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Friday, 27 June 2014 20:58

Canada; We Need To Repent


THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS SPOKE To my Spirit And Said "HOW CAN I BLESS THEM IF THEY DO NOT Repent?" This Nation Must Also Repent In Order To Be Strengthened And Continue In Blessings; The News Reports Declare Two Known Muslim Gatherings Are Sponsoring Islamic Terror Cells In Canada; The Muslim Sect{s} Use Tithes Received From Members To Strengthen Militant Extremists That Have Entered The Country…….


THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Reveals The Ultimate Reconciliation To GOD This Country Can Make Is For The Government To Acknowledge Our Need For GOD And At Least One Nation Should Repent In Every City Town And Village Throughout The Country; That Would Make Canada Shine As A Beacon Amongst A Darkened World…….


THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Has Revealed Terrorist Activity Is A Direct Resolve To Overthrowing A Country That Is Not Aligned With The Terrorists; Terrorists Are Also Sponsored By Governments To Strike Fear Into The Hearts Of People And To Gain Equal Ground \ Send A Message Of Dominance To The Powers Residing Over The Land…….


Recently In The News A Canadian Based Islamic Association Launched A Law Suit Against Our Prime Minister And Members Of His Contingency Declaring The Prime Minister To Have Defamed Their Characters When The Prime Minister Responded Saying Something Like We Do Not Associate With Terrorists; THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Revealed The Muslim Association Is Indeed Spiritually Connected With Terror In Order To Usher In Complete "Sharia Martial Law" In The Entire Country And The Law Suite Is Terrorism As A Corporate Form Designed To Strengthen The Vilolent Religious Muslim Intent…….


Religion Is The Greatest Cause Of Division Worldwide; THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Revealed To me That Whatever You Believe Is Your Religion; Religion Is Simply A Belief System, For Example If You Say To Someone "Why Are You Pushing Your Religion On Me?" The Person Is Actual Saying "My Religion Does Not Include Telling Others"; My Friends Pure And Undefiled Religion Is In James 1:27 My Religion Is To Follow JESUS And JESUS SAID In Matthew And Other Places To "GO" And Preach Outside The Camp In All The Highways And The Byways And Praying In The Spirit Of JESUS In Love For All The Souls CREATOR GOD Has Brought To Us From Diverse Parts Of The Entire World Is Also The Work For "The Ends Of The Earth Two Witnesses"; I Pray We Will Meet In Our Local Circles And Squares To Pray; Prayer Is Needed And Prayer Is For Us To Do…….


I Pray You Will Join This Resolve To Intercede For All Of Canada And Then To "The Ends Of The Four Corners Of The Earth" And Especially For The Prime Ministers Office…….


If You Would Like To Gather Together To Prayer Anywhere Please Contact me; Our Cause Is Not For Money Or Notoriety Rather Just Prayers Seeking The Mercy Of CREATOR GOD Of The Bible; The Theme For Prayer Is Bible Based Love Repentance First; Then Cleansing And Then Supplication And Petition And Thanks And Hope Filled Scripture Reading.......


Share The Love Of JESUS That Is In You…….


GOD Bless You; Yours; And All


Marco Carbone

The Way Ministries

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