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Thursday, 29 September 2011 18:29

Anti-CHRIST Spirit Of Prosperity

Acts 8:20 KJV

"But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money."

Recently THE LORD Showed me a book authored and endorsed by popular “Christian Leaders”, that book strongly opposed “Eternal Security” stating Eternal Salvation is not guaranteed From GOD. This False Teaching Is Another Huge Dark Money Maker Spirit Roosting Inside The Heart And Mind Causing Major Spiritual Damage. THE HOLY SPIRIT Also Revealed that book is another very cunning doctrine of demons devised to have naive people faithfully attend “Church” and give generously whether the Author knows it or not. The reason for these types of false teachings is to continue in making atonement for one self, you see atonement is something that has to be repeated over and over in order for sins to betemporarily covered and keeps us in bondage to exterior sources other than GOD HIMSELF; JESUS CHRIST Removed the need for animal sacrifices (2nd Age Physical Covenant With Moses made atonement by offering animal sacrifices until one could receive THE HOLY SPIRIT Of JESUS THE CHRIST; This 3rd Covenant Age Of CHRIST JESUS Is Of Invisible HOLY SPIRIT; permanently given to us upon True Repentance That Must Lead To Consecration) therefore making physical atonement of any kind for your personal sin To GOD such as offering GOD money is now actually sinning before GOD because making atonement from ourselves disregards the work JESUS THE CHRIST Did on The Cross. JESUS THE CHRIST Made more than atonement HE Offered permanent forgiveness To THE FATHER And THE FATHER Accepted HIM therefore we must seek THE INVISIBLE HOLY SPIRIT And become Born Again Adopted Into The Family Of THE FATHER AND JESUS THE CHRIST. my Born Again Consecration Experience i Had Directly With Almighty Terrible Loving GOD Promises A Guarantee Of Eternal Life Forever Period. i know my GOD JESUS Through HIS HOLY SPIRIT And my GOD IS Not A GOD WHO Would Make An Everlasting Promise And Then Take That Promise Away And The Bible Through THE HOLY SPIRIT Also Clearly Proves This Fact As Well. As i stated in the e-mail just sent yesterday to the author of that book, we are at different levels with GOD; GOD Will Grant us knowledge according To The Level we Have Earned In Fellowship With HIM in other words GOD Has Not Revealed HIMSELF To you In This Manner Because you are not worthy of receiving yet and / or HE IS Waiting For A Specific Time.

Psalms 19:13 Teaches about presumptuous sin and so too the teaching of that book is very presumptuous; these men are speaking of things out of their own heads through much pride and arrogance; exulting themselves and as THE HOLY SPIRIT SAID To The Pastor mentioned in the "Prosperity Gospel No Longer A Mystery" Report As i was Led to point in the direction of the "sanctuary" THE HOLY SPIRIT SaidYou See The Souls In There, Their Blood Is On Your Head” And the Pastor's Response In The Presence Of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Was, Quote, “Let Their Blood Be On My Head” Pride, Arrogance, Money, Self Exultation, No Fear Or Respect Toward GOD No Humility Toward The Sovereignty And Purpose Of GOD, No Respect For The Children Of GOD And The Human Condition Before GOD; Without THE HOLY SPIRIT yes Indeed The Blood Will Be On His Head And Upon All The Others Who Cause anyone To Go Astray Unwilling Or Unable; No Longer Able To Repent!.

JESUS CHRIST Allowed me to glance inside that book and HE Also Compelled me to take a few photos. That book is extremely damaging and unhealthy for Your Spirit And Soul the book is filled with False Teaching Throughout, i am not here to Condemn anyone THE WORD OF GOD HIMSELF Will Condemn Rather HE Sent me To Proclaim For Everyone A Warning To Get Out Of Spiritual And Physical Babylon Now!!

This False Teaching Regarding Eternal Salvation Introduces Abominable things; twisting the Truth Of Scripture such as Luke 15:11-32 this passage In The Holy Bible is being used in the book to teach we do not have an eternally secured salvation, in other words we can at any moment loose our position with GOD And GOD THE SON JESUS THE CHRIST Will “Strip us of our stripes” after we become A New Creature In HIM Consecrated And Perfected In Love; i personally have a lot to Say about this because contrary to that the Bible is clear JESUS Will Never allow me to Forsake HIM. i am Completely Relying On JESUS CHRIST AND Now Also THE FATHER To Guide me And Love me And Lead me To Everlasting Life; To Never Forsake me Ever!! HE Made A Promise And i am secured In my Walk And Fellowship With THE KING Of kings And THE LORD Of Lord’s Because HE Keeps me Secured Every Day!! (See Be Born Again: (What Does This Mean? Can We Loose Our Salvation?) Report In Messages From The Way)

That book also teaches because the prodigal son’s Father allowed Him to walk away then so also does THE FATHER Allow HIS Born Again Consecrated Elect Who Are Raised Up To Be Reborn To The Promise Of The Guaranteed Redemption To Walk Away From Eternal Salvation And Never Be Brought Back To GOD And Perish Forever: Below is the e-mail i was compelled to send with a secondary e-mail address Through THE HOLY SPIRIT OF CHRIST

Wednesday Sept 28, 2011

The Following Is From The Love Of God

Hello, recently i was shown your book and as a believer in Jesus Christ i am compelled to inform you that you are badly mistaken about Eternal Salvation and i am challenging you to open your heart to more scripture and an elevated understanding through Spiritual Prayer to JESUS CHRIST our LORD AND SAVIOUR.

The first thing to explore can be the parable of the prodigal son, so here we go.......

Proverbs states that though a righteous man falls seven times he gets back up every time Proverbs 24:16, this is the refinement program of God, God knows that this person needs more refining so He removes them from the vine / Holy Spirit Romans Chapter 11 but He can graft them in again, God allows a person to drift away out of mercy because they are not ready to make a full commitment to the Holy Spirit but in time God eventually grafts them back into the vine. Just because a person drifts away does not mean He cannot return, God knew he would return

Luke 15:11-32 parable has nothing to do with whether or not a person receives divine knowledge from God Himself regarding a promise of eternal salvation rather this parable teaches about a child of God who has rebelled and through further awakening was able to be grafted back into the Vine, although this parable does play on the condition of the heart of a person and does require a person to make up His own mind, this redemption process of God is working toward an everlasting promise of salvation, the person has not yet received the knowledge of knowing whether or not they are saved because they are not at the level with God of being able to receive this divine knowledge given to them directly from the Holy Spirit and another way of saying this is that this prodigal son was not yet a consecrated Born Again creature, God was working on Him in order to adopt Him as His own, you see the prodigal son had no idea what he was doing so God sent him out to experience for himself the intentions of his own heart and what the world is like without the security of a family, God being our security and family, God disciplines the ones He Loves so God sent him away to discipline the intentions of the flesh in order to restore his Spirit

Please respond at your next convenience

Thank you


Sunday Oct 7 2011 (Pagan Calendar)

{Another Reason Why The Prodigal Son Was Sent Out Was To Teach us Through Scripture This Important Fellowship GOD Has With HIS Children; GOD Used Him As An Example For us To Learn From. The Prodigal Son Had A Heart For GOD In That 1st Covenant Age And GOD Cared For Him. Eventually; GOD IS A WIN - Win GOD For HIS Children}

i kindly sent the Pastor another e-mail with the "Be Born Again": (What Does This Mean? Can We Loose Our Salvation?) Report, JESUS Revealed to me these men have hardened their hearts to the point of not willing to sit at a table and Truly Reason out these extremely important Teachings. i was told by an elderly Lady Through CHRIST during Street Ministry in the Summer of 2009 while doing windshields in a Trail BC parking lot that these men do not want to know about their own sins, She is Completely Right and Woe, Woe, Woe to them. i am always hoping for a major breakthrough; time spent In THE HOLY SPIRIT always Reveals the Truth; i am Compelled to no longer send e-mails "the ball is in His court" Revelation 22:11

No Response From The Author So Far

Men Of Greed Have Cunningly Devised A Prosperity Gospel That Has People Making Atonement For Themselves With Money!!

GOD JESUS CHRIST Has Raised me To THE GLORY OF THE FATHER To Also Expose Works Of Darkness That Is Unfruitful For GOD.

The Second Coming Of GOD Will Also Take Place When We Die Please Understand giving money is important and capable of receiving a reward but Not if the money is given to The Destructive Doctrine Of Demons! Giving to the wrong power is also dangerous to our economy etc, Let CHRIST JESUS Lead You Through HIS UNDERSTANDING In Your Giving And Everything Else!!

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