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Wednesday, 29 December 2010 23:36

The Beast System Exposed In Calgary Alberta!!

The Four Judgments Of GOD Are Being Unleashed On The World Now!!!!

During the election for a new mayor for the city of Calgary, the Street Church representative Mr Art Pawlowski invited me to sit in at a luncheon where three out of six or so men were running in the City Of Calgary Mayor Candidacy Election Campaign also present were some pastors representing the Christian quarter. GOD HOLY SPIRIT Revealed to me this meeting is the "out of the closet" infancy of the emerging “Beast System” that will over take Canada. This system is the exact same representation as the earlier version during Israel’s 400 year bondage in Egypt to the Pharaoh, His sorcerers and the priests.

This meeting had the candidates and a mediator and pastors/fathers (pharisees). The tables were ordered by the compass, there were tables that had “NW”, “SW”, “NE”, and “SE” signs on them and people would sit in the table of their place of residence within the city. Calgary is Controlled and Structured in these for Quarters just like Jerusalem and all the Quarters are Spiritually positioned exactly the same! (See Four Corners Of The Earth Report) i sat in the “NW” (babylon) section as THE LORD Compelled me to do. The proceedings were hosted by CEMA which means Calgary Evangelical Ministerial Association. The speaker acted as a “go between for the election candidates and the pastors, this man quoted two bible verses and incorrectly interpreted both times, right then and there He was exposed.

The agenda of the luncheon was about community peace, acceptance and a religious merging with the Muslim and Catholic religion and a mega merging together of the "churches"! Each candidate gave an electoral speech. As we sat in our table everyone introduced themselves and this began to establish political acceptance within the group. As usual i had my bible strapped around my shoulders. The people all around me were male and female pastors, when they asked me what i did, i told them i am a minister of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST, they immediately asked what “church”, in response i say “i am the church”. Rejoicing, i continued to give testimony about the street ministry THE LORD JESUS THE CHRIST is accomplishing in me, as THE HOLY SPIRIT Spoke Through me, The Spirit In me Felt (as usual) as an outcast from the group, the most difficult thing i found once again was the fact they knew i am dedicated To GOD; in no time no one spoke to me or acknowledged me except an elderly couple who acknowledged the words spoken through THE HOLY SPIRIT, they were ministering THE HOLY SPIRIT as well.

The speaker was clearly playing both sides within the political arena and the agenda was to physically and Spiritually combine religion and politics together so the leaders now can rule over the masses by having the pastors/fathers (pharisees) direct the “church” into giving worship to the political system which governs the land. In exchange it was made Spiritually clear that the leaders will give pastors secured careers so pastors can go on earning easy higher than average salaries without encountering any problems or controversy at all (See Genesis 47:22 in Isaiah 30/Jeremiah 13 in “Signs Of The Times Report).

i saw this with my own eyes, Moreover, THE LORD Revealed this to me, this is the beast system that will take over the people for a short while. Revelation 17:16 says the dragon will hate the whore and will eat her flesh (The Church Is The Whore). At the end of the reign of matured and exposed heart conditions of false CHRIST’S Before GOD, the prophecies in the bible concerning the pastors and fathers and all false teachers of GOD and their followers will be fulfilled but first this system must rise up and become established in order to bring it to it’s fullness. We are not far away from this becoming a reality in Canada! As you go on your daily lives living in Spiritual blindness these deceptions to strip our freedoms away are being planned out and slowly implemented, Daniel 8:23-25 Teaches this ancient order will succeed so you must be SPIRITUALLY Mature In CHRIST; Truly Born Again; Take nothing for granted look at yourself in the mirror and Truly Judge yourself In CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT Salvation!! The whore will be Judged By GOD First Jeremiah 6:14 = this is already happening, Daniel 11:14 =, John 16:2-3 =, 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3=, 1 Peter 4:17 (7-19) =, 2 Peter 3:3-4 & 10=, Ezekiel 9:4-6 ETC Read These Verses This Effects You!! This SPIRITUAL JUDGMENT manifested physically is being executed without you knowing!! The whore is the “SW” corner of Jerusalem “Daughter Zion”. “The Church” Combined with the “NW” corner of babylon Is Riding The Beast!! The woman riding the beast is the “Church”!

At it’s maturity, this new wave religion will be an “anything goes everyone welcome in the end you are all god’s” religion including Idolatry, Drunkenness, Making Covenant with false god’s, Sexual Immorality, Taking GOD’S NAME In Vain; Breaking All The Ten Commandments. THE NAME OF THE GOD OF Israel is Spiritually being taken in vain like at no other time in the history of man, Woe, Woe, Woe to the inhabitants of the earth!

The beast system has physically manifested itself in Calgary Canada no doubts about it, the beast system has crept to over 90% completion worldwide, the men leading this order are ecumenically in control of the entire world the only part left to be completed is submissive control over all peoples. This is a worldwide controlling system that is slowly but surely methodically putting all humankind in bondage to itself. Canada is a double blessed nation, when She falls the new world order will have all peoples in the entire western hemisphere in complete submission and then very soon after that the Northern hemisphere (Europe) will follow completing world dominance over the entire earth; The beast will be in total undisputed control and will finally reach it's desire to enthrone itself and rule as God over the earth. Europe is being kept united with all her alliances until the time comes when her fall must finally take place. Europe will be the last to fall. This system is securely taking over the people of the earth in sections at a time.

This is an extremely exiting time to be Ministering on earth For JESUS THE CHRIST GOD, Experiencing The Letter In The Bible reaching fulfillment at such a quickening pace is nothing short of Amazing Rejoicing In JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT, GOD IS AWESOME.


After all the prayers and efforts to have a Christian candidate elected as mayor, much of the Christian corner was surprised to learn that a Muslim person won the election. Mayor Naheed Nenshi rose out of nowhere and ran a well advertised extremely cost effective ground “O” campaign storming past His opponents in the “last leg of the race” and was voted in as our new Mayor. The Mayor did not rank on the pole results until the last few days just before closing of the voting stations and to the best of my knowledge Mayor Nenshi’s campaign was not shown on television news because He did not use media television. i personally did not know he was running for election until three days before the voting stations closed, i found out while Ministering tracks at the U Of C, i found out about Mayor Nenshi through students who were on campus, the students had tremendous zeal and heatedly refused to be persuaded to vote elsewhere and gave praise to Mr Nenshi’s impressive educational background. Mayor Nenshi was a professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary and He also gained many votes through the Muslim Mosque Community and very likely much of the corporate vote also. This man is known to be of the Muslim religion and also rumored (now confirmed) to be homosexual, also He is the first Muslim Mayor ever in the history of Canada! THE HOLY SPIRIT Revealed to me this man is The Sword From Assyria and THE HOLY SPIRIT In me also Reveals this is the same movement as was the vote for President Mr Obama in America, these men are approved by the same political engine and of course the world. “May the King Live Forever”.

Photo Mayor Nenshi Worship:


Proverbs 25:28 KJV

"He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls."

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