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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 11:44
Prophecy Update \ End Times What To Expect \ Understanding The Last Week Of Daniel 9:27 (We are here!)
!The Western Hemisphere Is Presently In The 1290 Days Of Daniel 12:11!

W    A    R    N    I    N    G

We Have Been In Spiritual Tribulation Since Adam

JESUS CHRIST Was Crucified Beginning The 3rd Hour Of The Day Mark 15:25 Up To The 6th Hour Of The Day (First Half) Luke 23:44 From The 6th Hour {12pm} To The 9th Hour Darkness Covered The Entire Earth Also See Daniel 8:13-14.

Prophecy Revealed; Understanding The "Last Week" Of Daniel 9:27

First Half Of The "Invisible / Hidden To The World" 7 Years Of Daniel 9:27 Spiritually False "Peace" Agreement Made With "Many People" / 666 Spirit In Men Throughout The World Will Be The Final Completion Of Great Spiritual Tribulation / Physical (Eventual Loss Of Jobs For All The Children Of GOD) Separation From The World For The Children Belonging To GOD 1 Timothy 4:1-5 (Implementation Of Completed Anti - CHRIST Law) This Last 7 Year Time Frame Will Begin With The 1260 Days = Approximately 3.4520 Years Revelation 11:3 {In Sackcloth Before JESUS CHRIST} + 30 Days Then Zechariah 11:8 (Checkpoints) To Begin Great Tribulation Lasting For 1335 Days Or Approximately 3.66 Years Daniel 12:12 Completion Of Separation Of "The Wheat And The Tares" Matthew 13:30 In Times Of (False) Peace Zechariah 1:11, Daniel 8:25 Especially For The Elite / Leaders (That Is Why Mr Obama, Yair Lapid etc Are Now Presently Saying Mr Benjamin Netanyahu Does Not Understand) Also (War Will Continue In Various Places) Completely Attempting To Kill Spiritual And Physical Worship From Man To JESUS CHRIST Daniel 9:27a The Times Beginning "Ends Of The Earth" Tribulation Is Also Found In Daniel 8:13-14 The 2300 Evening And Morning Very Spiritual Lamb Sacrifices Genesis 1:14-18-19, Exodus 29:37-43, 46 Were Offered One For The Day {Prayer \ Offer Incense In The Day Mark 15:25} And One At Night {Prayer \ Offer Incense For The Night Light Luke 23:44} 1 Thessalonians 5:5 etc So The Amount Of Nights Is Also 1150 Nights And The Amount Of Days Is Also 1150 Days = 6.3 Years This Approximately 6.3 Years Time Of Dispensation When "The Daily Sacrifice" Is Swept Away Daniel 8:11-14KJV Will Completely Separate "The Wheat From The Tares" As The "Church" Enters Into Tribulation And Great Tribulation The Approximate 6.3 Years Must Overlap The 1290 Days Daniel 12:11 And The 1335 Days Daniel 12:12 Leading Into THE SECOND COMING OF THE WORD OF GOD; Also The 1260 Days Revelation 11:3 + 30 Days Zechariah 11:8 {See Daniel 7:5} Is The 1260 Days Of 1st Covenant Daniel 12:11 + 30 Days And Also Lead Into The 1335 Days Of Great Tribulation Daniel 12:12 Times Of Dispensations Also Overlap Each Other; Near The Very End Of The 1290 Days Or 3.53 Years Physical Persecution Will Begin In The Western Hemisphere; The 1260 Days In Revelation 12:6 "that they should feed her"KJV Refers To The "Church" Being Fed By Man Outside The 7 Last Years {Election Month Jeremiah 2:24, Daniel 6:7-8 Nov 6 2012 Mr Barack Hussein Obama And May 7 2012 Mr Vladimir Putin Began The Last 7 Years; May The Kings Live Forever} And Then Revelation 11:3 + 30 Days = Approximately 2015.8 - 2016.9 Inside The Last 7 Years Beginning The 1335 Days Of Great Tribulation; The "Church's" Are Unwilling To Testify Outside The Camp Inside The Last 7 Years To JESUS CHRIST See Zechariah 11:8-9, Luke 19:44; The Dispensation Times Of Trial Before The Last 7 Years Begin Lead Into The 1290 Days Of Daniel 12:11 Beginning The Last 7 Years Time Of Tribulation Happening Right Now! And Then Great Tribulation In Revelation 2:10 The Ten Days Are Also The Ten "Ends Of The Earth" Final Years Of Trial For The "Church" Fulfilling Many End Time Bible Prophecies Such As Leviticus 26:26, Ezekiel 22:17-22, Isaiah 57:13, Matthew 25:9 etc These "Ends Of The Earth" Times Of Dispensation Is The Fulfillment Of Great Spiritual And Physical Persecution To The Children Of GOD Throughout The World Happening In The Mid East Right Now! Revelation 11:2Revelation 7:14, Revelation 12:14 See Amos 3:12-15 etc And Immediately After Persecution To The Children Belonging TGOD 1 Peter 4:17 Is The First Fruit Resurrection Revelation 11:11, 15, 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 The Beginning Of The 1290 Days And The 1335 Days Is Found In Matthew 24:9-14, 15-20-22, Mark 13:9-13, 14-18-20, Luke 21:16-19, (20) 21-22-24, Revelation 11:1-2-3; In Revelation 12:13-14-15-17 Is Also The Three Woes And The 1290 Days Before The Tribulation And The 1290 Days Beginning The Tribulation {Extremely Popular Man Invading \ Spiritually Killing With A Microphone \ Ruling Over The "Church's" Still In The Pews Jeremiah 50:6-8} And The 1335 Days Of Great Tribulation; Being Condensed Into Extreme Judgment Also See Revelation 14:7-8-9-11; At The Latter Ends Of 666 When Persecution To The Children Of GOD Is In The Process Of Being Completely Accomplished The 7 Bowls OF THE JUDGMENT OF GOD IS POURED OUT On The Sealed 666 Children Of Satan The Devil; Sounding Of The 7th Trumpet WRATH OF THE LAMB Revelation 6:15-17 Satan And His People Will Be Destroyed \ Crushed Also In Great Tribulation Daniel 2:43-45, Daniel 9:27d, Revelation Chapter 16 In Revelation 11:9-13-14 Is The Three And A Half Days \ Years For The "Church" In Great Tribulation In Revelation 11:3 And Revelation 12:6 KJV And Zechariah 11:8 And Daniel 12:11 Is The Times Of Dispensation For "Church" In Tribulation \ Great Tribulation Also In Different Time Zones Hapenning At The Same Time World Wide See Revelation 14:12-13 And Must Also Overlap Each Other Including Time Of "Space To Repent" Revelation 2:21 In Revelation 11:2 And Revelation 12:14 And Daniel 12:12 Is Great Tribulation Also Including "Space To Repent" Revelation 16:11; The Physical Persecution To The Children Of GOD In The Western Hemisphere Will Begin Approximately During The Middle Part Of The 7 Year False Spiritual "Peace" Agreement Of Daniel 9:27 THE DAY OF THE LORD Destruction Of 666 Lasts For Approximately 1 - 3 Years {See "!!!!The 7 Sevens \ Last Jubilee \ Prophecy Fully Revealed \ SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH!!!!" Report In "Messages From The Way"} When The Bowls Are Poured Out On 666 Revelation 16 In Daniel 12:12 Must Be Teaching Regarding The 144000 See Revelation 12:14 They Are Alive To Witness THE SECOND COMING OF THE LORD And Are Witnessing For 1335 Days Or 3.66 Years In The Great Tribulation And Remain On Earth Also To Witness The First Fruit Resurrection Revelation 11:12-13 Approximately 45 Days Before THE SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH 1290 Days - 1335 Days = 45 Days Before Zechariah 14:4 And The 144000 Will Also Be Glorified On That Same Day 1 Thessalonians 4:17; GOD Requires Us To Be Built Up Ahead Of Time So We Will Be Ready To Withstand Persecution From The Enemy; Transformation From Sin To HOLINESS Takes Years Of Working And Fellowshipping Alongside With GOD Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YESHUA; If You Are Not Letting GOD Chastise \ Discipline You Hebrews 12:5-17!! To SPIRITUAL Perfection While The Land Is Filled With Fat (Milk And Honey) You Will Not Be Ready In Time To Conquer The Persecution Very, Very, Very Soon To Come Because It Comes Like A Thief; Now Is The Time To Prepare Proverbs 24:27!!


We All Need To Be Prepared In Advance Now Because These Events Are Being Fulfilled Inside Each Of Us Right Now And Are Invisible!

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