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!!!!"Four Winds Of Heaven" "Sea Of Glass" "Golden Altar" And "The Four Corners Of The Earth" "Brass Altar" "Of THE GOD Of Israel"!!!!


7 Fold Ministry Understanding;

Jeremiah 49:36 KJV

"And upon Elam will I bring the four winds from the four quarters of heaven, and will scatter them {Acts 8:1} toward all those winds; and there shall be no nation whither the outcasts of Elam shall not come."

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF YAHWEH Reveals Apostle Brother Paul Was A "Bondman" / "Prisoner In Chains" / Bound By GOD JESUS THE CHRIST 2 Thessalonians 2:13, 2 Timothy 1:8 etc {"Bound" As An Adjective Also ='s "Obliged by law, circumstances or duty to do something:" NOAD} Just Like The Fallen Angels Who Persecuted The Saints But Then Were Converted Into CHRIST JESUS There Are Also "Messengers" / Cherubs Being Granted The Assignment Of Being "Bound At The Great River Euphrates" That Also Means The Transgression Of The Assyrian Camp Revelation 9:14 The "Loosed" {"Not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached" NOAD} "Messengers" That Are "Bound" Release The Four Winds / "4 Storm Wake Up Wind Judgments" Of GOD JESUS YAHUAH Carried By The Wings Of The 4 "Cherubs" Revelation 7:2b-3HRB, Revelation 9:15 The Judgments Entering Into Souls Of People Throughout The World Also Resulting In A "Dried Up" / Desert Condition Of The Soil / Soul(s) Revelation 16:12 To Experience Erratic Roused Up Behavior In The Sealed Demonic Spirits Of Satan The Devil In Man {See "The Breath Of Life" And "i Saw An Angel Sent From JESUS THE CHRIST" Reports In "Signs Of The Times" And "Spiritual Signs And Healings" And "Visions"} And Also In Revelation 7:1-2-3-4 The 4 Fold Judgments In The Judgment Altar Of Physical Jerusalem On Earth Are Being Held Back 2 Thessalonians 2:7 To Be Administered And Manifested Fully In "The Ends Of The Earth" Jeremiah 50:24 In Revelation 7:1 And Hosea 7:4KJV, RSV, Revelation 9:4 {News Bulletin: Also Revelation 9:4 Is Happening Right Now etc} Is A Trap Set For Babylon; JESUS CHRIST IS Searching For HIS Elect Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17 To Reach Maturity Joel 3:7 And Then The Judgment Winds Are Fully Released Revelation 9:13-14 Happening Right Now! And Then Revelation 16:12-14 And 15! Also At The Same Time Administering HOLY FIRE Baptism And Increasing THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YAHUAH HAMASSIAH Blessings To The Saints In Hosea 8:7-8 1st Physical Covenant Israel / And 2nd Spiritual Covenant "O" Israel Are Now Completely Encompassed With Siege Works All Around; More And More They Sow Of The World Resulting In Being Persecuted By The Whirlwinds / 4 Winds Of Judgment From The Heavenly Brass Altar 4 Corners Of The Earth Ezekiel 10:2 "the city "Jerusalem" Also = The Entire World Ezekiel 14:21, Jeremiah 2:2, Jeremiah 6:6-8 The Day Is So Far Spent / Church So Badly Defeated "The Leopard" Can No Longer Stand In It's Authority Ezekiel 22:18-20-22-24-25 The Tiny Flicker Of Light Inside The Soul Is Surrounded By Darkness \ Scorched By The East Desert Wind Hosea 13:15, Hosea 8:5, Matthew 5:45-48 The Release Of The Four Winds Generated Also From The Wings Of The Four "Seraphim" That Minister In "Man" At The Golden Altar And "The Sea Of Glass" In The Throne Room In Heaven Along With "THE BREATH Of Life" "HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YAHUSHUA" IS "THE FACE OF YAHWEH" Isaiah 6:1-2-3-4-5-6 And 7-8, Revelation 4:6-7-8 And 9-11 ISR, HRV The Lion; Ox; Man And Eagle Is The Set Apart Deity Of JESUS THE CHRIST The "Seraphim" At Ceremony In The Throne Room Are Also The 4 O So Soothing Heavenly Winds Ezekiel 37:9-10 Administering At "The Golden Altar" And "The Sea Of Glass" {"Sea Of Glass" Also ='s Place Of Captivity Jeremiah 24:5-7, Jeremiah 28:6-10, Jeremiah 29:11-14, Romans 8:23, Philemon 1:1 etc And Nuclear War Isaiah 24:6, Jeremiah 5:14, Revelation 11:5} Proceeding Out From THE Physical Tabernacle In "Zion" City Of GOD JESUS YAHUAH In Heaven Revelation 4:6 {"There Is As It Was" Also RSV, NGEINT, ESV = At Adam Before Sin Entered In Genesis 1:31 Also GOD JESUS ALEPH AND TAV {North And South Male And Female} Revelation 22:13, Hebrews 13:8-9} One "Seraphim" Administering To Each Corner / Horn Of The Golden Incense Prayer Altar {In Man} Also Before "The Sea Of Glass Crystal Witness" Exodus 40:5 Before / Of THE GOD Of Israel In Ezekiel 43:8-9 Is The Earthly Tabernacle Altar Compared To The Heavenly Tabernacle Exodus 25:8-9 Both Altars Used By FATHER GOD JESUS YAHUAH To Purge All Abominations Out Of Heaven And Earth 1 Kings 13:1-3 And The "Wall" Is "The Sea Of Glass" Amos 5:18-19 The "Wall" Also ='s Earthly Universal Religion Matthew 28:11-15, 1 Kings 9:6-9, Ezekiel 13:8-12, Lamentations 2:7 Also Matthew 10:36 We Must Perform / Execute All The Laws James 1:27 Of JESUS THE CHRIST YAHUAH HAMASSIAH In "The Four Corners Of The Earth Brass Altar Winds Of Babylon" Ezekiel 8:7-12 JESUS IS Separating HIS Elect Genesis 1:4, Isaiah 37:16-17 KJV, ISR, HBR, TBOY {See "The Mercy !Seat!" Report In "Messages From The way"} "Out Of The Four Corners Of The Earth Judgment Altar" John 6:44 Before "The Eyes Of GOD" In Order For us To Enter Through "The Sea Of Glass Witness DOOR" Luke 13:25, 29 And In Exodus 29:42-44-46 IS THE VOICE OF GOD THE FATHER From "The Four Winds Of Heaven" And Also In The Midst Of The Outside Physical Animal Sacrifice Brazen Altar Revelation 1:15, Ezekiel 10:5HRB Translation "over the outer court" {Amos 9:1KJV etc} THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS IS In Both Places Proverbs 15:3, Revelation 3:20-21}} That Is Inside The Throne Room Before THE TEMPLE HIMSELF Also In The Midst Of The Golden Altar Ezekiel 10:4HRB Thereof Is ALSO THE VOICE OF ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD Revelation 6:6, Revelation 9:13 These / Those WORDS Are Heard And Understood And Completely Performed By The Elect Only 1 Peter 1:7-8 GOD JESUS YAHUAH HOLY SPIRIT IN HEAVEN IS IN Our Midst John 16:7-14, Acts 17:27-28 "The Four Winds Of Heaven" LAMB HOLY SPIRIT Revelation 8:1-5 In Verse 5 = The Awakened Elect Ministers In Verse 3 = Prayers Out Of The Brass Altar Ezekiel 10:2HRB Now Being Offered With The Prayers Of The Saints Revelation 11:15-16 Also Ministering In The Throne Room By "The Sea Of Glass" And THE BREATH Of LIFE Also In "The Four Corners Of The Earth" Brass Altar Outside The Door Convicting Revelation 11:2 The Entire Earth Daniel 7:2-3, Revelation 6:1-5 Also Redeeming HIS First Fruits Children With Blessing Glory Honour Power Revelation 5:6-8-13-14 Through THE LAMB HOLY SPIRIT 1 Peter 4:12-13 In Ezekiel 1:10 Must Be Teaching Regarding The 4 Cherubs That Minister At The Brass Judgment Altar In The Outer Court Exodus 40:6, Ezekiel 40:6 Outside Court Of THE TEMPLE / JESUS In Heavenly Jerusalem Jeremiah 49:36, Acts 10:11, Revelation 7:1 And 3, < Daniel 7:2-3 >, < Daniel 8:8 >, < Daniel 11:4 >, < Zechariah 2:6-7 >, Mark 13:27 {HE WILL Assemble HIS First Fruits Elect By BREATHING THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS In Them Isaiah 11:12 ISR, HS Also The "Scattered" Or "Dispersed" Of Judah From / Belonging To "The Four Winds Of Heaven"}, Matthew 24:31 Symbolizing What We Have Become And Corresponding With "The Golden Altar Of Sweet Incense / Prayers Jeremiah 9:1-2 From The Saints" Only Psalm 141:1-2, Luke 1:11-12, Leviticus 4:4-7, 18-19, 26 {Verse 18 Correct Translation Found In TBOY, HRV, HRB, HS, JM, RSV, KJV, Peshitta etc The Blood / Soul At The Bottom Of The Burnt Animal Brass Altar Outside "The Holy Place" Symbolizes The Ministry We Are To Perform Isaiah 50:4-7, Isaiah 51:22-23, Jeremiah 15:10-11 etc} {Verse 4 "The Head Of The Bull" Is Satan The Devil And "Fat" Also = "Condition Of The Animal" / "Spiritual Highway Prayer" "Give The Glory To GOD" A ""Rich" Ascending Offering" etc} {Also Intercessory Prayers From The Saints Revelation 8:2-5 Received In This Present Spiritual BLOOD Covenant Age}, Matthew 23:19b-22 And "The Sea Of Glass" {Portal {The Bible; Prayer; Meditation In THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YAHUAH} Doorway} Psalm 102:19-21, Lamentations 3:50, Ezekiel 1:1 Before THE ALMIGHTY LORD GOD JESUS And The Most Robust {Except JESUS HIMSELF} Heavenly "Brass Storm Winds Altar" Exodus 39:39-40 And The Earthly Slaughter Altar Made Of Brass In The 1st Physical Covenant Age {Brass = "Bold And Without Shame, Harsh" NOAD etc} In Physical Earthly Jerusalem From Where The 4 Winds Of Judgment Afflict The Entire World Ezekiel 14:21, John 6:18 {Winds Of Prosperity, Sodomy, Hatred Proverbs 6:16-19 etc}, 1 Kings 13:1-3 "Josiah" Is Also Prophesying Some Eventual Acts Led Of JESUS THE CHRIST YAHUAH HAMASSIAH 2 Kings 23:15-18 {Ezekiel 23:38, Ezekiel 24:21} Also 1 Kings 13:1-3 And Daniel 11:41, Luke 21:24 etc JESUS YAHUSHUA WHO Gives "THE BREATH OF LIFE" And Then "THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE LAMB" Richly Enters Into The Souls Of HIS Humble Perfected Chosen Elect Isaiah 42:5, Isaiah 49:5-6, Revelation 3:8-9, 20-21 To Increase Their Wisdom / Spiritual Warfare Power Also To Protect Them Revelation 12:1, Revelation 15:2 From The Dark Black Destroying Winds Of Judgment From The Universe In Humanity 2 Corinthians 4:6 In The Brass Altar Of THE GOD Of Israel Ezekiel 1:7 And 13 ISR, KJV, HRB, HRV, TBOY AT THE FEET OF JESUS THE CHRIST Ezekiel 1:22, 26 etc THE BREATH OF JESUS THE CHRIST Spoken Through HIS Children Malachi 2:6-7 Is Then Carried From The Wings Of The Cherubs Ministering At The Heavenly Brass Altar Ezekiel 1:24-25 And In Ezekiel 1:20 Cherubs Are Also Ministering With A Spirit Of Judgment At "The Four Corners Of The Earth" Judgment Altar In Physical "Jerusalem" Also "Raising Up To One Side" The North {Assyrian / Chaldean Demonic Mainly North Spirits Of Darkness And light} And Stirring Up The South Ezekiel 23:18-23 {Demonic Mainly South Spirits Of Darkness And Light} Jeremiah 4:10-12 And Convicting Job 6:26, Job 8:1-2 End Of The Age Demonic Spirits In The Souls Of All Unprotected People Throughout The Entire World {Also Through The Rejection Of JESUS THE CHRIST After Receiving Supernatural Healing} Causing The 666 World Wide Population Condition To Worsen / Be Roused Up In The Spirits Of "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Who Is Programmed To Destroy / Murder All CHRIST Believers Happening Right Now Directly And Indirectly In Revelation 14:1-5 Verse 3 RSV, ISR, HRB etc The Humbled Daniel 11:35, Proverbs 7:5 First Fruit Children Belonging To THE GOD Of Israel Have Already Defeated Their Enemies Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD JESUS THE CHRIST YAHOAH HAMASSIAH Romans 8:37 Also In 2 Corinthians 4:6 The Cherubs At The Feet Of JESUS Also Revelation 2:13 The Alien 4th Dimensional Heavenly Beings Including GOD JESUS THE CHRIST WHO BRILLIANTLY GLOW'S; All Other Beings Were / Is Below JESUS THE CHRIST WHO IS HUMBLE IN POWER And The Alien Heavenly Beings Sometimes Appear Also Visible And Gleaming Like Fire In The Night Exodus 13:21-22 At The Same Time Because They Are Living In The Present And In The Future Ezekiel 1:7, 27, Ezekiel 8:2, Ezekiel 24:10-11, Isaiah 4:5, Revelation 1:15 TNIV Jeremiah 29:11 KJV etc

Ezekiel 22:21 KJV

"Yea, I will gather you, and blow upon you in the fire of my wrath, and ye shall be melted in the midst thereof."

Isaiah 41:16; See "The Breath Of Life" Report In "Signs Of The Times" And "Spiritual Signs And Healings"

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF YAHWEH Reveals Also In Romans 7:8-9-10-11 THE FIRE OF HIS WRATH Is Sin Inside The Soul When Brother Paul Received THE HOLY SPIRIT / BREATH John 20:22 JESUS THE CHRIST Breathed THE HOLY SPIRIT In Paul And The Sins Inside His Soul Was Roused Up In Him When The Breath / HOLY SPIRIT Was Blown In Him Psalms 147:18-19-20 His Heart Was Able To See Romans 7:9-11-12 And 13-15 And 16-25, Acts 9:18-19 The Sin Of The "4 Corners Of The Earth" In Him Matthew 6:30-33, Proverbs 17:3 And He Died To The Cross / "BREATH OF LIFE" / "WORD" OF CHRIST JESUS THE LORD In Him Mark 8:31, John 16:1-3 In Ezekiel 22:21 "The Fire Of MY WRATH" Is The Four Fold Judgment In Ezekiel 14:21 = "Generation Of HIS WRATH" Matthew 12:43-45, Luke 17:25 That Is Why Preaching The Gospel Is So Important When The Breath Of Life Goes Into The People {See "The Breath Of Life" Report In "Signs Of The Times" And "Spiritual Signs And Healings"} Through The Ministers Of JESUS THE CHRIST John 16:13-14-15 People Either Receive And Become Increasingly Healed Or They Reject THE HOLY SPIRIT And Become Increasingly Worse Zechariah 5:9 All People Become Sealed In Their Mingled Ways And Increase In Growth Therewith To The Ends Of The Earth; Speedily Happening Right Now With "Space To Repent" Revelation 2:21 KJV


THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Just Revealed In Revelation 7:1 GOD WILL Not Allow Demons To Hold Back The 4 Winds Of Judgment Isaiah 50:11, 2 Timothy 3:13 {See Excerpts From "Four Corners Of The Earth" Report In "Messages From The Way"}

.......The four fold judgments inside the brass altar are stirred up by the four winds of heaven and out of them rises these four Kingdoms / end time dominant religions / iniquities, GOD'S Four Judgments Ezekiel 14:21 (We Are Here).......

......."The four winds of the earth" \ 4 Head Demons Not Yet Released {= Judgment Winds Out Of The Slaughter Altar In Physical Earthly "Old City Of Jerusalem"} are held back Revelation 7:1-4 so GOD’S Children can be “Sealed” Isaiah 18:5 See 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7-8 we are (Past The Start Of This) here! {See "!!!!"Four Winds Of Heaven" "Sea Of Glass" "Golden Altar" And "The Four Corners Of The Earth" "Brass Altar" "Of THE GOD Of Israel"!!!!" Report In "Messages From The Way"}.......

The Four Winds Of Heaven

{Original Report Revised}

In The Higher Administrative Government OF GOD JESUS THE CHRIST The "Four Corners Of The Earth" Is Also The Four Cherubs Before The Burnt Animal Sacrifice Altar In Physical Jerusalem Genesis 3:24 etc One For Each Corner Ezekiel 45:19 a And b The Four Cherubs Move Their Wings "Stoking The Fire" 2 Samuel 22:10-11, Psalms 18:9-13, Psalm 104:3-4, Hosea 4:18-19, Revelation 12:1 And Then Removed Revelation 7:1a HRB, Revelation 9:15 Cherubs Are Removed And 4 Head Demons \ All Winds In The Brazen Altar Released \ Assembled \ Organized Revelation 7:1, 3 And Also In Revelation 9:13-14 The Elect John 3:8 Of The Tabernacle In Heaven OF JESUS THE CHRIST Combined In Likeness With "The Four Winds Of Heaven" Genesis 2:10 {Four Dimensional DEITY OF JESUS THE CHRIST That IS THE FACE OF YAHWEH 1 Kings 13:6 {Four Winds} KJV, HRB, ISR, HS, Also 2 Kings 9:2 etc Convicting The Entire World}} Of "The Golden Altar" Revelation 7:2-3, Revelation 9:13 And 14 All Of Both 4 Winds Resources Combined Exodus 39:38-39ab, 2 Corinthians 4:6, Leviticus 16:12-13ISR {See Revelation 15:8} Being Administered Through The "Sweet Offering" Prayers Of The Saints In "The Golden Altar" To YAHWEH Then Opening "THE DOOR Of Opportunity" For Every Soul In Earth Now Being Administered To By / By THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YAHUSHUA To Men / Men / Trees Including "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil Genesis 2:16-17 And Chapter 3:3 And His Demon(s) Possessed Souls Of Men Causing Erratic Chaotic Behavior Revelation 12:17 THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS YAHUAH IS Increasingly Granting me To See The Entire Process Being Completed In Humanity In Revelation 9:14-15 The Cherubs Bound At The Great River Euphrates {Also At The NE Corner "Assyrian River" In The Brass Judgment Altar Centre Of The Earth In Physical Jerusalem 1 Kings 13:5, Amos 3:14ISR = "Soaked In Sin" Cut Down Fallen Horns Of The Brazen Slaughter Altar Revelation 9:13-16, Revelation 16:12-16} Are Also "Ministering" To War Angels That Had Fallen With Satan And Surrendered To JESUS THE CHRIST Also In The Process Of Being Restored {See "The Breath Of Life" And "i Saw An Angel Sent From JESUS THE CHRIST" Reports In "Signs Of The Times" And "Visions" And "Miracle Signs And Healings"} Just Like The Angels Of The End Time Churches Of Revelations Chapters 2 And 3, Revelation 1:20, Revelation 2:1-4 Who Surrendered Genesis 21:13, Genesis 22:9 To JESUS THE CHRIST Before Satan The Cherub Of The Abyss Attacked The Angels Belonging To THE GOD Of Israel And Was Cast Out Of Heaven Revelation 12:7-9, 12 Onto The Earth And Now Also Into The Earth Revelation 9:1-2 These Are War Demons That Are Completely Persecuting Christians Today; Being Sealed In Satan The Devil Jude 6, 10-12 etc The Cherubs That Are "Bound" At "The Great River Euphrates" Allow The Release Of "Locusts" On The Earth 2 Corinthians 6:14-15-16-17 Verse 14 = Partnership RSV {{Also Job 1:6-8 = BC {GOD Associated With "LUCIFER" Satan The Devilish Cherub 1 Kings 22:20-23} And John 16:11 = AD {GOD Does Not Associate With "LUCIFER" Satan The Deviled Cherub And His Sealed Demons Anymore Matthew 4:10 And John 19:30 And No Longer Permits Them To Speak Mark 1:24-25-26, 34 "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil And It's Demons Is A Rebuke Matthew 17:18, Acts 16:18 See "!!Daniel Chapter 11 Revealed In Part!!" Report In "Messages From The Way"}}}, Revelation 12:7-9 etc And The Angels Guard HIS Set Apart Ones Matthew 24:31, Zechariah 13:8-9, Mark 13:27 At The Right Time After THE PROTECTION OF GOD JESUS THE CHRIST HIMSELF IS Slowly / Quickly And Then Entirely Removed From The Not Perfected Creation On Earth Daniel 12:7, 2 Thessalonians 2:7 The Cherubs Release The Four Dimensional Winds Of Judgment From The Brazen Horns Of The Altar Effecting / Afflicting The Souls Of Approximately 99% Of All People At Various Times Zones And Places In The Soul And Ultimately Throughout The Entire World Zechariah 6:1-5, 8, 15 {Restored Children Of JESUS CHRIST YESHUA MESSIAH Belonging To "The Four Winds" Of "The Golden Altar"} And Revelation 9:4 {Four Horses "Multitudes Of People Judgment" Of Revelation 6:1-8 See " Four Corners Of The Earth " Report In "Messages From The way"}, Revelation 9:13 KJV, RSV etc This Completes The "Sealing" Up For The Elect Of "The Golden Altar" KJV, RSV etc And Also Opens The Flood Gates Of Complete Chaos Found In The Brazen Judgment Altar Revelation 9:14 Also From The 1st Covenant Age Stored Up In Heaven That Is Outside The Door Of THE TEMPLE And Then Poured On / Into The Earth In Full Strength Revelation 14:9-11, Revelation 16:1, 7 In Revelation 8:3-5 Is Power Given To The Saints To Prophesy Again Revelation 10:11 To The Imminent SECOND COMING OF GOD JESUS YAHUAH Exodus 40:26-27 {In Numbers 4:11 Is Also The Veiled Ministry Before The First Coming Of THE MESSIAH 2 Corinthians 3:14-16, Hebrews 8:3-6 etc}

Revelation 7:1 KJV

"And after these things I saw four angels {Cherubs} standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree."

Once Again In Revelation 9:15 The Four "Cherubim" At The Great River Euphrates Themselves Do Not Slaughter The People Rather It Is War Demons Inside People That Is Already Being Let Loose And Allowed To Slaughter The Inhabitants On Earth In The Mid East etc Genesis 2:3 CJB, Mark 4:28, Zechariah 11:9, 2 Timothy 3:13, Isaiah 3:9, Hosea 9:10d, Romans 2:14-15, Isaiah 10:5-6 etc THE GOD Of Israel Wants The Creation To Produce On Our Own As A Witness And Then The Blowing Of The 7th Trumpet Will Begin A Completely 666 Sealed Overspreading Of The Slaughter Throughout The Entire World To The War Of Armageddon Daniel 9:27c {See "7 Trumpet Sequence And "The Three Woes"; New Increased Understanding" Report In "Messages From The way"} The Persecution Gets Worse As The Protecting Hedge OF GOD JESUS THE CHRIST IS BEING Increasingly Removed "In Different Time Zones" Because Of Increased Lawlessness And The Lack Of Growth {Making Covenant With Foreign God's / Religions} In The "Children" Of JESUS THE CHRIST YAHUAH HAMASSIAH John 9:4 The Light Dawns And The Night Time Begins Romans 13:11-12, Mark 6:35, Isaiah 38:12-13

HEAVENLY FATHER LORD JESUS CHRIST i Repent; BREATH YOUR WORDS OF LIFE From The Four Winds Of Heaven In me And Allow Me To Conform To YOUR Universal Laws And Measures; Please Intercept my Prayer And Let Me Offer Sweet Incense Upon YOUR Golden Altar; Grant me Words To Utter So i May Please YOU; Let me Enter Into YOUR Rest And Find Peace; Grant me To Experience YOUR SACRED HOLY TEMPLE In me; Make me Complete And Ready To Stand Before YOU; i Repent Of Every Sin Against YOU i Have Ever Committed And Humbly Ask YOU For Protection Against Myself And Against The Deceitful Lies Of The Enemy Prince Of The Air Waves "LUCIFER" Satan The Devil; Please Accept my Complete Surrender; i Audibly Beg YOU To Heal me With YOUR HOLY FIRE So i Can Conform To YOUR Good Pleasure In me; i Pray To Remain Focused In YOUR Unsearchable Ways; Enrich me In YOUR Complete Fullness Of THE LOVE OF JESUS THE CHRIST YAHUAH HAMASSIAH; Fill me With The Abundant Life That Proceeds Forth From YOUR Glorious Throne; i Ask For YOU To Break Whatever Is Left In me And Finish YOUR Reshaping In me To THE GLORY OF WHO YOU ARE; Amen

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