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Three Woes / "Altar Of Samaria" / Generation Of HIS WRATH

Ezekiel 5:1-4 HRB

1 And you, son of man, take to yourself a sharp sword, the razor of a barber. Take it to yourself and make it pass over your head and over your beard. And take to yourself scales to weigh, and to divide them out.

2 You shall burn a third part in the fire, in the midst of the city, when the days of the siege are fulfilled. And you shall take the third part and beat with a sword all around it. And you shall scatter the third part into the wind, and I will draw out a sword after them.

3 Also you shall take from there a few in number and bind them in your skirts.

4 And take from them again, and throw them into the middle of the fire and burn them in the fire. From it shall come forth a fire into all the house of Israel.

5 So says Adonai YAHWEH: This is Jerusalem. I have set her in the midst of the nations, and all around her are the lands.

6 And she has changed My judgments for wickedness more than the nations, and defiled My Torah more than the lands that are all around her. For they have rejected My judgments and My Torah; they have not walked in them.

THE HOLY SPIRT OF JESUS Reveals The Ministry Of Ezekiel Mentioned Above Began In Ezekiel 24:15-24 {Deuteronomy 11:26-28, Deuteronomy 28:44-45, Revelation 2:9 HE WILL Defile HIS Sanctuary Ezekiel 24:21} In The Verses Above Ezekiel 5:1c "take to yourself scales to weigh" Is "the weightier matters of the law" Matthew 23:23 The Judgment In Ezekiel 5:2 Includes All The Inhabitants Of The Earth Isaiah 29:1-8, Zephaniah 1:3, Zephaniah 2:11-12, Zephaniah 3:1, 8, Zechariah 13:8-9 In Ezekiel 5:1-6 Verse 1 The Hair Represents People Isaiah 40:7, Revelation 9:4 {Baldness Also Symbolizes A Humble New Beginning In Relationship With THE ELOHIM Of Israel JESUS CHRIST Numbers 6:2 And 5 And 9-11 Similarly The Elect Are Spiritually Shaving Their Own Heads Numbers 6:9 Baldness Is Also A Physical Symbol Of A New Humbled Beginning With JESUS CHRIST THE GOD Of Isreal Numbers 6:12 Also Nakedness And Mourning Numbers 6:18, Isaiah 3:17-24-26, Micah 1:15-16 < "Mareshah" = "Head Place" Or "Place At The Top" (Strong's Concordance Item # 4762 And Holman Bible Dictionary) And "Adullam" = "Safety And Refuge" (Strong's Concordance Item # 5725 And Holman Bible Dictionary) Were Cities Built Up By King Rehoboam In Order To Defend Judah 2 Chronicles 11:5-12 These Cities Were Designated By Joshua Through THE HOLY SPIRIT To The People Of Caleb / Judah Joshua 15:13 And 35 And 44 The Cities Built To Defend Against King Jeroboam Of Israel And Other Nations Was / Is Being Visited By THE HOLY SPIRIT GOD Of Isreal = The Glory Of Israel In Micah 1:16 The Baldness Like An Eagle (Eagle Also = Higher Spiritual Power Hosea 8:1 KJV, RV, HRB, Peshitta And "Vulture" CJB, RSV, HRV, ESV Is Also Spiritually True; See Luke 17:37 etc) Represents Being As He - Goats Before The Flock" Jeremiah 50:8 (See Wikipedia; Google "he goat" Subheading "Behavior") Also Isaiah 7:20 Baldness = Shame And Confusion Jeremiah 3:24-25 Because Of All The Accumulated Sins Of Israel That Have Gone Into The Nations Jeremiah 2:33, Micah 1:2-5 And 6-9 The Sins In The Altar That Was In Samaria Is The Same Altar In Present Day America "Modern" City Of Jerusalem Containing All The Spiritual Sins Of Israel Condensed And Inflicting The Entire World Population Of This Last Generation Isaiah 40:2, Jeremiah 16:18, Hosea 10:10-11 So In Micah 1:16 THE GOD Of Israel IS SAYING Make Yourself Bald If You Share In Part And Also Responsible For The People Who Are In These Transgressions; Bald And Increased In Strength Through THE HOLY SPIRIT For Both Covenants; All The House Of Israel In Mourning For The Surrounding Nations That Are On The Broad Road Of Captivity = Grave = Exile / Different Places In Hell Isaiah 26:17-20 etc} The Balanced Scale Is The Weightier Matter Of The Torah OF ADONAI ELOHIM Matthew 23:23 Once Again In Micah 1:2 The Ministers Of JESUS CHRIST Convicting The Whole World Acts 17:6 As They Are Now Being Perfected Through The Program Of THE VINE JESUS THE CHRIST Romans 11:1-36 From THE VINE / Altar OF ADONAI ELOHIM TZVAOT Revelation 8:3-5 Proceeds Righteous Judgments For All Humanity And Angelic / Demonic Spirits; All Beings On The Earth And Throughout The Entire Creation Ephesians 1:10, Philippians 2:10, Colossians 1:16-20; In The Present Times We Live In Today THE HOLY SPIRIT Judgments Are Being Executed Right Now We Are At The End Of Sorrows Matthew 24:32-33 Gathering Of The Elect; Summer Basket Of Fruits / Ripened Fruit = Harvest = Ends Of The Earth Amos 8:1-5 "Cast The Dead Bodies Out In Silence" {This Is What The Latest Major Event Of The Newly Elect Papacy "King Of The South" !!Of The Jesuit Black Pope Order!! Is Finally Achieving Through Satanic Spiritual Curses / "Birds Of The Air" And "Beasts Of The Field" World Wide Brainwashing Unification etc {See "THE SEVEN YEARS HAVE BEGUN" Report In "Messages From The Way" Perfect Timing Is From THE ELOHIM Of Israel} JESUS HOLY SPIRIT Also Revealed To me HIS 4 Judgments Of Pestilence, Famine, Sword And Both "Wild Light Demonic Beastly Birds Of The Air Spiritual Death Curses" Including False Bible Teaching And Prayer Curses And Black Demonic Wild Spiritual And Physical "Beasts Of The Night And Day Aggressive Hateful Stealing Bloodthirsty Spiritual Curses And Acts Of Physical Murder" This Is The Criteria For Judgment Ezekiel 14:21 The "Four Sore Acts Of Judgment" RSV OF GOD THE SON JESUS CHRIST Determining The Type Of Physical Death And Also Judgments For The Soul Numbers 15:38-41, Hosea 7:1-2, Micah 1:5-6-7 Awaiting The Individual After Physical Death "Samaria" = Spiritual Sins At The Altar {All Transgressions Of Israel; Altar = Heart} And "Jerusalem" Also = Disobeying The Laws Proceeding Out From ZION / FROM THE GREAT I AM To HIS Priests In The Temple At Jerusalem Turning Away And Teaching The Surrounding People In Judea Precepts / Laws Of Man Isaiah 29:13-16, Jeremiah 5:1-2, Mark 7:7-8 The Judgments Are Also Being Executed Right Now At The Same Time ELOHIM JESUS Already Has Most If Not All Of HIS Remnant Witnesses Established For Persecution During The Great Tribulation About To Be Exposed In The Next Few Years In Jeremiah 8:21-22 THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Also Reveals The "Daughter" Of THE GOD Of Israel = 1st Physical Covenant Children Of YAH Are Daughters Of The Children Belonging To Adam Before The Flood And Then After The Flood To The Altar OF THE ELOHIM Of Israel In The 1st Physical Covenant And "Virgin Daughter" = The 2nd Spiritual Blood / Soul Covenant Of JESUS CHRIST Who Also Witness And Testify To "The Ends Of The Earth" Acts 1:8 End Time Prophesy Of What Happened To Physical "Daughter" Israel; Example, The Destruction Of The Physical Temple Is The Same Prophecy Of What Is Quickly Now Already Spiritually Becoming Of "Virgin Daughter Israel" Including The Children Of Both Covenants / "O" Israel {The 70 Year Prophecy Happening All Over Again Jeremiah 29:10, Daniel 9:2, Zechariah 1:12 etc This Time The Elect Are Being Led Out From Exile Into Heaven Matthew 17:1-2} The Critical Knowledge Required To Understand Is The Closing End Of Time Events Of This Generation Is Spiritual Because The Judgments Relate Entirely To Our Souls And Not Our Flesh Luke 17:20-21 For Example The Destruction And Then Rebuilding Of The "Temple" Is Already Happening Now Zechariah 6:12 Seeing In The Spiritual Realm Through The Grace And Mercy OF ELOHIM JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT The Trumpet Judgments Spiritually Overlap Each Other The Exact Same Way THE LORD JESUS HOLY SPIRIT Bridged The 2 Ages Past From The 1st Age Flood Of YHVH To The Closing Of The 2nd Age First COMING OF ELOHIM JESUS --- To HIS Resurrection Beginning This 3rd Age And Now THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST Closing Of This 3rd Age Will Also Be Bridged Perfectly (To Bring A Spiritual Part Of This Age Into The Next Age) To The 4th Age THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB See How There Is A Perfect "Carry Over" From Age To Age See Generations Report In "Messages From The Way"

Ezekiel 39:23 HRB

"And the nations shall know that the house of Israel was exiled for their iniquity. Because they betrayed Me, so I hid My face from them and gave them into the hand of their enemies. And they fell by the sword, all of them."

THE HOLY SPIRIT Reveals This Verse Also Teaches Regarding The Remnant Heathen 666 Nations That Remain On Earth After Israel Is "Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth" And Will Eventually All Be Joined Together In Hell Ezekiel 32:22-30b-32 And Then The HOLY, HOLY, HOLY Lake Of Fiery Sulfur Revelation 20:14-15, Revelation 21:8 {In Ezekiel 32:30 "Sidonians" Also = "Princes" / Spiritual "Virgin Daughters" Isaiah 23:12 Of Ham Genesis 10:6, 15 See Isaiah 47:1} And In The Same Chapter Ezekiel 32:17-21 Teaches Part Of Israel Is More Than Likely Crying Out To JESUS YESHUA Ministering To Them With Their Voices In The Midst Of Hell Also Further In Ezekiel 5:1-6 Verses 1-4 Allows us To See How Ezekiel Executed The Spiritual 7 Fold People Ministry Ezekiel 32:18, Ezekiel 33:1-5-9 {Enough Time Spent! Get Out Of The Carnal Man Infested "5 Fold Physical Church Ministry Now"!} Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF ELOHIM JESUS CHRIST our Righteousness Zephaniah 3:1, 8, Haggai 2:6-7, Zechariah 13:8-9 In Ezekiel 5:2a = "A third part you shall burn in the fire {Spiritual REFINERS FIRE} in the midst of the city, when the days of the siege are fulfilled HRV" Ezekiel 6:12a, Psalms 116:19 {The Elect Die Of Famine For The Things Of This World Colossians 2:20 etc} In Ezekiel 5:2b = "and you shall take a third part, and smite it with the sword round about her HRV" See Matthew 24:15-22, 30-31, Revelation 11:2 Because Israel Has Allowed Foreigners To Enter In The Courts \ Sanctuary Of GOD Ezekiel 44:7 In Ezekiel 5:2a And b = Both 666 {Verse 2a Matthew 19:30, 1 Corinthians 15:26} And White Throne Judgment 2nd Resurrection Survivors Isaiah 1:27-31, Isaiah 24:22-23 etc In Ezekiel 6:11 Stomping With our Feet Also = Spiritual Warfare Against All Falsehoods Including 666 In These End Times Daniel 7:7, Luke 10:10-12 In Ezekiel 5 Verse 2c = The Remnant Martyrs Of JESUS CHRIST Matthew 24:31, Revelation 9:14-15, Revelation 14:13, Ezekiel 6:12c = Purging Of Sins > In Ezekiel 5 Verse 3 = {Also See RSV Version} The Final Placement For The 144 000 End Time Witnesses Selected And Completely Taken Out Of The World Psalms 37:37-40, Isaiah 60:1-3, Ezekiel 14:22-23 They Are Being More Refined In The Soul / "Blood Robe" Of THE LORD OF HOSTS Exodus 39:25-26 The End Time Remnant Messengers / "The More Set Apart Ones" Of THE ELOHIM Of Israel In Ezekiel 5 Verse 4 = The End Product 144 000 Virgin Son’s That Have “Elevated” Themselves To Want More While Being IN THE VINE Psalm 23, Psalm 91 JESUS HOLY SPIRIT IS “Squeezing Out” HIS 144 000 “The Midst Of The Fire” Is The Ends Of The Refinement Program Of JESUS THE CHRIST For HIS Children Who Are Being Refined By The World Psalms 141:4-5-6 {The Book Of YAHWEH And Revised Version Best Translation And Verse 6 RSV See "Bible Gateway" Internet Search} They Are Brought For A Specific Time / Purpose Ephesians 1:11-12-14 They Are Refined To An Even Higher Elevation Through THE VINE Jeremiah 12:4-5, Amos 5:1-5 {Happening Right Now} And “The Midst Of The Fire” Ezekiel 5:4 Spiritual Fire Flowing Out From The Elect Witnesses Daniel 7:2 And Then The Cause And Effect Spewing Out From The Poisoned World Ezekiel 28:18, Ezekiel 32:2-15 {{Verse 11 See "Sixth, Seventh And Eighth King" Report}} The Word Of GOD Spoken Into The "Houses" \ Peoples Of All Nations Is The Convicting SPIRITUALLY CONTROLED WORD OF JESUS HOLY SPIRIT Through The Elect Of JESUS CHRIST Exodus 4:11-12, Matthew 10:18-20, Revelation 11:4-5 The Next Following Scriptures In Ezekiel 5 Verses 5-6 Is The Past Sins In The Smoke / Spiritual Judgment Altar OF THE ELOHIM Of Israel JESUS THE CHRIST Physically And Spiritually Located In Earthly Israel "Jerusalem" Ezekiel 23:38-44 etc

Leviticus 26:23-25 ESV

 “And if by this discipline you are not turned to me but walk contrary to me, then I also will walk contrary to you, and I myself will strike you sevenfold for your sins. And I will bring a sword upon you, that shall execute vengeance for the covenant. And if you gather within your cities, I will send pestilence among you, and you shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy."

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals The Days Of The "Siege Of The City" Ezekiel Performed Through THE WILL OF THE ELOHIM Of Israel {The Days Of Siege By The Sword Are Magnified Also Spiritually As Spiritual Birth Pains Into "The Ends Of The Earth" Matthew 23:36} A Total Of 390 Days For Israel And 40 Days For Judah To Repay Our Past Sins During Affliction Isaiah 30:19-21, Ezekiel 4:13, 16-17, Ezekiel 12:18:19 etc Either Completely Or In Part Through THE Mercy OF ADONAI ELOHIM Our RIGHTEOUSNESS Ezekiel 4:5-6 THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals This Period Greatly Intensifies When The Shaft / Door Of The Bottomless Pit {Hell} Is Opened And Then THE Hedge Of Protection \ HAND OF THE LORD \ Angels Of GOD Are Gradually \ Eventually Removed Ezekiel 5:11, Daniel 12:7 {Already Happening!!} See Psalms 34:7, Hosea 9:12 In Revelation 9:1-2 The "Key" That Enables Satan The Devil To Flood The Earth With Locusts / Demons Was The Worship Satan The Devil Is Continuing To Receive Also By "Judaism" And "Christianity" In Different Amounts Per Community / Individuals {{And Approximately 97% Of HIS Supposed To Be Priests / Prophets Isaiah 3:14-17, Isaiah 5:12-14, Micah 3:5, Micah 7:4 Who Continue To Have One Foot In Heaven And Another Foot In The World / "Egypt" / Hell Matthew 5:46-47 Also Cursed In The Same Transgressions Handed Down Are The Children Of JESUS CHRIST Who Are Also Unknowingly Refining And Knowingly Competing Against Each Other See Matthew 18:1-4, 1 Corinthians 9:24, 2 Timothy 2:5 And At The Same Time, Through The Worldly Ways, Giving Satan The Devil And His Demons Permission To Flood The "Earth" \ "Land"}} This Is The First "Woe" Revelation 9:1-12 The Demons From Hell Are Already Being Released Onto And Into The "Earth",, The Time Of This Occurrence In Bible Prophecy Is Nearer To The End Time Period Of When The 5th Trumpet is Blown; We Are Presently Living In The Times Of The Sixth Trumpet, This Is All Happening Right Now By THE WILL Of ELOHIM JESUS CHRIST!! {See 5th And 6th And 7th Trumpet And First Fruit Resurrection And Rapture Report In "Messages From The Way"} The Demons Have Already Been Released World Wide!! {{The "Key" Of The Shaft Of The Bottomless Pit Of Revelation 9:1-2 Is Also The Children Of THE ELOHIM Of Israel JESUS THE CHRIST Who Are Being Entertained By Lucifer (LUCIFER) Satan The Devil; Taking A Worthless Part In Worldly "Ways" Jeremiah 2:5, Romans 3:12 Thereby Giving Satan The Devil Authority / Access To Open The Shaft / Door Of The Bottomless Pit; Giving Authority To "The God Of This Existing World" And His Demons To Come Out And "Darken The Sun" Which Also Means To Badly Curse / Possess The People Of The Earth In Various Degrees Including Most People Belonging To JESUS THE CHRIST Malachi 2:2}} In Ezekiel 4:16 The Reason For The Siege On World City "Jerusalem" / City Of "Egypt And "Tyre" Is Because Of The Sin And Cruelty In The World Also Through "Judaism" And "Christianity" Which Will Result In The Sudden Loss Jeremiah 4:31 {Also} Of "Virgin Daughter Zion" Western "Christian" Economy Jeremiah 6:12, Isaiah 3:1 = The "Staff Of Bread And Water" In Ezekiel 4:16 = Lack Of Physical And "Spiritual JESUS THE CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT; Spiritual Food" = Bread And Water = JESUS CHRIST; The Siege Works Of Ezekiel 4:16 Is Happening Right Now In Various Parts Around The World!! THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals The Leading Heads Of The Ruling Authorities In Power Over A Land = The Condition Of The "Children" Of THE ELOHIM Of Israel JESUS THE CHRIST Jeremiah 5:6 The Children Of ADONAI ELOHIM JESUS CHRIST Have Become Cruel, Proud Hearted, Haughty, Self Exulting Unwilling To Accept Correction Unable To Perceive / Perform The Instruction Of True Love Given By YAHWEH ADONAI ELOHIM JESUS CHRIST That Is Why They Are Referred To As A Leopard = Wild Beast With Spots Daniel 7:6, Jeremiah 13:23-24, Hosea 13:7-8, Habakkuk 1-8 See Lamentations 4:3 {See Four Corners Of The Earth Report In "Messages From The Way"} A Part(s) Of Christianity That Is In The World Has Been Polluted With The Leaven Of Satan The Devil Luke 12:1, 1 Corinthians 5:6-7 etc




THE HOLY SPIRIT OF YAHWEH Reveals The Judgments In Ezekiel 5:1-4 Are Already Spiritually Happening For Many Years Now Already Ezekiel 24:23, Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17 And Very Visible In The Western Hemisphere; The 4 Angels Of Revelation 7:1-4 Release The 4 "Wind Judgments" 2 Samuel 22:11, Psalm 104:4 etc In The Later Times Of The 6th Trumpet Revelation 9:15 {Within 3 ½ Years} Which Means Physical Persecution Of ADONAI ELOHIM TZVAOT JESUS CHRIST Believers Is About To Slowly Flood The Western Hemisphere And Increasingly More Noticeably In The Later Winter Months Of 2014 {Pagan Sun Calendar Western Hemisphere} {Added Approximately October 15, 2013; The Later Fall Of 2013 Is The Original Revelation Isaiah 7:8 = Spiritual; Both "Later Fall Of 2013" And "Later Winter Months Of 2014" Are Correct Also Due To Lack Of Sensitivity In THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS In The Children Of THE ELOHIM Of Israel Matthew 24:20-21} We Must Spiritually Prepare Now With Repentance, Forgiveness And Fasting From All Worldly Ways Acts 2:19-21 All These Judgments Are Already All Happening Right Now At The Same Time! The Satanic NWO Governing Elite Are Also Killing "Their Own" As The Slaughter Of "Cattle" Will Continue Also By Sending Their Own To War Proverbs 12:10 The Refinement Program Of GOD JESUS Is Like An Upside Down Funnel With The Spout Facing Up; JESUS THE CHRIST IS "Squeezing Out" HIS Elect By Burning / Refining Them In The Midst Of The Worldly Ways Of All Nations Ezekiel 5:4, Zechariah 13:9 And In Ezekiel 5:5-6 HRB "Midst Of The Nations" = Spiritual God's Of The World Psalms 96:1-5, Psalms 138:1-3 And "Lands" = The Condition Of Israel Before YHWH Amos 5:21-23 etc The Sins Of The Amorites Has Ripened Genesis 15:16 And Righteous Judgment OF ADONAI ELOHIM JESUS THE CHRIST IS BEING Executed Right Now Through The {Also Heathen} Nations Surrounding Us Due To Our Own Wickedness In Breaking The Commandments Of Love Matthew 5:43-48 THAT JESUS SAID we Have To Do Hebrews 4:13.

Amos 9:1-4 RSV

"I saw the Lord standing beside {Upon KJV etc} the altar, and he said: “Smite the capitals until the thresholds (Religious Strongholds / Leaders / Lords Of The Flocks) shake, and shatter them on the heads of all the people; and what are left of them I will slay with the sword; not one of them shall flee away, not one of them shall escape.Though they dig into Sheol, from there shall my hand take them; though they climb up to heaven, from there I will bring them down. Though they hide themselves on the top of Carmel, from there I will search out and take them; and though they hide from my sight at the bottom of the sea, there I will command the serpent, and it shall bite them. And though they go into captivity before their enemies, there I will command the sword, and it shall slay them; and I will set my eyes (Physical) upon them for evil and not for good.”"

Mandated By JESUS CHRIST Closing Of The Age Sword Of GOD JESUS Hosea 5:13, Hosea 10:6 "King Jareb" \ "King Contentious" President Mr Obama May He Live Forever Is Also {Mingled Seed With Esau Genesis 28:9 Wife Of Corporate Iron Esau See Revelation 17:12-17, Genesis 27:38-41 etc} Seed Of Ham "Virgin Daughter Sidon" Genesis 10:6, 11 And 15, Isaiah 23:12 And Seed Of Ishmael With "Corporate Edom High Masonry Office" Genesis 16:2-3, 11, Genesis 25:9 President Of Little City Babylon "Egypt" / "Tyre" Revelation 18:10-11-20 Mr Obama King Of North America In World Beast System Babylon; "Tyre" / "Egypt" {"Tyre" Consists Also Of "Tarshish" Spiritual NW Satan "She" And "Egypt" Consists Also Of "Kittim" And Then Transformed Into "Cyprus" Spiritual SW Satan "She" Isaiah 23:1, 6, 12, Isaiah 23:5, Daniel 4:31-34, Matthew 12:25-26 "Egypt" Is Also Where "Jerusalem"; Christians And Jews Are Making Covenant With Her Unable To Distinguish Between Left And Right} Is Somewhat Foreshadowing What The Beast Of "O" Babylon Revelation 13:11 Will Be Like; The Little Horn Beast Of Daniel 7:8 Satan The Devil Himself Will Be Elected Within 2 ½ Years Out Of World City Babylon "Egypt" / "Tyre" Isaiah 23:8, Ezekiel 28:2 "Tyre" = Transgressions Of North "O" Babylon And "Nineveh" = "The Four Corners Of The Earth" Complete "Ends Of The Earth" Brazen Slaughter Altar Transgressions Of "O" Babylon In The Mid East Jonah 1:2, Nahum Chapter 3:1-9 And 15:c-19, Isaiah 33:1, Revelation 18:21-24 Nineveh {"Great City" = False God Worship; Self Exulting etc} A Nation That At One Time For The Most Part Insincerely / Ignorantly Repented And Humbled Itself To THE GOD Of Israel John 5:14 From The Modern Day Completed "Far North" World Transgression Of "Nineveh" Matthew 12:43-45 Is Invoked The Beast One World Ruler Nahum 1:11 {THE HOLY SPIRIT Deeply Revealed To me Years Ago The Assyrian NE Corner King Is Also Ruling In North America Isaiah 7:20} "The Lawless man Of Perdition" Can Physically Manifest Anywhere Throughout The World To Take His Place / Sit On The Seat / Throne Of The Beast Revelation 16:10 The Beast Man Himself Will Be Given Power By Both The Selfish He And Selfish She Devil Spirit Of Satan The Devil,,, He Will Be In The Exact Likeness Of Satan Himself In The Flesh Opposite To The Way JESUS Was In THE FATHER John 14:9 Satan Himself Exposed And In Opposition To ADONAI ELOHIM JESUS THE CHRIST And The Capable Newly Elected Jesuit Pope May He Live Forever Deuteronomy 32:42, Isaiah 47:8-13, Jeremiah 19:7, Nahum 3:1-4, Revelation 17:6 Is Now Preparing The Entire World Through Physical / Spiritual Prayer Curses / Black Magic Sorcery Witchcraft "Spirits Of Disbelief" To Have All World Religions Pray For "New World Order Peace" To Officially Begin It's Total Dominant Rule Over The Entire World; Listen To Their Words Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST And Pray To JESUS CHRIST For Spiritual Discernment And Protection 1 Corinthians 12:10; Spiritual Prayer Curses Are Increasingly Continuing Malachi 2:1-3 The Beast Of Daniel 7:8 And Revelation 13:11 Is Already Established In Earth By The South And The East {Daniel 8:9 "East Wind" = Ezekiel 8:16 Many False God's Worship And Physical (He) Devouring Destruction Exodus 10:13 Exalting Job 1:6 And Spiritual (She) Famine "East Or Desert Wind Is Particularly Hot" {Strong's Concordance Item # 6921 Hebrew}; Without True Religion Nahum 3:4 The "East Wind" Will Also Exalt Itself Daniel 8:11 And Was Allowed To Force His / Her Way Into The Throne Room Where Seated On The Throne IS THE TEMPLE OF ZION JESUS THE CHRIST Genesis 41:1-7 etc The Vision Of The Pharaoh{'s} Also Represents The 1st Physical Covenant Verses 1-4 And The 2nd Spiritual Blood Covenant Verses 5-7 And All These Verses Represents Satan's Imitation Of The Spiritual 7 Fold Ministry OF THE ELOHIM Of Israel JESUS THE CHRIST {See Eternal Security Under Attack! / The 7 Seals And The 7 Churches THE HOLY SPIRIT Reveals!! Report In "Messages From The way"} And The "South Wind" = False Soft Warm Earthly Religion Job 37:16-17, Isaiah 57:6, Luke 12:55-56 When The Winds Mix Together They Change And Become More Dynamic / Extreme Ezekiel 47:2-6, Acts 27:13 {Ezekiel 47:7 IS THE HOLY SPIRIT FOOD Of Life In Heavenly Jerusalem And Soon To Be Earthly Jerusalem {5th Generation} And Is The Spiritual River With The Adjacent Trees Of Life On Both Sides Drinking From The Pure "Uncontaminated Waters Of Ministry" Revelation 22:1-3 See Zechariah 9:10c Where i Was Fighting / Playing A Silver Fish With Large Darker Fins When i Was Caught Up In Heavenly Jerusalem Into Reality Also Found In Ezekiel 47:7-12 {See Generations Report In "Messages From The Way" Bottom Of Report} The South Wind Flows Outwardly From THE TEMPLE OF ZION = THE TRUTH Being Twisted And Distorted By Man,,, Both East And South Winds Are Physically Seen In The Christian And Judaic Messianic "Synagogue Of Satan" Seen Throughout The Entire Earth World In Human Behavior / Cultures Psalms 78:26-31 The "East Wind" Forced It's Way In And It Left Cursed Mingling With The South Wind Also Isaiah 43:2, Ezekiel 47:1-6, Revelation 11:1-3 And 6 TBOY Describes The Spiritual Waters {"Valleys Of The Shadow Of Death"} Waiting One {During And} After Physical Death; The Walk In Human Life Before Death Jeremiah 5:31, Isaiah 28:17-19, Isaiah 47:10-11 And Also The Final Spiritual "Fiery Waters" A Soul Who Is "Out Of The Way" Will Experience; The Spiritual Black Veil Of Death Keeping A Sinful Soul Away From The Kingdom OF ELOHIM Psalms 66:12, Isaiah 43:1-2-8, Luke 16:25-26 See Matthew 22:13-14} THE HOLY SPIRIT Reveals The New Pope Elect May He Live Forever Was Elected In Order To Complete The Final Preparations For The World To Receive The Beast Himself That Is Why He Was Brought In At The Perfect Time; All The Major Figures In Daniel Chapter 11 Are Already Positioned In Their Place; Satan The Devil Is Being Prepared To Rule On The Earthly "Seat Of The Beast" On And In Earth Daniel 10:20 End Time Prophecy Is Being Compacted Into The Souls Of Men That Is To Say All Curses / "Prophecies Of Judgment" Mentioned In The Bible From Genesis To Revelation Is Spiritually Dwelling Into The People Of This Last "Generation Of HIS WRATH" Matthew 12:45 The World Is Denying Even The Possibility Of The Death And Resurrection OF JESUS CHRIST And The "Church" Is Now In The Completed State Of Affliction Prophesied In The Holy Bible Hosea 4:6-9, Hosea 9:7-9, 2 Timothy 4:3-4 etc We Have Arrived At "The Ends Of The Earth" The Spiritual Ark Of Noah Is Approximately Over 99% Complete Matthew 24:37-39, 1 Peter 3:18-21 And The True Children Of GOD Are Fully Ripened Matthew 21:19 = 1st Covenant, Matthew 24:32 = 2nd Covenant

Amos 6:1 RSV

“Woe to those who are at ease in Zion, and to those who feel secure on the mountain of Samaria, the notable men of the first of the nations, to whom the house of Israel come!

THE HOLY SPIRIT Reveals North America / "Ephraim" Is The Hope Of All Israel {See Who Is Ephraim, "O Ephraim", Judah, Joseph, Naphtali, Benjamin, Dan & The Ten Lost Tribes? Report In "Messages From The Way"} Where Within Lies The Altar Of Samaria In Exact Biblical Proportions Located In Washington, D.C. In Hosea 11:5 "Egypt" Represents The Entire World And It's Ways {Beast System} Where "O" Ephraim Has Returned To On Their Own Accord And The Assyrian King = President Mr Obama Of America May He Live Forever Hosea 5:13 = "then went Ephraim to Assyria, and sent to King Jareb RV" Also KJV, HRB, TBOY, CJB, HRV = "King Contentious Hosea 8:9-10 etc {Hosea 11:5-6 "And the sword will abide in his cities," TBOY, KJV THE ELOHIM Of Israel IS A Cause And Effect ELOHIM; We Are In The Last Generation} Asshur Is A Name Also Of The Genealogy Belonging To Shem Genesis 10:22 And A Name Also Belonging To Sons Of Ham Of The Assyrian Kings Who Are Not From The Ancestry Of Abraham And Sarah = Jacob Or Isaac Belonging To The Ancestral Kings Of Israel Rather Genesis 16:15, Hosea 10:5-6, Genesis 10:6-11-14 KJV, CJB, HRV, Genesis 25:1-3-6 Asshur Also = Assyria = Sons Of Ham = NE Corner Of The Earth = Sword Of THE ELOHIM Of Israel (Strong's Item # 804) Once Again In Hosea 10:5-6 "Beth-a'ven" = "House Of Idolatry" (Strong's Concordance Item # 1007) And "City Of A False God" (Holman Bible Dictionary) The Inhabitants Of Samaria = "O Ephraim" / Israel Hosea 8:1-3-5-8 {And Judah Too Is Also Afflicted Micah 1:9} Including "Ephraim" Himself Who Also Relies In Himself For Religious And Financial Freedom And Military Strength Hosea 12:8 In 1 Kings 16:32 Is The Altar For Baal[zebub] \ Satan Located In Samaria 2 Kings 1:2-3 The City Where The Kings Of Israel Established Rule For The Whole Territory Of Israel 2 Kings 13:1 And 6, 2 Kings 13:13, 2 Kings 14:16, 2 Kings 14:23-24 The Area Of Samaria Included Bethel Where One Of The Two Altars Of Baal[zebub] Were Erected The Other Was In Dan 1 Kings 12:25 -29 = Modern Day Germany So The Modern Day Samaria Of Israel Is Found In America / "Ephraim" (King Of The South) Where Lies The Altar Of Baal That Was Erected In Bethel Of Samaria 1 Kings 13:32 See Amos 7:10-13-15 And The Other Altar Is Found In Germany / Dan Jeremiah 4:15-16 (King Of The North) And These Two Spiritual Altars Was / Is Against Judah (Physical) And Benjamin (Spiritual) Hosea 5:8-12} King Jeroboam Of Israel Ruled In Samaria 1 Kings 12:15-24 However In The New Spiritual Covenant Generation We Are Living In Today The King Of Assyria Is Now Ruling Over In Most Of The South Nations / "Lands" And So To Are The Priests And Prophets Of Baal[zebub] 1 Kings 13:33-34, 2 Kings 17:24-29

Hosea 4:17-19 RSV

"Ephraim is joined to idols, let him alone. A band of drunkards, they give themselves to harlotry; they love shame more than their glory. A wind has wrapped them in its wings, and they shall be ashamed because of their altars."

The Photo Below Is A Perfect Example Of The Spiritual "Altar Of Samaria" That Contains All The Sins Of Israel's Ancestral Transgressions; Notice How Large The Spiritual NW Corner Is Compared To The Rest Of The Quadrants And How The NE Physical Sword Corner Is Second Largest, The Revolution Of Daniel 11:14 Is Also From The South Physical Israel SE Corner And The SW Spiritual Corner Is last And The Water Represents THE HOLY SPIRIT (See Four Corners Of The Earth Report In "Messages From The Way")


 DC satellite image

Wikipedia (Google)

"Washington, D.C., is divided into four quadrants.

"The District is divided into four quadrants of unequal area: Northwest (NW), Northeast (NE), Southeast (SE), and Southwest (SW)."

Color-enhanced USGS satellite image of Washington, D.C., taken April 26, 2002. The "crosshairs" in the image mark the quadrant divisions of Washington, with the United States Capitol at the center of the dividing lines. To the west of the Capitol extends the National Mall, visible as a slight green band in the image. The Northwest quadrant is the largest, located north of the Mall and west of North Capitol Street.

Washington, D.C., is administratively divided"



Psalm 138:1-2RSV


A Psalm of David.

"I give thee thanks, O Lord, with my whole heart; before the gods I sing thy praise; I bow down toward thy holy temple and give thanks to thy name for thy steadfast love and thy faithfulness; for thou hast exalted above everything thy name and thy word."

HEAVENLY FATHER i Repent And Ask Forgiveness For All my Sins This Day Show me My Sinful Ways So i Can Make Good And Ask For Forgiveness To All My Brothers Who i Trespassed Against Please Make me Spotless And Blameless Before YOU And Use me To Bless And Glorify YOUR NAME In The Midst Of The Entire World; Refine me In YOUR Refiners Fire While i am Alive In Earth So i May Stand Before YOU Without Shame; Let me Not Lose The Love i Had For YOU At The Beginning Of my Journey With YOU Please Show me YOUR TRUE LOVE In YOUR HOLY Bible Through YOUR HOLY SPIRIT And Help me To Perform The TRUE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST To My Brethren And For All Nations As YOUR Witness So They Will Glorify YOU Through my Good Behavior Through YOU On The Day Of Their Visitation Please Allow me To Not Be The Cause Of A Bitter Evil Root In Your Children; Allow me To Not Touch The Forbidden Things And Remove All Pride, Self Exultation And Conceit Within me Please Increase my Spiritual Gifts That i May Have Greater Spiritual Discernment Regarding YOUR WILL For us Toward One Another; Let me Be Found Blameless And Spotless Before YOU This Day Forth And Forever; Take Hold Of The Entire Root Of Bitterness And Bad Behavior In Me And Remove It Far From me And Increase me Through YOUR Good Pleasure; Please Reveal YOURSELF To me So i May Serve YOU Better Because Only In YOU am i Able To Walk In YOUR WAYS In THE NAME OF ADONAI ELOHIM JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT i Pray Amen


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