JESUS CHRIST And Divided Against Itself? Christianity Is Not Worthy \ Fit To Reign In This Age. There Is False Accusations Hatred From The Demonic Realm Manifesting Out Of The House "Of" JESUS CHRIST Hosea 9:8-9 What Is The Priorities For Christianity Right Now?" See Jeremiah 4:22 {See ""Burning Coals" \ Important End Time Message For The "Church" Revealed Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST" Report In "Messages From The way"} NWO Mandated Canada Is In A State Of Complete Stupor \ Emergency And Many Of "The Elect" In Canada No Nothing About It Jeremiah 6:1 Two South Strongly Blessed Western Countries Are Engaged In A War That Will Back Fire Against Us; "Great Harlot Cursing The Nations "Holy – Wood" Mandated North American Government Is Raising Up "The Beast" Now Playing Both Side's With Persia \ Iran Creating A Deceitful Sick Minded Illusion Deceiving The Whole World In Revelation Chapter 18 "Egypt" And "Tyre" \ "O" Babylon Will Be Extremely Soon Engaged In WW3 Revelation 9:13-16 And Then Nuclear Armageddon War Revelation 16:13-15 The Yoke Of North America Is Being Completely Removed From The Heathen Nations Also Because Of Its Prostitution Against GOD; Read In Hosea "Ephraim" Is North America etc And WW3 Will Eventually Break Out; The Word "Security" And "Peace" Handed Down By World Elect Is A Code Word \ Song Of South And North "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil; It Spiritually Mean's "Destroy Our Enemy Israel"; ">" "Wipe Israel Off The Face Of The Earth" Daniel 11:28, Ezekiel 21:26 See "Israel Set – Up To Fall And Not Rise Again / All Nations Being Judged In "The Valley Of Jehoshaphat" Report In "Bible News"

….America Must Feel For GOD Beyond Its Patriotic Boarders In Order To Please GOD To Extend The Real Love Of JESUS CHRIST Throughout The World In Meekness And Humility More Than Any Other Nation In The Entire Universe Luke 12:48 Asking Forgiveness For All Wicked Influences Come Out Of Him \ Her Having Afflicted The Entire World Through Its Protocols Invoking Prostitution Pride Arrogance Sexual Immorality And Exaltation Of Self etc; GOD IS Avenging "The Quarrel Of HIS Covenants" Leviticus 26:25, Ephesians 2:15-16….


No One Will Win WW3 \ War Of Armageddon 2 Peter 3:10-14, 17-18 The Only Reason Why GOD IS Calling Out The Gentiles / Heathen To Begin WW3 Is Because GOD IS Closing This Age Right Now {"The Ends Of The Earth" Closing Of This Age Victory Is Not Physical Rather Spiritual Zechariah 12:7 Tents = Spiritual Also See Acts 14:22, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, Revelation 11:7-12, Revelation 20:5-6 In Amos 9:15 = The 1 44 000} To The Battle Of Armageddon That No One Will Win Physically Rather The Victory Is Won Spiritually In THE LORD GOD THE GOD Of The Holy Bible THE GOD Of Israel JESUS CHRIST YESHUA MESSIAH; The Only Salvation And Positioning For Rewards Remaining To Do Will Be Done With The Sword Whether The Children Of Israel Will Cry Out To \ Witness For JESUS Or Not; War Is Decreed Either Way; GOD HIMSELF Will Decide Who Is To Strike First While Most Of The World Is Still Slumbering At Rest And Is Caught Off Guard Zechariah 1:11-15 The 666 4th Dimension Demon Possessed Heathen Are In The Same State They Were In At The Time They Engaged In The Final War With The Angels In Heaven Genesis 3:1, Genesis 4:4-8 In Revelation 12:7 The Angels Of THE LORD Were Not At Peace With Them Rather Waiting For THE LORD TO ACT \ Give Instruction; When "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Is Exposed Outright And Runs Out Of Options It Jumps Up And Down Violently Raging To Physical War Through Its Strength Of Arms; Preaching The Reality Of The Gospel Light Of THE GOD Of Israel JESUS CHRIST Will Draw The Darkness In A Corner Where It Lashes Out; The Time Is Now Almost Expired For Israel To Also Firmly Stand Up And Be Built Up Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS In Overcoming The Enemy That May Also Have Ears To Hear Through Love Righteousness And Justice With Faith Hope And Love With The Greater Of These Being Love {See ""Burning Coals" \ Important End Time Message For The "Church" Revealed Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST" Report In "Messages From The Way"} Hear O House Of Israel THE GOD Of Armies Has Purposed; You Shall Be Gathered Out From The Fields And Persecuted In The Cities And There You Will Seek For Your GOD John 21:18-19, Micah 4:10, Amos 3:14 etc


"The Fullness Of The Gentiles"

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals GOD IS Creating Righteousness In The Gentiles Including "The Sword Of GOD" By Them Striving \ Competing To Be More Holy In Their Worship To God Than Israel In Order To Be More Holy \ Conquer Israel And The World Also In This Age Through Strict Discipline Even To The Murdering Lying God They Unknowingly Serve Ezekiel 16:27 The Assyrian Gentiles Have Stirred Israel To Jealousy Also Causing Israel To Worship And Rely On GOD More Intensely Even More So Now Due To The Rising World Approval That Is Blessing The Heathen {Gentiles Now Spiritually Following JESUS Are No Longer "Gentiles" Rather "Israel" Romans 2:29, Romans 11:17, 24-25, Hebrews 12:22-25, 1 Peter 4:3-4 etc i Include This Because Recently i Visited A Bible Study Where One Of The Church Members Said They Are Gentiles} GOD IS Using The Creation Against Itself To Bring All Into Deeper Worship = "The Ends Of The Earth" For All Nations Isaiah 47:15, Jeremiah 9:7 Being Called Israel Does Not Mean One Speaks Hebrew Language And Eats Hebrew Food Rather "Israel" Is A Code Word For "One Nation Under GOD" Galatians 3:27-29

Also See; Both Sides Praying To The Same GOD etc


Sunni Muslims And Shia Muslims Will Join Together In Temporary Peace To Gain Strength And Trample Over "Jerusalem" Then Each Other

Romans 3:29-27 KJV

"Is he the God of the Jews only? is he not also of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also:"

The Hadith Is For Both Sunni And Shia Muslims And The Presence Of Shia Muslims Crossing Into Neighboring Lands Will Soon Unite The Two Nations Together For A Short Period Of Time To War Against All Israel Revelation 16:13 "Egypt" "South" Satan Is Continuing To Be Slowly Conditioned To Join With "Tyre" "North" Satan To Trample Underfoot Israel That Is Also Why GOD SAYS "Do Not Go Into "Egypt" Jeremiah 42:18-19, Jeremiah 44:7-14, 16, 26 See Isaiah 30:1-3, 1 Timothy 4:2 Whatever Is Of "Egypt" \ This World In The Children Of "Israel" Will Be Burned Away With SPIRITUAL FIRE Jeremiah 42:10-17 Also See "How To Preach The Doctrine Of Hell" Report In "Audio" {Updated With More Verses} And "Who Is JESUS THE CHRIST Spiritual Biblical Proof" Report In "Video"

Romans 8:6-7 NKJV

"For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace."

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